I Know Everything chapter 36

Chapter 36: Hustling and Bustling.

Zhu Mei’s response was more positive than Chen Huan thought.

She came back at the small noodle shop the morning after she received the script.

That speed startled Chen Huan.

“Xiao Huan! Xiao Huan! Aunty Mei loves you to death!” Zhu Mei immediately hugged Chen Huan and excitedly exclaimed, “I’ll shoot ‘Love Letter’! I must shoot it! You gave this script for Aunty Mei to film, right?”

Shui Qianyu frowned as he watched from aside. Although Zhu Mei was old enough to be Chen Huan mother, her excited hug still made her uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Chen Huan quickly got out of it. “Aunty Mei, of course the script is for you to film. Didn’t they think that ‘Youth Rise’ is good? Then take out this movie and let them see how trash that script was!”


Zhu Mei clapped.

“Let them see what a true love movie is! Compared to ‘Love Letter’, ‘Youth Rise’ is dogshit!”

After all, she was still a second tier director and was angry at how Firmiana treated this situation.

After her declaration, she asking again, “Xiao Huan, Aunty Mei want to confirm it again, are you giving this script for me to film?”


“That’ great!” Zhu Mei then took out a stack from her bag. “This is a script commission agreement. I will take your script to those Film company and will definitely get you a good price if they are interested. But, the author of the script has to be Chu Liuxiang, is it alright?”

“Okay.” Chen Huan slowly nodded.

People were obviously superstitious and Chu Liuxiang wasn’t some common person after that ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodes’ was featured by Renmin Daily and his script would be more likely to be accepted.

“In addition, I also looked for some actors info that I think are pretty good. See if they are suitable for the characters in the script.” Zhu Mei took out another pile of documents from her bag.

Chen Huan looked very surprised by this, “Aunty Mei, you’re so well prepared!”

“Of course!” Zhu Mei laughed, “I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about the script and which actor was suitable!”

Chen Huan smiled and thought that Zhu Mei was a very resolute person.

He signed the commission agreement first before taking the information on the actors.

On each actors profile were written which role were suitable for them.

The first one he saw was Ye Xiaoyu, one of the four movie empress, she of course would play the main characters, Qiu Lingxin(Hiroko/Fujii). (The MC changed the character’s to adapt in chinese.)

Hum, the last movie she did, she was paid 12 million.

Even if she cut it in half because of being an artsy movie, it would still be 6 million.

The candidate for the male Shu(Fujii) was William Lin. He was mixed race and looked a bit girly amongst the male celebrity. He was very handsome but it was on the feminine side and looked a bit like a girl.

William Lin acting skill couldn’t be considered good and he mostly performed in idol movies. His pay generally was 5 million and for an artsy movie it should be around 3 million.

Considering that he had 10 million follower in Weibo, the 3 million was worth it.

Zhu Mei chose Ji Qingyao for the girl Shu(Fujii). She was one of the five small beauties in the movie industry and she was 22 years old. She looked exquisite and beautiful. That small chin of her could make die for its beauty.

The friend of the main character, Ye Mao, Zhu Mei chose an actor named Xu Dong and was 33 years old. Chen Huan looked at his resumed and saw that he stared in a few movies. Chen Huan felt that his temperament suited the role.

“They are too expensive!” Chen Huan said honestly after reading the document and handing it to the highly anticipated Shui Qianyu.

“I know they are expensive but they are definitely worth the money!” Zhu Mei said, “Our movie will surely succeed as long they join in! And we won’t have to waste such a good script!”

“It would be a good thing if they joined. I like Ye Xiaoyu’s acting and look very much, she is more than enough to play Qiu Lingxin.” Chen Huan exclaimed, “Aunty Mei, are you really planning to do this?”

“I sent the script to their agent first and if they agree, I can take their agreement to find a deal with a film company.” Zhu Mei said, “This is a very common way to do a large production movie. It would be much easier if it was just a few million investment and I would directly go to negotiate with a film company.”

“Aunty Mei, don’t you have an agent?” Chen Huan suddenly thought of something.

“No, I deal directly with the film companies. After all, I can only produce a movie per year and don’t need it to be so troublesome.” Zhu Mei said, “Like Ding Lun and Shi Liyou, they usually help me since we’re from the same class.”

“It’s not easy to fight alone in these times.” Chen Huan sighed.

“Honestly, it isn’t very hard. Didn’t I graduate from Huahai Opera? Our teachers, classmates, seniors will all take care of each other.” Zhu Mei proudly declared.

This was how to get protected under a big tree.

The confidence of people from the three major film and TV College were indeed different.

“Okay then! I will wish you success from here, Aunty Mei!” Chen Huan said with a laugh.

“You still have to help check the movie when it’s done.” Zhu Mei said, “Xiao Huan, you have never written a script before but your script is nearly the same as describing the filming process! It’s so detailed as if the movie was being performed in your mind! You can definitely see the quality of the film from it!”

“Okay! I’ll be happy to help.” Chen Huan nodded.

Zhu Mei really did things with hustle and bustle.

Chen Huan signed the contract before she left.

The first thing she had to do was convince Ye Xiaoyu.

The preparation would be much better if she could convince Ye Xiaoyu.

The actors would not only give Ye Xiaoyu face and come to take the role but the film company would surely consider investing if she was here.

But it would be difficult for Zhu Mei if Ye Xiaoyu was unwilling to accept.

Chen Huan wasn’t very worried about that.

Ye Xiaoyu was an empress and should know the quality of ‘Love Letter’ script. She should be willing to come.

Now, what made Chen Huan a bit worried was if Ye Xiaoyu had a suitable schedule.

After all, Ye Xiaoyu was one of the four empresses and she was high in demand. It would be impossible to delay her other work.

It would be a bit annoying if the film was delayed multiple months due to her schedule.

That also meant that Chen Huan had to wait almost half a year if he wanted to accomplish the mission and take Zhu Mei to the next level!

He didn’t know if the Great Lord would be this patient.

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