Medical Martial God Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Ruthless Beheading.

“Beauty, I think your dancing is quite tiring, how about you take a break?”

Ying Xuan’s face twitched at Ye Xuan sudden exclamation as her dance movement went a bit stiff.

She wanted to say she could still dance but she still stopped.

Ying Xuan stroked her hair as she took a seductive pose on the bed and revealed plenty of her snow white skin and motioned to Ye Xuan with her finger as she spoke in an alluring tone, “Is young master unable to wait anymore?”

“Haha… I’m the one who’s afraid you’re unable to wait anymore.”

Ye Xuan said with hidden meaning as he continued to smirk.

“Hehe… you’re right! This lady can’t wait anymore. Young master you don’t know but this kept her body pure for these twenties years. But when I saw young master handsomeness, I felt lust and thirst for you and now I can’t wait to see young master plowing.”

Ying Xuan reached out and gently unbuttoned a button of her white shirt. She revealed more of her snow white skin and with the unique fragrance she gave off, it could make people fantasize endlessly.

This woman didn’t have a bra and really went commando. It was sight that was enough to make the blood flow down.

“Really? Then don’t regret later!”

Ye Xuan had a wicked smile as he walked toward her with his arm opened.


A cold smile appeared on her face as she suddenly pulled a string from the guqin and went straight for Ye Xuan’s neck.

His head would definitely be chopped if the sneak attack touched him.

Ying Xuan looked beautiful but also very vicious when she attacked.


But Ye Xuan was prepared as he pulled out his army knife and cut the string apart under Ying Xuan shocked gaze.

The knife then continued on his path unhindered toward Ying Xuan.


She was a bit flustered as she smashed the guqin toward him without hesitation.


Ye Xuan’s leg kicked out and swung against the guqin.

The guqin was destroyed just right the kick collided against it.


At the moment the guqin was destroyed, Ying Xuan grabbed under the guqin and took out a dagger before cutting toward Ye Xuan’s throat at an incredibly fast speed.


Ye Xuan wasn’t flustered by it as he swung his knife and blocked the attack as the metal collided.

“Fuck, you should’ve already been poisoned but why are you still so powerful?”

Ying Xuan asked as her face turned irritated when her attack was blocked again.

“You’re using poison against me? You’re just showing your measly skill against a master!”

Ye Xuan snorted.


Then he punched toward her with a powerful force behind. Ying Xuan couldn’t dodge the incoming strike and could only face it head on with her own punch.

As powerful energy came out from Ye Xuan’s fist as the two punches collided. Xing Yuan was sent flying away and crashed to the bed.

Ye Xuan jumped up before swooping down like a hawk toward the snake like beauty.


Ying Xuan turned solemn as she put her delicate hand on her mouth and whistled.

The mattress of the bed was torn open abruptly as soon she whistled and a python as thick as a support column came out and opened it huge mouth as it lunged toward Ye Xuan. It was extremely ferocious and was hard to defend against.

Even Ye Xuan was taken aback by this. He then suddenly adjusted his center of gravity while midair before he swung his leg toward the python and kicked its head!


Ye Xuan’s body let out a powerful aura as the python’s head took a heavy strike and crashed onto the ground.

The scales on the left side of the python’s head were destroyed by the kick and revealed the pink and bloody flesh underneath.

-Hiss, hiss, hiss-

The snake slithered out of the bed and showed exactly how huge his body was.

This was giant python that was more than 20 meters long with cyan scales and red pattern. It had surely lived more than a hundred years.

It was like a patron saint as it lingered around Ying Xuan in guard.

“Kill me!” She ordered in a cold tone as she stared at Ye Xuan.

The huge python lunged at Ye Xuan like a roaring cyan dragon and pushed every aside as the aura it gave off was chilling to the bones.

“Motherfucker, you people from the Shadow Snake Gang really like to play with sake huh?”

Ye Xuan cursed out in slight annoyance when he saw that.

It was difficult for him to dodge the huge python attack in such narrow space as it seemed he had been driven to a corner.


The python roared as it charged at Ye Xuan and opened it huge mouth in an attempt to swallow him.

But it was a scene that dumbfounded Ying Xuan that happened.

The python body was sliced in half and blood flowed out like a river under her horrified gaze when it was about to bite on him. 

The knife passed through him like tofu and was easily separated it in half.

The giant python she raised was cut by something invisible and slowly separated in half as its internal organs was shown.

“How… how is this possible?”

Ying Xuan muttered in disbelief when she saw the giant python state.

She thought Ye Xuan was going to be devoured by the python but it suddenly was separated in half by something.

Because Ye Xuan just stood still without even moving.

“Wha-what is that?”

Ying Xuan suddenly saw a fine silver tread reflecting the moonlight.


Ye Xuan only smiled lightly when he saw that as he yanked something and the knife came back to his hand after being stuck on the wall. The wine cabinet beside weirdly was cut in half when the knife returned to his hand.

Those were the invisible nanowires that were in the knife. Everything that try to pass that net would be cut to pieces.

The python died under Ye Xuan’s nanowire.


Ying Xuan cursed out as she finally realized how the python died while she stared at Ye Xuan hatefully.


She immediately threw a dart at him at a breakneck speed in hope to finish him off.

Ye Xuan calmly took out a silver needle and hurled at the dart.

The silver needle nailed the dart thrown by Xing Yuan into the wall.


Xing Yuan furiously yelled as she rolled to a side and rushed toward Ye Xuan while thrusting her dagger toward his throat.

“Sorry but I can’t die!”

Ye Xuan said in a mocking tone as his hand flashed out and grabbed the hand holding the dagger.

Then he exerted force and pulled Ying Xuan into his embrace.

“If you move again, I can’t guarantee that the knife in my hand won’t cut open your artery.”

Ye Xuan coldly said and put his knife on her neck when Ying Xuan was struggling in his embrace.

Ying Xuan’s body trembled when she heard him and didn’t dare to move anymore. The cold steel at her neck made her feel like she was near the death door.

It was just that she didn’t think she would fail at killing a simple guy like Ye Xuan.

The posture that the two of them were, looked undoubtedly intimate and even a bit ambiguous.

They looked like lovers from afar as Ye Xuan held her from behind with one arm pressed her chest while the other held the knife near her throat.

The back of Ying Xuan was totally pressed against Ye Xuan and her plump buttock was pressed against Ye Xuan’s lower half. Her amazing arc closely fit against it.

They would look like they were in love if the knife wasn’t there.

“What do you want to do?”

Ying Xuan gritted her teeth and coldly asked,

“Tell me where the Shadow Snake Gang headquarter is.”

Ye Xuan calmly questioned as he ignored the plump bottom pressed against him.

“And if I don’t?”

Ying Xuan calmly asked again.

“Then you will end up probably like the deceased Blood Python.”

Ye Xuan expressionlessly said.

She abruptly frowned and asked in disbelief, “You killed Blood Python?”


Ye Xuan calmly confirmed.

Ying Xuan fell into silence after hearing his confirmation.

After a moment, she said in a deep voice through gritted teeth, “Get closer and I’ll tell you.”

Ye Xuan smiled softly and brought his ear closer to her mouth.

“There’s one of our stronghold in Yun Hai’s Mist Mountain…”

Ying Xuan whispered but a vicious smile appeared on her face as she was half way before she opened her mouth wide and showed two sharp fangs and tried to bite Ye Xuan.

But her movement abruptly stiffened as her head was brutally detached from her body after a light flashed.

“You… you…”

A hoarse voice still came from her mouth after her head fell to the ground as she stared at Ye Xuan in disbelief.

Too bad she died before she could finish her sentence.

The fact she told him about Yun Hai Mist Mountain was more than enough!

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