I Know Everything chapter 31

Chapter 31: Let him sing it!

The main reason Zhu Mei and her group came to Lin’an was to find the few great songwriter here.

Coming to visit Shui Qingshan was only secondary.

Now that she found the song although it was an English one, but it was a timeless and beautiful song that could be shared to the world without worrying about everyone not being able to understand it.

They could relax for their stay in Lin’an in the next two days.

The filming was already over and the post production of the film was done as long they had a matching theme to the movie.

They immediately decided to give themselves a vacation and every single of them decided to go back home to visit their parents.

The Copyright Office was quick to review the song and had a very powerful to help verify it. it would be judged as plagiarism and rejected as long it had 10% note and tunes than the other songs in their systems.

In contrast, the plagiarism of lyric was too obvious and people wouldn’t be stupid enough to do so.

So on the third day, the verification passed and Chen Huan was attributed the copyright of ‘Mama Do You Remember Me’ and was the sole owner of it.

Zhu Mei rushed back to the small noodle shop after hearing it.

She got the song’s score and lyric written by Chen Huan at the small noodle shop’s backyard.

“Thank you, Xiao Huan!” Zhu Mei rejoiced, “With such a song, our movie will definitely be taken to the next level!”

“That’s good.” Chen Huan gave her a smile, “Aunt Mei, do you have an idea who you’re going to choose to sing this song?”

“If this was any other song, it wouldn’t be easy to find but his song…” Zhu Mei lifted up the lyrics, “Whether Tang Yang, Su Mo is or Zhu Shengyu, I can pick whoever I want and they will definitely come!”

The three people she mentioned were the three most popular heavenly kings of the singing world.

Tang Yuan was the oldest heavenly king amongst them and middle aged people and above were all crazy about him. He had sold 10 million albums before, he was unequaled and nobody probably could surpass him.

Needless to say, Su Mo was the county favorite singer and had conquered the 40 to 15 years old.

Zhu Sengyu was the youngest of the three heavenly kings and was only 33 years old this year. He voice was very good and he had sung many difficult and popular songs. He was crowned as this generation singing king.

The singer that could become heavenly kings must all have some good vision.

Reaching their height, money wouldn’t move them and only a good song would.

‘Mama Do You Remember’ was a classic level song and it was still fine if she didn’t bring it to them but they wouldn’t let go if she brought it to them. So they would definitely sing it if asked so.

Zhu Mei had a firm conviction of it.

Shui Qingshan and Shui Qianyu also nodded repeatedly and thought she was right.

Chen Huan shook his head and said, “Aunty Mei, I want uncle Shui to sing it, what do you think?”


The three of them were shocked.

Shui Qingshan was the first to respond, “No and no! My throat has long become hoarse and I won’t be able to sing it well!”

“What hoarseness has to do with it? It will be even more in line with the song experience in life.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “What this song needs isn’t some high pitch or quality singing but emotion! Uncle Shui, you were at the scene and saw the aunty a few days ago so you will for sure able to sing it well!”

Joe Yamanaka sang ‘Mama Do You Remember’ when he stared in the movie ‘Proof of the Man’ but he was a level down compared to when he sung it in his fifties with his hoarse and grave voice.

In his fifties, the tones weren’t always matched but it was so full of emotion that people wanted to cry when they heard it.

In an artistic view, the version with his degraded voice was much better.

Shui Qingshan’s voice hadn’t reached the level of decline Joe Yamanaka had and he was also a very good singer before. He also experienced the feelings a few days ago so he would perform the song without issues.

Zhu Mei’s mouth moved but nodded in agreement in the end as she said, “Okay! Senior Brother will sing it! Xiao Huan is the songwriter, if he said you can sing it, you definitely can sing it!”

Shui Qingshan still wanted to back down but Shui Qianyu pulled his shirt and said, “Dad, you definitely can do it!”

Shui Qingshan stopped what he was about to say after seeing his daughter expectant eyes.

He could let anyone down but not let his daughter down.

His courage suddenly soared up, “Okay! I’ll give a try since all of you are insisting!”

“Okay, it’s still early. I’ll contact the recording studio right away. Senior Brother will come with me this afternoon.” Zhu Mei was a decisive person as she arranged everything now. “Senior Brother, you need to prepare yourself a bit. It should be ready in two days.”

“Okay!” Shui Qingshan nodded.

The reason why Zhu Mei arranged in two days was because he hadn’t officially sung more many years. He had often sung and maintained his throat these years but it was never in a recording studio. He still needed time to adjust and get used to it again.

Having said this, Zhu Mei turned her gaze toward Chen Huan and smiled, “Xiao Huan…”

Her smile looked a bit like a weasel and Chen Huan blinked subconsciously. “Aunty Mei, what is it?”

“Aunty Mei is making a movie and plan to shoot it this half of a year. How about you play a role?” Zhu Mei suggested with a smirk.

“Not going.” Chen Huan promised instantly and firmly.

“Why?” Zhu Mei was surprised by his quick reaction. “Aunty Mei’s movie is still okay and I can at least guarantee its quality. Maybe you will become a celebrity after staring at it!”

“Being a celebrity is boring.” Chen Huan said, “If you’re not famous, you’ll be thinking all the time how to get famous and will try anything to do it. If you’re famous, you’ll be scrutiny and photographed all day long and will have no freedom at all. There will be plenty of people jealous of you and you’ll be vilified and targeted all the time. Is such a life fun?”

Zhu Mei was dumbfounded.

After a while, she turned her gaze toward Shui Qingshand, “Senior Brother, was it you taught him?”

“I didn’t taught him anything!” Shui Qingshand was unwilling to take the blame for that. “I was just a small celebrity back and wasn’t even a second rate, how could I comprehend it so deeply?”

“I read a lot of news and formed my opinion myself.” Chen Huan said again, “Aunty Mei, thank you for your kindness but I don’t to get involved in the entertainment industry.”

Zhu Mei couldn’t force him since he already said it so clearly. “It’s a pity! You have such a good look and not acting is waste of god’s gift! It’s like hiding your biggest talent and strength!”

“No way!” Shui Qingshan said without hesitation, “Xiao Huan will be a national level literacy man. That is the place he should shine.”

“National level literacy man?” Zhu Mei laughed like she wanted to spit water out. “Senior Brother, do you know what you are saying? There are less than ten people like that in our country and they all had been genius since young as well as made contribution more dozen of years before reaching their achievements! Xiao Huan education is still too ordinary!”

“Moreover in today society, young people could write a good article but it won’t last long as prefer those meaningless love song or articles. People might be interested at first but after listening a few time or read a few time, they’ll get bored of it!”

“This is event true among the young writers of the moment.”

Seeing how Zhu Mei was looking down on Chen Huan and how there as nobody else at the moment, Shui Qingshan didn’t hold back as he said, “You are totally wrong, Xiao Huan pen name is Chu Liuxiang. Did you hear of Chu Liuxiang?”

Zhu Mei’s smirk didn’t fade away but it froze.

“Chu… Chu Liuxiang!?”

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