I Know Everything chapter 37

Chapter 37: Everything is unsatisfactory.

Zhu Mei’s plan encountered a set back as soon it went to motion.

She hurried back to Huajin and called Ye Xiaoyu’s agent. The result was they had no interest in the script. It was told to her that Ye Xiaoyu’s schedule was packed until next year.

Zhu Mei’s script could be send again if she didn’t start shooting the movie at that time.

The agent wouldn’t offend her deliberately due to her coming from Huhai Opera. He even shared a detail with her that Ye Xiaoyu had been preparing since April for Hao He’s movie, ‘Uninterrupted Hatred’.

Zhu Mei also understood why Ye Xiaoyu’s schedule was packed until next year when she heard it was for Hao He’s movie.

As the country n.1 director, Hao He’s movies were very meticulous and was even for exigent than a woman. It would take two to three months to prepare, three to five months to shoot the film and another two to three months to arrange the film.

But the time weren’t wasted as Hao He’s movies whether they were artsy or historical movies were all very entertaining. The camera sense, the filming style, the profound characters work and plot twist would all fascinate the people.

Even if Hao He’s movies box office weren’t the highest, his movies would win prizes all over the world and was the king of medals in the China film industry.

Ye Xianyu was in her thirties and hoped that a good film would increase her international fame. Therefore, Hao He’s movie gave her a chance to realize her wish and it was no wonder she would take it seriously.

Zhu Mei could do nothing about it after hearing it.

She certainly couldn’t compare to Hao He’s movie in term of appeal.

It would be impossible to push Hao He’s movie to make ‘Lover Letter’ even if Ye Xiaoyu read the script. No matter how good Hao He’s temper was, he couldn’t possibly tolerate this.

But now that Ye Xiaoyu couldn’t come, the rest of Zhu Mei’s plan couldn’t be executed.

After thinking about it, she could only go to William Lin and Ji Qingyao first.

It wouldn’t too much worse off if these two could promise to come act in ‘Love Letter’ even if the investment would be less.

But Zhu Mei was frustrated again.

Ji Qingyao was a bit better as his agent replied the next day he received the script and said that “Qingyao think that this script is suitable for her” before refusing.

William Lin’s agent was much more bullish and directly asked if she could pay 5 million. They would talk about the script if they could pay.

Zhu Mei laughed angrily at that.

They were asking for five million before even looking at the script. Did it mean that he would come and make the money as long they had the money?

Did it also mean that you wouldn’t even look at the script if we didn’t agree to the pay?

Zhu Mei’s temper was very good to begin with so she immediately stopped the discussion with William Lin.

In fact, Zhu Mei knew inside that a popular idol like William Lin and a first tier male celebrity had no shortage of film proposition and the 5 million was just the asking price.

William Lin wouldn’t lose much even if she backed off but this meant that she almost failed all of her plans.

The reason it was only almost was because Xu Dong, who was considered for the role Ye Mao, happily agreed after reading the script and settled for a pay of 300k to play in ‘Love Letter’.

Zhu Mei was an experienced person of the entertainment circle as those main actors didn’t receive the complete script when she sent it to them.

All the plots she decided to send was related to their role and a lot of the main plot was cut out.

But the general direction and feeling was still there.

Wouldn’t it be too sure of oneself if she spoiled everything to those actors and actresses?

Hiring actors was only one of the aspects of shooting a movie.

While Zhu Mei was rushing, Toy Entertainment held a large press conference.

The press conference was about Firmiana’s movie, ‘Youth Rise’.

They chose the newly established director Tian Nianfeng to direct it with a first tier idol Yang Shaoxian to play the leading male role and a famous second tier actress who was famous for her good looks and appearance, Jiang Zhen, for the leading female role.

They looked like the perfect couple when they stood together under the projectors.

In this sort of press conference, the actors and director all spoke politely but when it was Firmiana’s turn to speak, he said something unbelievable.

“My script, which took 1 years of hard work and polishing to make, but director Zhu Mei who I had a very good discussion at the beginning, started to have unreasonable complain just when we were about to shoot and asked me to rewrite!”

“I resolutely rejected her rude behavior and she threatened to not film the movie as the result! I was very angry about that! Fortunately, Director Tian personally came to film the movie, which relieved me greatly.”

“I hope to send a movie ticket to Director Zhu Mei when ‘Youth Rise’ comes out and let her see how outstanding the movie is!”

As a third rate film company, the press conference of ‘Youth Rise’ wasn’t grand and there were no TV interview.

But a lot of online media was present.

They originally thought it would be a forgettable press conference but they didn’t expect that to happen.

Soon, thousands of videos of Firmiana roasting Zhu Mei appeared on the net and started to trend on Weibo.

One was a screenwriter with some fame.

The other was a literacy director with some fame.

The two of them were two celebrities facing each other.

Zhu Mei fought back on her Weibo when she heard that.

“The reason I complained about it was because there are a lot of unrealistic flaws in ‘Youth Rise’. Since Mr. Firmiana think that he didn’t need to modify it, I think that this script wasn’t in line with my vision, isn’t it normal for us separate?”

“As for how brilliant ‘Youth Rise’ is, I don’t think it is. Now I have a script written by a very talented writer that I plan to film right now.”

“I hope that everyone could compare it with ‘Youth Rise’ when it comes out and tell the screenwriter Firmiana what a good young love movie is!”

“Oh, by the way, my film is looking for people to play the lead roles. Those who are interested can come and have a audition, I promise it won’t disappoint you!”

“Believe me, let’s work together for this movie that is bound to become a cult classic!”

Zhu Mei was absolutely domineering as she posted the five posts in one breath.

It became even more discussed after she posted those posts.

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