I Know Everything chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chu Liuxiang change the script!

“I was wondering how detailed ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ was as if it was real people in the story!” Zhu Mei said with sudden realization, “It turns out that Teacher Chu Liuxiang is Xiao Huan!”

She took another glance at Chen Huan after a while and shock in her eyes deepened.

“Tsk, Xiao Huan, you hid yourself so deeply!” Zhu Mei said deeply impressed, “You don’t know how many people in the literacy world were discussing about it after the story was published. Everybody said that Teacher Chu Liuxiang could make into the history just by relying on this article.”

“It’s still too soon.” Chen Huan said humbly.

“’A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ and ‘Mama Do You Remember’ are works that should be made by middle aged person with the life experience and life hardship. But I didn’t expect the 16 years old you would be able to make it!” Zhu Mei started to agree with Shui Qingshan statement, “It seems that you really have a place in the future literacy world!”

She liked Chen Huan to begin with and thought he was a good boy.

She was even more amazed by the boy’s talent after discovering the secret.

Whether it was ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ or ‘Mama Do You Remember’, it weren’t works that could be made by just talented people, Chen Huan crossed two field and made them. He was an absolute genius!

She would suspected to be fake it she didn’t witness the birth of ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Shui Qingshan wanted to brag more but felt ashamed after seeing her daughter angry look so he stopped there.

Then he quickly added after the people were done after their discussion, “Zhu Mei, don’t leak this secret. Xiao Huan doesn’t want people to know he’s Chu Liuxiang.”

“Don’t worry, you still don’t know what kind of person am i?” Zhu Mei said with a smile, “It’s absolutely impossible for this to come out of my mouth.”

Compared to Shui Qianyu’s displeasing look, Chen Huan didn’t mind it.

The fact that Chu Liuxiang was Chen Huan wasn’t some shameful things and wasn’t a big deal if people knew it.

It was just that he didn’t want to be watched by admiring eyes all day long so he preferred to keep a low profile.

Of course it was impossible for Zhu Mei to reveal this secret as she was a very reputable director and knew how things worked.

After two days, she took Shui Qingshan to a well-known recording studio in Lin’an and recorded three version of ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

Shui Qingshan hadn’t been recording music with such intensity for a long time and was very tired.

But Zhu Mei only got busier and more energetic.

In particular after she knew that Chen Huan was Chu Liuxiang. She took out a movie script called ‘Youth Rise’ from her suitcase and asked Chen Huan to review it.

In her point of view, since Chen Huan was so talented in literature and was the author of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’, he certainly was qualified to point out the shortcoming of this film about youth.

Chen Huan also really could understand it.

It wasn’t that he could understand the creation of movie script, description of the shot or the movie change of rhythm but he could understand the story.

In the original world, Chen Huan liked watching movies and novels very much. He watched all sort of them since the beginner and his taste had been cultivated by doing so.

The films and other from his original world were basically absent or different from this world.

Even if this world entertainment was pretty developed and music, TV or movies were all very popular, Chen Huan thought that this world was still 20 years behind compared to his original world.

Because a change of concept and thinking happened in the original China in 2012 that led the entertainment industry a rapid development.

But Chen Huan didn’t see such sign here and only saw they had been repeating the same old fashioned way for the last ten years.

For example this ‘Youth Rise’, it was a typical bad script.

Of course, it wasn’t the typical car accident or going abroad flick. After all, those in Zhu Mei hands must be carefully selected and wouldn’t be that shallow.

But ‘Youth Rising’ had too much shortcoming. It started with a poor and bitter boy that received a lot of unfair treatment. As the result, the female protagonist looked after him and accompanied him through the experience but the two ended with a sad ending due to their different value for family.

To resume it, the setting of this movie had great problem.

Chen Huan couldn’t figure out what the writer wanted to do.

Were you telling the story of a poor boy and a rich princess? Or it was preaching that people from two different classes couldn’t be together?

They suddenly had conflict that made them separate after going experiencing so much hardship together? Were you doing as you please?

So after spending so many years together, didn’t the two of them temper their personality and values together?

If they didn’t get along well successfully to begin with, they wouldn’t be able to experience so many hardships together.

Since the trouble ended but they still didn’t get along well and none of them changed as they kept their personality and their way of doing things from a decade ago… were you taking the audience as people without IQ?

Chen Huan didn’t stay polite as he wrote down exactly what he thought of it before putting it with the script and sending it back to Zhu Mei.

Zhu Mei was busy with returning to Huajing with the crew and didn’t read it on the spot.

She read it when she was on the plane.

Zhu Mei called Chen Huan as soon she got off the plane, “Xiao Huan, what you wrote are really sharp! I always felt it was lacking before so I never decided to do it. Seeing what you wrote woke me up from my disillusion and allowed me to see the big flaws in it. This script is really not good enough!”

After thanking Chen Huan, Zhu Mei also told him that she will get the writer to revise it.

The screenwriter name was Firmiana and was a well-known young film writer and each of his script was sold a million yuan.

Chen Huan had not much expectation from Zhu Mei’s suggestion.

Because Zhu Mei wasn’t some huge director. If she was Hao or even Yan Shan, Firmiana wouldn’t dare to go against you and definitely rewrite the script.

However Zhu Mei was a more artistic director that didn’t have huge box office score, she wouldn’t be much help to improve his fame or monetary gain. They would be at most the relation of a seller and buyer.

Moreover according to Chen Huan’s comment, ‘Youth Rise’ wouldn’t be as easy as some simple modification but a huge overhaul that would resemble to rewrite a whole new script.

In this case, the possibility of Firminia rewriting it was a bit small!

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