Medical Martial God chapter 97

Chapter 97: Eyes on Ye Xuan.

Shadow Snake Gang headquarter, in a mysterious hall.

A man with long blue hair and a cold with feature that resembled to a demon sat comfortably on a throne in the middle of the hall as he touched lovingly the beauty next to him who was dressed in sinister way while enjoying his wine.

Beside him was a huge cyan colored snake that was as thick as a bucket.

It was unclear how long the snake was due to how he angled itself but the huge head and its cyan colored scale revealed its ancient existence. It should be at least a hundred years.

The snake’s eyes flickered with an ominous light as his tongue went in and out. It looked at the man and the half-naked girl with unconcealed hunger.

“You want it?”

The man asked with a devilish smirk as his slender finger caressed the delicate and pouty cheek of the beauty in his arm.

“I want to…”

The beauty answered subconsciously as she couldn’t resist his teasing.

“Go on then!”

The man’s eyes gleamed with ruthlessness as he grabbed the beauty’s wrist and violently threw her up in the sky.


That suddenly action made the beauty scream and the snake moved and coiled around her body before she could fall behind the throne.

“Hng… ah…. Hm….”


Soon, the moans of the beauty were heard along with the snake’s hissing sounds.

The long and powerful snake tail swayed continuously behind the throne and only stopped after an hour.

The man turned around and looked behind the throne when the beauty stopped moaning. He saw the beauty’s mouth with open with drool and foam leaking out of it with a big and very satisfied smile on her face. Her body turned cold as she died in extreme pleasure.

However her belly had a bulge as if something was put inside it.

That was… a snake egg from the giant cyan colored snake!

“Drag her away!”

The man was indifferent at the sight as he calmly ordered.


The snake dragged the woman body away when it heard him.

A man in black robe rushed into the hall shortly after the snake left and bowed down before he respectfully called,

“Lord Snake!”

“What is it?”

Lord Snake asked emotionlessly.

“Two of our gang members are dead while Qing Wu was taken away.”

The guard reported with gritted teeth.

“What happened?”

Lord Snake in a displeased tone as his eyes turned into as snake slit and let out a oppressive aura.

“Qing Wu took two of his men and accepted a request to assassinate Ye Xuan from the Ye family’s Ye Wenfeng! The mission failed and the two men were killed by Ye Xuan while Qing Yu was handed to the police.”

“If Qing Wu can’t endure the police interrogation and give them intel on our Shadow Snake Gang, we’ll be in big trouble!”

The guard said worriedly.

“Who is Ye Xuan?”

Lord Snake inquired in curiosity.

“He was the heir from one of the four biggest families in Xing Hai that was in a vegetative state and expulsed from his family!”

The guard reported while lowering down his head as he didn’t look at Lord Snake’s eyes.

“He’s that trash? He actually made Qing Wu fail?”

A glint of interest was shown in Lord Snake’s eyes.

“Lord Snake, do you want send people to silence Qing Wu?”

“No I can kill him from here.”

Lord Snake casually said with a slight smile.

Then his countenance turned cold as he ordered while killing intent oozed, “But my Shadow Snake Gang isn’t anybody can touch! Tell Blood Python to go and bring that brat Ye Xuan to me!”

“Yes sir!”

The guard bowed respectfully before he left.

“Qing Wu, you’ll have to die for our plan to succeed, don’t blame me!”

Lord Snake mentioned with his arm and the cyan colored snake came over before spatting a snake shaped scepter into his hand.

Lord Snake’s eyes flashed as he muttered some words before a sinister was released from the scepter.


Qing Wu sat in the bench and looked down at the prisoners who had all been thoroughly taught a lesson by him.

He coldly looked at them and said, “Who of you are still not convinced yet?”

The prisoners bowed down and remained silence when they heard him.

“From today onward as long you listen to me, I will definitely take you out…. Argu… Ugh!”

But Qing Wu’s face was filled with pain before he could finish his sentence.

Qing Wu’s body started to bulge as if something was wiggling crazily inside him under the other people terrified gaze as hissing noise came from his mouth and terrified them.


A painful scream was let out from Qing Wu’s mouth as his stomach was torn from this inside and a wet and sticky snake head emerged from it.


Soon after, more snake head emerged from his body. They were only a foot long as they drilled out from his body while hissing in a terrifying manner, scaring the others greatly as they all took few steps back.

Qing Wu’s body soon became minced meat as the snakes bit him. The little snakes then rushed toward the other prisoners with hunger after eating Qing Wu.





The prisoners were terrified but they couldn’t get out and could only helplessly watch the snakes pouncing on them.

Painful scream suddenly resounded in the prison.

If anyone saw this, they would be scared to death and unable to sleep.

Unfortunately nobody would know about this.

Because everybody in this prison was death!

Including the guards and other staff.

Time passed and three days passé in a blink of an eye.

With Ye Xuan’s action at the Ye Family compound and how domineeringly he beheaded Ye Wenfeng, his name spread in many circles in Xing Hai and attracted the attention of many.

Xing Hai hospital, security room.

Liang Xiaoyi let down her long hair and wore white loose shirt with denim shorts and gave off a refreshing beauty feeling.

She had an exquisite handbag in her hand as she looked nervously at the security room door.

“Nurse Liang, you’re not working today? You’re dressed so pretty today.”

Zhao Dahai asked with a smile when he saw her standing outside of the room.

“It’s my day off.”

Liang Xiaoyi replied with a smile.

“It’s your day off and you still came to the hospital?” Zhao Dahai asked in suspicion.

“I…I’m looking for Ye Xuan!”

Liang Xiaoyi muttered with a blush.

“You came to look for our Xuan Bro?” Zhao Dahai asked with a sly smile.


“He’s on patrol. Come in and sit first. I’ll call him for you!”

“Thank you!”

Liang Xiaoyi thanked him and entered the room.

“Captain, you were looking for me?”

Soon, Ye Xuan entered with his security uniform on and electric baton in hands. He looked quite good in his clothes.

“It’s not me…. Look, it’s Nurse Liang who’s looking for you. You guys take your time.”

Zhao Dahai winked to Ye Xuan before leaving the room and let the two of them alone.

“Nurse Liang, you are looking for me huh?”

Ye Xuan said with a slight smirk as he looked at Liang Xiaoyi.

This woman attire today would make people’s eyes shine and made them refreshed.

“Yes. Ye Xuan, thank you for getting me out of trouble last time, if it wasn’t for you…”

Liang Xiaoyi nodded and lowered her head in thanks.

“Don’t be so polite, we’re all colleagues here!”

Ye Xuan interrupted her.

“Then…. Then…. It’s my off day, I made some foods at home… I…I brought you some as a thank you!”

“Right! I’ve an appointment with a friend. I’ll…I’ll leave first!”

Liang Xiaoyi put the bag she was carrying on the desk before quickly leaving.

Ye Xuan felt a bit weird as he saw Liang Xiaoyi leave and didn’t know what make of it.

Then he took a look at the launch box in the bag and smiled.

It seemed that he would be having a good meal at noon.

“Aiyo, a lover’s lunchbox?”

“Xuan Bro, you’re too awesome! Even the Xing Hai hospital number one beauty nurse got hooked by you and even brought you lunch!”

“Xuan Bro, quickly take out the lunchbox that Nurse Liang gave you and give us a taste!”

Zhao Dahai and the others such as Xiao Pan or Xiao Wu came rushing to the office after Liang Xiaoyi left and said in envy one after the another as they watched Ye Xuan take out the lunchbox.

“Go, go, go!  Go cool down somewhere else!”

“And stop saying nonsense, Nurse Liang was only thanking me for helping her out.”

Ye Xuan displeasingly told them off.

“Tsk, you think we will believe you? Nurse Liang came in her off day to give you a special lunchbox and her face was blushing crazily when she ran out, just like a young girl who fell in love. You think we will believe she have no feeling for you?!”

Zhao Dahai said as he posed out like he was some love expert.


The other nodded in agreement.

“Alright, stop messing around. She knows that I’m a married man, how could she have feelings for me?”

Ye Xuan waved his hand at them in annoyance while savoring his carefully made lunchbox.

On top of building far away, a man a long and bright red robe with a poisonous snake hung around his shoulder was looking at Liang Xiaoyi and the lively Ye Xuan in the security room.

“Let’s just use her as the bait.”

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