I Know Everything chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Scripture of Love Movies.

He remembered that after many people watched ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’, they all thought it was the purest movie.

This was because the hero and heroine only held hands and gave a piggy ride while having no other contact for the rest of the movie.

But such bragging was too much to people who were familiar with movies.

In the nineties, there was a movie, a pure love cult classic movie that was even more pure than ‘Under Hawthorn Tree’!

Because in that movie, the boy with the same name didn’t say a single word to the girl with the same name!

But the tender feeling could be felt to the bone and it made countless people feel sad.

Many plots in the story were unforgettable.

That movie was ‘Love Letter’.

At first, it was just a novel with the same name written by Shunji Iwai but because it became so popular, Shunji Iwai adapted it into a movie and directed it himself.

Then the movie became even more popular than the novel and exploded in the Asian film market. Everybody praised it and it became a cult classic film.

In fact, people who watched after ten years thought that some part of the movie was quite hollow and childish.

But no one could deny that the innocent love still moved their heart.

Especially those young people, who didn’t graduate yet, loved it even more.

The youngest the person was, the less he was exposed to the society cruelty and the more he would yearn for the best and purest thing.

Although these didn’t exist, that beauty and innocent were still the quality those young people desire the most.

Therefore, they would smile when they remembered the feeling brought by ‘Love Letter’ and continue to struggle with this damn difficult life but they would never regret or forget the emotion and love they felt when they watched it.

The shooting of ‘Love Letter’ wasn’t difficult.

The plot followed two line with two different narration.

The lead actress was played by Miho Nakayama. She was playing the widow, Hiroko Watanabe and also the girl with the same name as her deceased fiancé, Itsuki Fujii. The two role exchanged contact via letters that linked the two people’s life.

The most important role was certainly Hiroko Watanabe but the fiancé Itsuki Fujii also held an important role as his role supported the context of the plot.

The young version of Itsuki Fujii importance was just behind the two of them and her pure appearance and temperament of the child was absolutely brilliant.

The next one was just the main characters’ friend but his presence was quite weak.

The main role in the movie were just those four people, which was mainly the first three mentioned.

The rest were just supporting role that made up the number and weren’t important.

The characters weren’t complicated and the movie structure was quite simple, which was important reasons why Chen Huan chose this movie.

This mean that as long the lead actor was good, it could carry the whole movie.

And the cost was very small too.

The role of Hiroko Watanabe needed a good actress but they could chose actors who just debuted or from film school for the two Itsuki Fujii roles.

The shoot needed to be in several locations but the overall cost should be around 5 to 8 million.

After having thought of those many factors, Chen Huan started to talk to his mind, “Great Lord, I want to redeem the Japanese movie ‘Love Letter’ by Shunji Iwai!”

‘No One is Better Than Me’ system didn’t answer but the movie appeared in Chen Huan’s mind.

It was like it was engraved to his mind as the scenes flowed through clearly.

Chen Huan could remember clearly every dialogue.

No, it wasn’t that he remember, it was as if he was in the movie watching the story unfold in live.

The Great Lord is so awesome!

Chen Huan lowered his head and started to type on the computer.

The original book of ‘Love Letter’ had around 10 million words but the movie script didn’t need 10 million words.

But Chen Huan wasn’t a professional screenwriter and was worried Zhu Mei couldn’t understand what he wrote so he described the whole plot from beginning to end.

Including the dialogue between characters and their moods and expression at the time, he also wrote emphasis on the narration of the story.

As a young man from the new era, his typing speed wasn’t slow, especially since Chen Huan used computers when he was studying. He could type around 3000 words per hour and spent three days to type around 10 million words.

It was just that three days weren’t very calm.

Because Shui Qianyu delivered his meal to him when he just a started typing so she stayed to look when she saw him typing so seriously.

Then she couldn’t stop anymore as she ordered Chen Huan to save the document before she went out to buy a printer and print out the script of ‘Love Letter’.

“Why did you write something so depressing?!”

“How can you feel attraction to someone without saying a single word?”

“This Fujii is so stupid! He got injured just after taking a few steps, what a fool!”

“Hey, tragedy are not good! Chen Huan, you must change the ending for me! The man Fujii was rescued and only lost his memory but recovered after a few years. When he saw that his fiancée is married already, he will go back to with the other Fujii and they will be happily ever after!”


No matter how mature this little monster Shui Qianyu was, she was still a 14 years old girl after all.

Looking at the story written by Chen Huan, Shui Qianyu only thought it was curious and funny at first but later she couldn’t help but be immersed in the story.

Although only wrote a script and not a book, she could still precisely feel the pure love from it and its beauty.

Shui Qianyu didn’t like tragedy at all, so she wanted Chen Huan to change the ending.

To be honest, the ending she came up with was also a good happy ending.

But they would lose the awards if he used this ending if nothing else.

All judges are perverts!

They don’t like the beautiful things on earth! They like tragedy, they like strange and eccentric things!

Chen Huan’s script was originally made for Zhu Mei to use and couldn’t be changed.

Beside, those literacy people liked tragedy the most as only tragedy could last in their eyes.

Chen Huan personally didn’t like tragedy either but for the awards and exclaim, he had to follow the original.

But the result of not listening to Shui Qianyu was that she started to mutter and seemed to want to cry.

How could Chen Huan bear to watch her like this?

He had a headache as he wracked his brain before finally coming with a solution.

“Xiao Shuishui, we will publish a book after the movie is released. In the book, I’ll write the happy ending you asked, okay?”

“You must promise!”

“I promise!”

“Okay~~ Pinky Promise~~”

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