I Know Everything chapter 30

Chapter 30: Copyright.

The middle aged woman was filled with gratitude as she was taken away by the ambulance.

Although she had already cried and vented her depressing thoughts earlier, it would be better to check if there was any other problem.

Otherwise it would be bad if anything happened while she was on a plane.

Then getting a checkup in china was a good thing. After all, it was only one-tenth of the price of that of USA, which could save her a lot of money.

From beginning to end, the middle aged woman talked to Chen Huan while holding his hand but didn’t know his name. Except Chen Huan who knew it due to the ‘Good Lord’, everybody also didn’t know the middle aged woman name. (Good Lord is one of the nicknames that MC gave the system when he’s happy with it)

But it was enough.

It was the so called ‘they would meet again if fate allowed’. It was already good enough for everyone to spend time together.

Chen Huan didn’t thought about her paying him back either.

But he was of course looking toward the system’s reward.   

This time the Good Lord hadn’t been slow on him as a pleasant notification sound resounded after the middle aged woman left with the people from the ambulance.

*Ding Dong*

“The great system will grant the weak little chick host the reward to have the script and the memory of a movie. The system hope that the host can continue to work hard and continue to improve himself and not waste the gift from the great system.”

A movie?

It was a song before and now it’s a move!?

You can’t be asking me to make a movie for people to watch, right?

Chen Huan felt lost and confused.

But he didn’t have much time to thought about it as he was suddenly grabbed.

Zhu Mei rushed toward him and grabbed his shoulders before asking eagerly, “Xiao Huan! Is this an original song? Did you write it yourself? How did you write such a good song? Huh?”

She was just crying not long ago and it was a very sad one too.

But her mood completely recovered by the time the ambulance left.

She immediately showed such an excited emotion after the strangers left and that startled Ye Xuan.

“Although I’m retired for years, I will usually look for songs of various types to listen to.” Shui Qingshan stood beside the two and exclaimed, “But I’ve never heard such a good song! Xiao Mei, let me ask you, if it wasn’t written by Chen Huan, who wrote it?”

“Yeah, we never heard it before too!”

Everyone expressed their opinion one after another.

Chen Huan was completely calm at this moment.

He nodded as he looked at the excited eyes of Zhu Mei. “Isn’t it too dramatic?”

“What’s dramatic? It’s too good! It’s full of emotion!” Xia He came over and hugged Chen Huan. “Silly boy, aunty knows that you miss your dad and mom. Don’t be sat, you still have us! And also your Xiao Shuishui!”

Shui Qianyu also wanted to comfort Chen Huan but her cute face turned completely red when she heard her mother say those words. 

So she was unable to say any words.

The people nearby didn’t laugh at her as they realized something after Xia He’s words.

However Shi Liyou still couldn’t believe it, “This song, how many years of accumulation and sleepless night to be able to write such a song?!” 

“Nonsense, don’t you know people called genius?!” A female classmate glared at him and said, “The emotion was here along with a flash of inspiration, of course he could compose such an exhilarating song! There’s many genius in the world! Didn’t that French kid that isn’t even 10 years old wrote an anti-war song and became a global sensation?”

Zhu Mei ignored them and snatched Chen Huan’s arm from Xia He.

“Xiao Huan, is it alright for you to sell this song to Aunty Mei? It isn’t me being greedy but we are filming a film about a mother and its child! It’s about to be released but we haven’t found the theme song yet. We came to Lin’an to find a few composers but none of them made something good after such a long time!”

“Now that aunty found you in my senior brother place and saw ‘Mama Do You Remember’, I finally understood it!  It was the heaven that directed me here and it was heaven that made me listen to ‘Mama Do You Remember’ so I can spread it to the world and let everybody listen to it! Believe me Xiao Huan, it will definitely become an eternal classic song!”

‘Mama Do You Remember’ was obviously a classic song and it was a generational classic song!

It was incomparable to a tune completed in a few months!

The strong emotion of the song came from the sincere emotion of children missing their mothers. It was the most beautiful and also the saddest feeling in the world.

There were still numerous people who cried when they listened to it after fifty years.

Chen Huan didn’t get excited as he calmly said, “Aunty Mei, I can let you use this song and I don’t need the money. I want to keep the copyright and not sell to anybody. It is my hope that everybody who wants to sing this song can sing it without restriction. This song shouldn’t be linked with monetary gain.”

Everybody was surprised by this.

Ding Lun couldn’t help but give a thumb up as she said, “Xiao Huan, you’re such a good man! If you don’t accomplish anything in the future, I will crawl back to my hometown from here!”

“Scram!” Shui Qingshan slapped him, “Don’t jinx Xiao Huan!”

“I didn’t mean it like that…” Ding Lun wanted to explain but remained silent after seeing the few women glaring at him.

Zhu Mei only wanted to add this in the movie theme song and certainly didn’t have the intention to monopolize the song.

She felt relieved and moved after hearing Chen Huan’s words. “Good, you’re such a good boy! Then we can agree on that! Hmm, you need to write the score and lyric later and have it copyrighted. It still isn’t too late to do it on the bureau website before giving it to Aunty Mei.”

Chen Huan was unwilling to receive money for this song but Zhu Mei couldn’t help but consider it for him as the song must be copyrighted.

Chen Huan must be recognized as the songwriter. This fact mustn’t be confused or abused by others.

“Okay, I’ll have Lil Sis Shui help me.” Chen Huan agreed happily.

Zhu Mei consideration was very thoughtful.

He would be stupid if he refused the fame for it after taking this song out and not want money.

Zhu Mei thought that the more he looked at the boy, the more she liked him.

He was young, talented, so handsome and so good natured. It was very rare in this materialistic society.

It would make her feel bad if she didn’t do something for him after seeing such a good child.

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