Medical Martial God Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Wrecked.

Liang Xiaoyi slowly opened her tired eyes as she lied on the comfortable bed.

She was greeted by a handsome face filled with concern.

“Ye-Ye Xuan! Hiss…”

Liang Xiaoyi wanted to sit up but the tearing pain she felt from her body made her hiss in pain.

“Xiaoyi, don’t move yet, the injuries on your body haven’t healed yet.”

Ye Xuan warned her when he saw this.

Liang Xiaoyi froze up when she heard him. She looked at her bandaged body and remembered everything that happened. A flash of sadness passed over her eyes as an uncomfortable feeling filled her inside.

Her appearance must be ugly beyond compare right now. She should even able to frighten ghost away, right?

How could she face people in the future?

But Liang Xiaoyi put a courageous smile and shook her head when she saw the man in front of her filled with guilt and concern.

“Ye Xuan, thank you! I’m fine now.”

“Stupid girl, it’s my fault that you were implicated and ended up hurt like that, for that I’m deeply sorry! You can assured that I took some days off for you and you just need to recuperate for these few days. Trust me, I will do anything in my powers to heal your scars away!”

Ye Xuan said with remorse at sight of her smile.

“I believe in you!”

Liang Xiaoyi nodded.

“Are you hungry? I’ve made some porridge for you!”

Ye Xuan asked with a smile.

Liang Xiaoyi blushed and softly nodded.

Ye Xuan then brought over a bowl of hot steamed porridge from the kitchen.

“You can’t move well for now, let me feed you.”

Ye Xuan said when Liang Xiaoyi wanted to reach out and feed herself.

He then helped Liang Xiaoyi sit up and lean on the bedside before carefully starting to fed her the porridge with a spoon.

“Ye Xuan, how did you make this Laba Congee? How can it taste so differently than the other? This must be the best Laba Congee I’ve ever had!”

Liang Xiaoyi said in admiration after feeling her body was injected with a rejuvenating energy washing over her fatigue and improved her mood while making her forget the pain from her injuries.

“This Lanba congee is my family ancestral recipe, I can’t reveal it to you!”

Ye Xuan said in a solemn tone.

Liang Xiaoyi was stunned and was about to speak but a teasing smile appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he continued, “But if Xiaoyi want to learn it, I can teach it to you, who told you to be so cute, kind and beautiful?”

“Pff, haha!”

Liang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but giggle after hearing him and her chest bounced due to that even if her body was bandaged. She still looked stunning.

“Don’t laugh, this porridge has a strong healing effect on your wounds and it’s an ancestral family recipe. It will keep body healthy and fat after drinking it. This is a rare opportunity, you have to drink a lot!”

Ye Xuan teased her.

“Okay, I will drink it all then!”

Liang Xiaoyi said with a determined face.

Liang Xiaoyi complexion became much better after eating the porridge as her pale face turned rosy.

After all, the Lanba congee made by Ye Xuan was completely different from the normal Lanba congee. The ingredient and the cooking process were completely different. It contained precious ingredient such as Ejiao, Gastrodia, Ginseng and etc…  This unique medicine could increase the recovery of the wounds, increase blood circulation amongst many other beneficial effects.

“Ye Xuan, you’re not eating?”

Liang Xiaoyi asked after finished her bowl and watching Ye Xuan reading a book.

“Don’t worry, I already ate.”

Ye Xuan replied.

“Then don’t you have to work today?”

Liang Xiaoyi asked again.

“I told my team a few days off and I’ll be taking care of you during that time until you are almost recovered.” Ye Xuan gave her calming smile.

“It’s… it’s not necessary. You can go to work Ye Xuan, I can take care of myself.” Liang Xiaoyi said in an apologetic tone.

“It’s okay. It’s pretty idle at work anyways. If you were me, would you rather go to work or stay here and take care of a beautiful lady?”

Ye Xuan said and stretched while yawning.

Liang Xiaoyi blushed at Ye Xuan’s words and didn’t know how to reply to him.

Ye Xuan was a guy who had endless skills in a glib tongue and always tried to flirt.

In the morning, Ye Xuan spend time with her as they chatted and read book.

In the afternoon, Ye Xuan used the silver needle to do some acupuncture treatment to her.

Time passed quickly.

In the evening, Ye Xuan took a call from Su Xiaomeng again as she berated him angrily, “Ye Xuan, just what the hell are you doing? Why aren’t you coming when it’s already so late?”

“I have some matters to deal with, I won’t be back for at least a few days. But remember to call me if you guys have any trouble or find something abnormal.”

Ye Xuan replied after some thoughts.

“Ye Xuan, you’re bastard!”

Su Xiaomeng hung up the phone angrily.

Ye Xuan answered the call in the living room but it was still heard by Liang Xiaoyi.

When Ye Xuan hung up the phone and returned to the bedroom, Liang Xiaoyi asked with some hesitation, “Ye Xuan, was it… was it vice-president Leng calling to go back?”

“No way she’s calling me. It was one of my friends.”

Ye Xuan waved his hand when he heard this.

“You… you… you and vice-president Leng…”

Liang Xiaoyi was silent for a moment before gathering her courage to ask but stuttered.

“We’re married.”

Ye Xuan answered with a laugh as he knew what she was thinking.

Liang Xiaoyi’s eyes showed disappointment and sadness when she heard that.

Because she had some feeling for Ye Xuan in her heart.

“Then are you two on good terms? To be honest, vice-president Leng cares about you very much, she always ask about you every time she make her rounds.”

Liang Xiaoyi continued with a smile, “It’s just that vice-president Leng doesn’t express herself well and keep everything to herself. You should spend more time and attention to her.”

“Thank you, I get it now.”

Ye Xuan nodded in thanks and didn’t continue to talk about Leng Qingcheng, “It’s getting late, you should rest early and get enough sleep to recover faster.”

“Okay! You also should rest early.”

Liang Xiaoyi nodded in an obedient manner.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

Ye Xuan turned around and left the bedroom after closing the door behind him.

He lay on the bed after a shower and looked at the ceiling as he thoughts ran wild in the silence.

The situation right now didn’t seem to be very good. Too much people were eying on him and Leng Qingcheng and even their relatives started to do so.

Ye Xuan obviously started to feel the lack of manpower he had. He was rendered helpless by all those little things.

Especially now that he was staying here to take care of Liang Xiaoyi. He didn’t feel at ease letting Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng alone and feared that someone would do something to them at night.

“It looks like that I need to train some reliable people as soon as possible.”

Ye Xuan muttered.


He was about to turn off the light and sleep but his phone buzzed at this moment.

A smile appeared on Ye Xuan’s handsome face when he saw the number on his phone. It was a call from Xia Tiannan.

He quickly answered the call and heard the cheerful voice of Xia Tiannan, “Ye Xuan Bro, you didn’t sleep yet?”

“Shouldn’t you also be sleeping? Calling me so late, don’t tell me you are in Xing Hai and asking me out to drink?”

Ye Xuan smirked as he said,

“Hehe! Ye Xuan bro understand me well! I’m downstairs at your hotel entrance, you can see from your window.”

Xia Tiannan’s voice across the phone was filled with charisma.

Ye Xuan down from his window and sure enough, he saw a very cool SUV parked at the entrance with a handsome young man leaned on the car with a phone near his ear.

“Alright, I’m coming down right now.”

Ye Xuan said before hanging up.


Ye Xuan then jumped down straight from his windows under Xia Tiannan shocked gaze as he flung away his knife and used the nanowire to swing himself and land near Xia Tiannan.


Xia Tiannan let out in admiration after seeing Ye Xuan landing safely of the ground.

After all, Ye Xuan jumped down from the 28th floor and was very shocking to see and was an eye opener to him.

“I’m not as awesome as you. So, where are we going?”

Ye Xuan asked as he patted Xia Tiannan shoulder with a smile.

“How about the Dancing Snake Bar?”

Xia Tiannan proposed.

“Dancing Snake Bar?”

Ye Xuan’s eyes gleamed.

“Yes. The wine there is excellent and there a lot of beauties in there. It’s one of the most popular bars and it’s managed by the Shadow Snake Gang.”

Xia Tiannan explained.

“Okay, let’s go to that bar then!”

“Quickly get on the car then!”

Xia Tiannan said and motioned Ye Xuan to get into the car.


The SUV’s engine roared at it charged toward the Dancing Snake Bar like a flying dragon.

It was clear they were going to wreck that place.

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