I Know Everything chapter 35

Chapter 35: Film and TV industry.

After writing the script, Chen Huan sent the script printed by Shui Qianyu to HaBao Express.

HaBao Express was the largest and best courier company. Everything was perfect except that the price was expansive.

It was owned by a private join-stock company named HaBao Technologies.

The main operation of HaBao Technologies was HaBao.com, the world’s biggest B2C2C shopping platform, and also HaBao Payment, the largest payment tool in the country. (HaBao is our world Taobao, you can look up at them on wiki to know how big they are.)

The Mababa (Alibaba) Group also had their own express delivery business and it was quite funny that all low cost transaction and express delivery had been snatched away by other courier company. Only those who wanted face and guarantee transaction would choose the expansive HaBao Express.

But in the end, HaBao Express could count on its customer services and his strength. They also a large number of offline commands and became China’s number one due to that.

When Chen Huan saw the model of HaBao Technologies, the idea of Ali+SF appeared in his mind. (Meaning Alibaba+ SF Express.)

If those two companies united together then they would become China’s second biggest private company behind the Shanhai Group, which is really impressive.

China’s no.1 private company, Shanhai Group, mainly dealt in network communication while selling mobile phone on the side. (I think Shanhai is Huawei but i’m not sure)

In today’s 4G era, Shanhai Group provided technical support to more than 130 network operator in 80 countries around the world and was the world’s best in term of product for reasonable price.

Then they also produced mobile phones that dominated the Chinese’s market and ranked second in the world.

With only their mobile phones business, they were almost on par with HaBao Technologies, showing how powerful they were.

Because he wanted to make a movie, Chen Huan investigated this world’s China entertainment industry.

He found that many of China’s eight major private companies were involved in the Film and TV industry.

For example, the no.1 Shanhai Group didn’t do Film and TV for his main business but the boss, Zheng Qiang, daughter Zheng Rongong, created Shanhai.com that was monthly subscription based that let people watch movies and variety show on demand while also creating popular home-made dramas.

Currently, Shanhai.com was ranked second in streaming services and was only behind to Youyi.com, the streaming service of Shine Technology that ranked eighth overall.

The ranked no.4 real estate giant, Yanhuang Group, owned Yanhuang Film, which was one of the three largest entertainment group in china and owned around 800 movie theaters.

There was also the eighth ranked Shine Technology with their subsidiary Youyi.com that was the best and largest streaming website in china and spread its influence all over Asian. It could be called a streaming giant.

China’s Film and TV industry had three giants.

Yanhuang Film with its headquarter in Huajin counted as one.

The other one was also in Huajin.

Both of them were the leader of the industry.

There was no other way, no matter which world it was, Huajin always had the best actors, directors and various resource in China. It was the most powerful place.

The third was Weibao Film and TV and it was in Yuezhou(Guangdong). They also relied on those director and actors in Yuezhou and was the representative of the southern region.

In addition to the Capital and the Southern Circle, there was also the Northwest Circle.

The northwest circle wasn’t famous for its film or stars but for China’s five big director. Hao He, Wang Mu and Yan Shan all came from the northwest region.

The three of them weren’t very close but their shared information and resources between them.

Couple with a group of talented people around them, the northwest circle were formed.

The last was Jiangnan Circle.

Because of Jiangnan geographic location, it didn’t become an entertainment giant even if the entertainment industry there was well developed.

The Circle was harvested by Huajin and Yuezhou.

But these last few years got better as Jiangnan businessmen got richer and started to invest in the entertainment industry.

For example, Xuanwu Film, who was the no.1 in the second tier behind the three movie giant, had its headquarter in Lin’an.

Calf Film and TV, the second tier no.3, had its headquarter in Huhai(Shanghai)

Jiangnan only had twenty to thirty companies amongst all the small or medium sized entertainment companies.

In general, the northwest circle and the Jiangnan circle were the weakest while Huajin and Yuezhou were the strongest.

The actors,

The six movie emperors and four movie empresses were known to all Chinese.

Chen Huan’s choice had nothing to do with emperors and so.

The boy Fujii was around 18 years old and the youngest emperor was 35 years old, which was unsuitable.

It still couldn’t be done even if some of them were ageless.

Therefore, for this, it was better for Zhu Mei to find a suitable actor in Film Schools.

As for the heroine of ‘Love Letter’, Chen Huan certainly hoped to sit down and talk about the movie with an empress.

For example, Ning Yiqiu who praised ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’, she was 32 years old and was perfect to play in ‘Love Letter’.

Let’s not mention about her, even the oldest empress who was 35 years old could dress up and easily play a 27 years old woman without any problem.

There were also the 30 years old Ye Xiaoyu and Han Zhu who were also top class. They had excellent acting skills and were beautiful. The chance of ‘Love Letter’ exploding in popularity was greater if one of them were there.

It wasn’t that Chen Huan had no confidence but this was the era of big marketing. Even the best movie could encounter obstacle if there weren’t any publicity and it was very likely that a pearl would be buried under the dust.

It wasn’t easy for him to find such a love cult classic and he didn’t want it to be destroyed by outside factors.

Unfortunately, Chen Huan knew in his heart that it was impossible for the four of them to come play ‘Love Letter’.

The first issue was the pay. For someone like Han Zhu, she could get around 200k just for an episode of TV and easily get 3 to 4 million for an entire TV series. It was probably higher than the entire ‘Love Letter’ budget.

And her price couldn’t be reduced much even if it was for a literacy movie because it was the embodiment of her commercial value. If their price is reduced, people would think they were expired and their reputation would take a huge blow.

The second issue was that their reputation was much greater than Zhu Mei.

If Zhu Mei couldn’t control them while filming and they insisted on acting as they liked and made a mess of the movie, wouldn’t Chen Huan cry at that moment?

Therefore, it would be enough if they found someone who was good looking enough and acted well enough.

As for the young girl Fujii and the boy Fujii, it should be enough if they find someone pure and good looking and was conform to their characters setting.

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