Medical Martial God Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Cruel abuse.

Vice-president Office.

Leng Qingcheng sat comfortably on her office chair as her slender fingers were moving rapidly on her keyboard and gave off a peaceful office ambience.

Ye Xuan lay on the couch leisurely as he admired her sexy legs while a smile on his handsome face.

He was enjoying very much his times spending in leisure.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep on the couch.

-Bang, bang, bang-

Until knocking on the door woke him up and stopped Leng Qingcheng from tapping on her laptop,

“Come in.”

The door opened and Zhao Dahai quickly came in after Leng Qingcheng gave the permission.

“Hello vice-president Leng!”

Zhao Dahai greeted her after seeing Leng Qingcheng usual cold face.

“Is there something?”

Leng Qingcheng emotionlessly asked.

“I, I have some matters that need Ye Xuan’s help.”

“Xuan bro…”

Zhao Dahai gestured at Ye Xuan.

“Captain, what’s going on?”

Ye Xuan wrapped his hand around Zhao Dahai’s shoulder and led him out of the office.

“Xuan Bro, a child just brought this to our security room.”

Zhao Dahai then took out a blood stained letter from his pocket.

Ye Xuan turned serious as he opened the letter and let out killing intent at what he saw from the letters.

“Ye Xuan, come to the ruins outside the northern district if you want to rescue Liang Xiaoyi!”

Ye Xuan expression turned cold after reading the text. He hadn’t expected Liang Xiaoyi to be kidnapped righter after bringing him the lunchbox.

“Captain, just leave this thing to me. I’ll leave the hospital to your care. Just remember to call me if anything happens!”

Ye Xuan told him before he rushed down the building and got into his Mercedes as he quickly drove to the ruins outside of the northern district.

Northern district ruins.

This place had been desolated for a long time as overgrown weed were everywhere. Nobody could be seen in the surrounding as the air was filled with a rotten smell.

In the middle of this desolate area, there was a big tree that covered a hundred meters wide area like a big unbrrella.

A very refreshing and beautiful woman was tied on the trunk of the tree.

She had smooth cheeks and flowing long hair. Her graceful figure was firmly bound by the rope and her curves seemed like they were about to burst from her clothes due to the ropes. The sight was very seductive.

But her palms were nailed to the trunk by iron nails and made the blood flow down from the middle of her palm.

Her eyes were dizzy as her beautiful face was contorted in pain and gave out a pitiful sight.

She was no one else than the number one beauty of Xing Hai hospital Nurses, Liang Xiaoyi.

Below the tree stood a man in a red robe with a vicious face and sharp teeth. He had snake skin belt wrapped around his arm with cold eyes like a poisonous snake as he looked at the crucified Liang Xiaoyi with delight and lust.

He was no one else than the man send by Lord Snake, Blood Python.

Blood Python asked Liang Xiaoyi playfully, “Do you know why I took you?”


Liang Xiaoyi asked in confusion as she looked at him.

She didn’t know this man at all and didn’t understand why he kidnapped her and treated her like this.

“Because of that little rat called Ye Xuan!”

Blood Python replied in a disdainful tone with a fiery gaze.

“Ye- Ye Xuan?”

Liang Xiaoyi was stunned and confused.

“That’s right! He killed a member of our Shadow Snake Gang. I only took you to force him to come here.”

“But he didn’t come after such a long time. It seems… that you don’t hold much value for him! I seem to have miscalculated.”

Blood Python said evilly as he watched his watch before stared at Liang Xiaoyi curvaceous figure with a lustful gaze.

“I was going to wait for that brat to come before giving it to you but he isn’t coming, I don’t need to wait!”

Blood Python then suddenly leaped toward trunk and stuck to it like a lizard before grabbing her clothes and pulled it.


Liang Xiaoyi’s clothes were torn apart by him and revealed her pink bra underneath along with her flesh tightly bound by the ropes.

Blood Python didn’t stop at there as he torn away her denim short.


Liang Xiaoyi screamed as Blood Python torn away her short and exposed her beautiful legs to the world. It was deadly and sexy sight.

“What… what… what do you want to do?”

Liang Xiaoyi asking in a trembling voice as she looked in fear at Blood Python lustful face and shivered at the cold wind.

“What else can I do? Of course I’m going to do you!”

“You surely haven’t experienced this kind of play, right? You slut!”

Blood Python said in a bloodthirsty manner as he slapped heavily her cheek and left a mark behind.

“Come on my little baby, I’ll give you a taste of my snake skin belt.”

-Pa, Pa, PA!-

Blood Python took the belt from his arm and ruthlessly started to whip Liang Xiaoyi’s snow white skin as he left many blood marks on her sexy body while blood started to drip from those marks.

“Come on baby, scream freely, nobody can hear you here!”

“Don’t be shy, scream, cry and yell! Yes!”

“Just like that! Scream along with the whip!”

This Blood Python was real pervert as he kept whipping her without mercy and yelling like a madman. He looked scary beyond belief.

“Ugh… Ah…. Ugh… just like this baby! Keep screaming!”

“How it is? My whip taste good right? hihi, you’re the 198th women served by whip. You see, under my whip, your body will have more and more scars and blood will flow down even faster!”

“Scream! Fucking Scream! I’m telling you to scream! Fuck!”

She was covered by marks as Blood Python kept whipping her and her consciousness started to slip away as more blood leaked out.

Liang Xiaoyi felt excruciating stinging pain and endless despair at such inhuman torture that seemed to never end.

She didn’t know what the fate reserved for her next.

She really wanted to die at this moment and wanted to be free from the clutch of this demon in front her.

She couldn’t hold anymore.

“FUCK! I’m telling you to scream!”

Blood Python angrily roared as he flung his whip again.

This time it was on her beautiful cheek.

The terrifying whip struck the left side of her forehead down to her chin and left a mark as blood flowed from it and ruining her face.

“Useless trash! You already can’t hold on anymore?”

“If that’s the case…… then I will give you some good care!”

Blood Python said in the somber tone as he stared her body after licking the blood off his whip.

He then rushed toward Liang Xiaoyi like a hungry wolf and tried to pierce her body with his magnum to become one with her.


But his ear suddenly heard the winds shift as he felt danger coming.

He turned around toward the source of danger only to find a knife coming at with endless amount of killing intent.


Blood Python leaped aside without hesitation to avoid it in the next moment.

But the swift knife turned abruptly and stabbed him. He didn’t have any time to react as the knife stabbed into his left shoulder.


A painful scream was let out from Blood Python’s mouth.

He wanted to pull the knife out but some force seemed to manipulating it as it cut his shoulder.


More scream from Blood Python as the knife cut carved out a chunk of flesh from the shoulder to his left arm and left his joint and bones visible exposed to the air.

Then the knife strangely flew back.

“Fucking bastard! Reveal yourself!”

Blood Python roared out at the direction where the knife retracted as he suppressed the pain he felt.


But a slender figure rushed toward him like lightning with the knife reflecting the dazzling sunlight as soon he said that.

“Ye Xuan you fucking bastard! I’ll give you the death by a thousand cuts! (Ling Chi).”

Blood Python viciously said at the figure that was oozing out killing intent.


He swung out his whip that shook for a moment and transformed into a blade.

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