Medical Martial God Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Tortured to death.


The sound of two metals resounded as the knife collided against the whip sword.

The two figures then suddenly crossed each other.


Time seemed to stop at this moment.


An extremely painful shrill scream resounded in the next moment as Blood Python injured arm was separated from his body and blood sprayed from the wound.

Blood Python howled like a wolf in pain.

Ye Xuan’s eyes was filled with murderous intent as he stared at the crucified and tortured Liang Xiaoyi and Blood Python whose arm was chop off. His rage was uncontrollable as an aura spread from his body and created gust of winds that blew against the weed.

He didn’t expect that he couldn’t stop Blood Python even when he came as fast as he could and that Liang Xiaoyi would end up in such a miserable situation.

Ye Xuan thought Liang Xiaoyi as a very optimistic and cheerful person, a sunshine and happy going little nurse. Her youth should have been full of hope but she ended up like this.

And it was all because she gave Ye Xuan a meal.

If she just rested at home and didn’t deliver Ye Xuan the lunchbox, she wouldn’t have been targeted by Blood Python and fall into this situation!

Ye Xuan felt guilt and blamed himself for this.

“You, fucking! Even Ling Chi won’t be enough!”

Ye Xuan words carried his murderous intent as he stared furiously at Blood Python.

“HAHA! You damn little bastard! You must feel hurt right? Too bad… too bad I didn’t do her yet!”

“Bastard, I’ll let you live and make you watch as I hold her down and do her! HAHA!”

Blood Python laughed loudly when he saw Ye Xuan furious look.

He already had taken a high quality painkiller to stop the pain from his severed arm.

“Come out my babies! It’s time to hunt!”

Hissing sounds were heard in the dense weed after Blood Python finished his sentence. Many snakes came out and swarmed toward Ye Xuan like locust. 

“The ability to control snakes?”

Ye Xuan muttered in a somber tone as his countenance turned solemn before he rushed toward Blood Python like a lightning bolt.

“You want to kill me? In your dream!”

Blood Python whistled when he saw Ye Xuan charging at him. The numerous poisonous snakes seemed to be controlled as they jumped toward Ye Xuan. Their density could make people scalp go numb.


Ye Xuan took out the nanowire as he held the knife and spun 360 degree.

Blood were flung across the ground as the venomous snakes that were trying to bite Ye Xuan were all cut to pieces by Ye Xuan’s knife and wires.

Ye Xuan didn’t stop his pace as he kept charging toward Blood Python with a monstrous amount of killing intent exuding out of him.

“Come out! My baby!”

Blood Python sneered when Ye Xuan caught up to him and was about to slash toward his face.


The ground under Ye Xuan suddenly collapsed as an unusually large red python burst out and tried to engulf Ye Xuan.

But Ye Xuan didn’t care about the huge python as he chased after Blood Python unabated and hurled the army knife in his hand toward him.


Painful mourn came from the huge python as it got split in two by Ye Xuan’s knife under Blood Python horrified gaze as it burst out from the ground. It was divided in two in the middle.

The nanowires flickered under the sunlight.



Blood Python was enraged by this as he retreated again and ordered the numerous snakes to farm a wall in front of him.

But it was completely useless as nothing could stop Ye Xuan from reaching him.

Even if deity was here, he wouldn’t be able to stop him.


The snake wall collapsed against the silver light as blood splashed everywhere and on Blood Python face while Ye Xuan closed on him.

No one could stop the Demon’s Wrath!


Another blood curdling scream came from Blood Python as his other arm was severed in his horrified gaze.

But it didn’t end there!

Another silver light flashed and one of his ear was cut off.

However it was just the beginning.

Blood Python watched in despair and horror as he saw his nose, his ears, his legs, his chin or other part of his lower body being cut off and separated from his body by the invisible nanowires.

Blood Python’s body was dripping blood from every part of him when Ye Xuan stopped. This guy died in an endless pain and fear as his limbs, nose, ears and mouth were all severed from his body.



The poisonous snakes that were controlled by Blood Python all scattered like frightened birds after his death.

But Ye Xuan was still angry and didn’t let go of those snakes as he swung the knife with the nanowires connected to it and was like a reaper in a battlefield as he tried to kill as many snakes as possible.

There were blood and snakes corpse everywhere if one looked around.


Ye Xuan then rushed toward Liang Xiaoyi after slaughtering them.

Liang Xiaoyi was already passed out due to blood loss after being tortured by Blood Python.


Ye Xuan punched the trunk in guilt as he watched Liang Xiaoyi’s body covered by whipping marks.

He took out a silver needle from his watch and sealed Liang Xiaoyi acupuncture point before removing the nails in her arms and the roped tied her. He took her to his arms and left this ruin.

Starlight Hotel, Luxury suit.

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the unconscious Liang Xiaoyi body covered in blood on the bed.

Liang Xiaoyi suffered serious injuries as her skin was torn by Blood Python snake like belt that left many whipping wounds that caused a large amount of damage on her skin. If she was treated in a conventional manner it would inevitably leave countless scars behind on Liang Xiaoyi graceful and sexy body while destroy her self esteem.

The cruel thing that Blood Python did was the wound he left on Liang Xiaoyi face. This whip strike completely ruined her beautiful face and even Ye Xuan would have a hard time with his current medical skills as it would be incredibly hard to repair it.

Ye Xuan let out a breath before he started to use the many medical tools to disinfect and suture her wounds. Then he quickly went to a pharmacy to buy some medicine and herbs. He grinded them and boiled the many herbs.

They made into different powder medicine and plaster before he slowly applied them on the wounds on her body and bandaged them.

It was already in the middle of the night when he treated all the wounds on her body.


Ye Xuan let out a long sigh of relief as he watched the asleep Liang Xiaoyi and still guilt inside him.

Liang Xiaoyi wouldn’t have ended up like that and receive injuries like this if it weren’t for him.

“Trust me, I will absolutely heal you back like you were before.”

Ye Xuan then walked to the bathroom.

A lot blood got onto his clothes while he slaughtered the snakes and smells heavily of blood.

After taking a bath and changing his clothes, Ye Xuan went to the couch in the living room and fell into silence.

He took out his after a moment of silence and saw he missed many calls from Su Xiaomeng on his cell phone.

Ye Xuan called back after some hesitation.

“Ye Xuan, what are you doing? I called you so many times but you didn’t answer. It’s so late, why aren’t you back yet?”

Su Xiaomeng angrily questioned him.

“I have something to do and I won’t be coming back tonight.”

Ye Xuan replied softly and then hung up the phone.

But Su Xiaomeng called again just after he hung up and was very dissatisfied, “Ye Xuan, why are you hanging up so quickly? Are you fooling around?”

“I have some matter to deal with here. Comrade Su Xiaomeng, please be serious!”

Ye Xuan said sternly with a helpless expression.

“Oh! Do you thing then…”

Su Xiaomeng hung up the phone at the Starlight villa.

“Sis, Ye Xuan won’t be coming back tonight. Let’s go sleep!”

Leng Qingcheng sat next to her while reading her medical book as Su Xiaomeng said in an unhappy manner, “I don’t where that guy went to fool around but he was impatient and mean when I called him.”

But Leng Qingcheng ignored her as she walked back to her bedroom with her book in hand.

“Hey Sis! Why don’t you call that bastard and check where he is?”

Su Xiaomeng couldn’t help but yell in suggestion.

“Relax, he isn’t that kind of person.”

Leng Qingcheng calmly replied her.

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