Medical Martial God chapter 101

Chapter 101: Snake beauties.

The Dancing Snake Bar was located at Xing Hai west district and was one of the most popular bars in the west district. It was managed by the Shadow Snake Gang and was one of their more important sources of income.

This place had great liquor along with sexy and voluptuous beauties. There were countless people who would come here to have fun.

The bar was already full when Xia Tiannan and Ye Xuan arrived. There were all kind of men as well as women here and it was very difficult to find a place to sit.

“It looks like we came to the right place. It’s even more popular than I thought!”

Xia Tianan said after taking Ye Xuan to the bar lobby and looked around.

“However it seems that there are no longer seats available.”

Ye Xuan said with an even tone.

“This is simple.”

Xia Tiannan smiled and motioned gently to a waitress nearby.

“Find a more comfortable place for my brother and I.”

Xia Tiannan asked and threw a stack of money to her.

“Sir, please!”

The waitress’s face was filled with delight as she led them upstairs.

Walking upstairs, Ye Xuan found out that it wasn’t multiple private rooms but a more luxurious hall.

There were also all kinds of men and women here but their clothing and temperament were a higher quality and more imposing than the one downstairs.

There more beauties here and they were more alluring.

“Dear customers, please sit down! What would the two of you like to drink?”

Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan were led to a corner by the window.

“Two glasses of Singing Snakes liquor, one bottle of 80 years Mouton, two bottles of 90 years old Romani Conti and five bottles of 90 years old whisky.”

Xia Tiannan smoothly ordered a list of famous drinks.

“Dear customers, please wait.”

The waitress was a bit stunned by the order but was delighted by it as she quickly went to get the drinks.

A moment later, the famous liquors were brought to them.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They stared to drink the liquor and savored them.

“Haha… how you think these guys are going to react later?”

Xia Tiannan asked with a knowing smirk before tasting the Mouton and let the vintage and classical flavor flow into his mouth.

“Who knows? I hope they won’t be disappointed.”

Ye Xuan lightly replied while savoring the liquors.

The two of them had an unspoken understanding as they had no intention to pay from the beginning.

After all, the two didn’t simply come here to drink and have fun but to also wreck the place.

But it had to be said that there were quite a lot of fine liquors here. Both Ye Xuan and Xia Tiannan were very satisfied by it.

This was indeed unique. There even a bold and very sexy beauty performing and with the liquor, it gave this place an unique experience.

“I wonder if the two customers are satisfied with my Dancing Snake Bar liquors?”

A very alluring voice resounded at this moment when the two of them were about to order more liquors.

Following that voice, a very sexy figure came under the two men gaze.

She had black hair with a hint of silver in it and her beautiful face was covered by a transparent veil. She wore a waist length halter top and ultra-shorts that reached the start of her thighs. Her long beautiful and slim waist was exposed for everybody to see.

As she walker, her mature and curvy figure moved like a runway model and exulted an unique charm that would people breath quicken.

She was the owner of this Dancing Snake Bar, Ying Xuan. She loved to dance and was pretty like a snake. This bar’s name was named on her characteristics.

“The drinks satisfied my brother well but I don’t know if the renowned snake like beauty can also satisfy my brother? He is quite taken with you…”

Xia Tiannan said with a smile at Ying Xuan and some hinting behind his words.

Ying Xuan frowned after hearing that as she gazed at Ye Xuan before an alluring smile appeared on her face and said, “Since he is young master Xia’s friend, then this lady will naturally do her best to satisfy him.”

“But I don’t what kind of wind blew the life racing valley to bring young master Xia to this lady establishment.”

“What kind of winds can there be? Of course because my brother wanted me to!”

(Xia Tiannan kept calling Ying Xuan Snake beauty, which is her titles but it doesn’t sound good in English so I’ll just write her name instead.)

Xia Tiannan didn’t care that his identity was revealed as he continued with a laugh, “Ying Xuan, I know that you never pick up any customers but my friend here fell in love with you at first sight. Are you going to service my brother tonight or not?”

“I will! How could I not since young master Xia asked? This young master is so handsome and I could tell he was extraordinary at a glance. Even this lady dry and pure body couldn’t help but get excited!”

Ying Xuan said with a smile and stroked her bangs.

“Then, I’ll leave him to you tonight!”

Xian Tiannan replied before Ye Xuan could say anything.

Ying Xuan gave a seductive look as her delicate held Ye Xuan’s neck and pressed her towering softness to his back and said with an alluring tone,

“Rest assured young master Xia, this lady will use all of her power to satisfy this sir.”

“Young master, how about we go to this lady’s boudoir?”

Ye Xuan looked at Xia Tiannan but he was talking to a girl next to him and completely ignored Ye Xuan.

He didn’t what was this guys trying to do.

Then, Ye Xuan nodded his head calmly.

“Then, young master, this way please!”

Ying Xuan smiled after seeing him nod and held his arm to lead him toward a private elevator under the shocked and jealous gaze of the people around.

They took the elevator straight to the eighth floor and he was led to her boudoir by Ying Xuan.

The decoration of the boudoir was quite classical as the room was filled with sandalwood with a guqin in the table nearby and a small boat hanging from the ceiling while her bed was covered in pink.

A variety of flowers and plants were planted on the balcony and the blood red jimsonweeds were blooming.

A man would have a hard time resisting his urge with the beautiful Ying Xuan nearby and the pink scent floating around in the room.

But Ye Xuan looked still as calm as usual even if the two soft mountain pressed on his arms on their way here and gave him incredible feeling but he was still very calm and peaceful, he won’t be moved by just that.

How could mere beauty be enough to tempt him?

“Young master, please sit down! I shall take a bath before coming back to accompany you!”

Ying Xuan tenderly said.

Ye Xuan was still expressionless as he nodded and sat near the desk.

The beauty took a very long white shirt and gave Ye Xuan a deep glace before going to the bathroom.

Ying Xuan walked into the bathroom and slowly took off her shirt before admiring her plump figure in the mirror as she muttered, “Didn’t Lord Snake send Blood Python to take care of that brat Ye Xuan? But why that brat came here with Xia Tiannan?”

“Does that mean Blood Python didn’t make his move yet? In this case, I’ll do it on his behalf then! But Xia Tiannan won’t be easy to deal with. After all, that fought his way into the life racing valley and took control of the resource and territory of all the suburb districts outside of Xing Hai by himself.”

“But I can’t care about so many things. Anyway Ye Xuan must die today!”

Ying Xuan’s network was indeed broad as she not only recognized Xia Tiannan but also Ye Xuan. She was in thought as she walked to the tub filled with water before her very coveted curves soaked into the warm water.

The beauty only wore the long white shirt when she came out of the bathroom with her long and wet hair.

The hem of the white shirt only covered the upper part of her thighs and left the rest of her long legs exposed to the air. Coupled with her red cheeks, it was a very alluring sight.

“Sorry, young master, I kept you waiting.”

Ying Xuan apologized as her body emitting an unique fragrance and her shirt wrapped figure touched Ye Xuan’s body.

“It’s alright.”

Ye Xuan indifferently said as he reached out and took Ying Xuan body into his arm and put his other hand onto her twin peaks without hesitation.

“Young master, don’t be impatient. How about this lady offer you a dance to get the mood on?”

Ying Xuan said with a sweet smile as her body trembled and took his hand away.

Ye Xuan just calmly nodded.

Ying Xuan gave a faint smile as she left Ye Xuan’s embrace and took the guqin with her toward the bed. She played the guqin while performing a sensual and captivating dance.

The performance was fascinating and cherry blossom radiance could be somewhat seen around her, it was like a blur or an illusion that even Ye Xuan nod in appreciation.

“Damn!? The sandalwood scent has my poison in it but why this guy is still fine after so long?”

Ying Xuan thought anxiously as she played the guqin and danced seductively.

Ye Xuan’s mouth slowly curled into a smirk when he saw this before he said teasingly,

“Beauty, I think your dancing is quite tiring, how about you take a break?”

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