I Know Everything chapter 29

Chapter 29: Mama!

“Xiao Shuishui, can you help me bring the guitar.” Chen Huan whispered to Shui Qianyu beside him.

“Why?” Shui Qianyu raised her head.

Because the two of them were so close, Chen Huan could smell the orchid scent coming from her.

Chen Huan felt his heartbeat speeding up as he quickly backed away a bit, “I thought of a song that I could sing to her. Maybe it would help improve her mood.”

“What song?” Shui Qianyu’s eyes widened, “Also, since when did you know how to play guitar? Why don’t I know about it?”

“Mama Do You Remember, have you heard of it?” Chen Huan calmly said. (It’s called Straw Hat Song/草帽 in the raw but after some research I found the official English name which is Mama Do You Remember. The song is from Joe Yamanaka and all the lyric is in English)

“Mama Do You Remember?” Shui Qianyu pondered, “Is there such a song?”

Chen Huan was actually testing her.

Shui Qianyu was a guitar genius. Although her guitar wasn’t as good as her guzheng, she had practiced thousands of guitar songs since she was small.

And she also had very good memory

She wouldn’t have missed a classic guitar songs like ‘Mama Do You Remember’.

But Shui Qianyu didn’t know about it. Chen Huan thought that maybe this song never existed in this world.

He debating for a long time on which song to decide on and it would be very embarrassing if he chose a song that had already been sung by other people in this world.

But Chen Huan didn’t take it lightly or immediately started to brag and said it was a song he meticulously created.

“You’ll know when you listen to it.” Chen Huan urged her, “Hurry up and then you can watch my performance!”

Shui Qianyu glared at him but obediently went to get it in the end.

She knew that although Chen Huan had changed a lot compared to before, he wasn’t the kind of person that didn’t knew the importance of the matter and must had a plan since he said so.

After a while, Shui Qianyu came back with her guitar.

It just happened that Shui Qingshan just finished calling the hospital and was stunned when he saw her, “Little darling, what are you doing?”

“Chen Huan said he was going to play a guitar song to this aunty.” Shui Qianyu replied as she put the guitar into Chen Huan’s hands. “Maybe music can calm her down.”

“Haha, my little niece, your father is definitely the best in term of music!” Ding Lun said, “He was already one of the best when were at school!”

“My style was rock and it’s been a long time since I sung. If I start singing now, wouldn’t it scare people to death?” Shui Qingshan waved his hand.

Then he turned his gaze toward Chen Huan and asked, “Xiao Huan, what song are you going to play?”

“Mama Do You Remember.” Chen Huan replied.

Mama Do You Remember?

Shui Qingshan, Zhu Mei and the others looked at each other and it was clear that they hadn’t head of the song.

Chen Huan was more at ease after hearing that.

He didn’t say anything else as he went to an open space close to the middle aged woman and started fiddle with the guitar strings.

Listening to sound of the guitar, everybody listened to Chen Huan with great interest.

Playing music to soothe a patient’s emotion was used at plenty of places but the song mustn’t be mismatched. It must be consistent with the patient mood and feeling to be able to move people.

A few people felt actually worried in their mind as they were afraid that Chen Huan would play the violent heavy metal music.

But looking at Chen Huan handsome and unparalleled face, they felt that this young man shouldn’t be much rock and roll, right?

The song had a high chance of being a lyrical song, right?

While everybody was lost in thought, Chen Huan started his performance.

The music resounded as the Chen Huan singing came right after it.

“Mama, do you remember, the old straw hat you gave to me…”

Just these two simple sentences almost made everybody widen their eyes.

In particular Zhu Mei as she even stood up.

“I lost that hat long ago, flew to the foggy canyon…”

“Yeah mama, I wonder, what happened to that old straw hat…”

“Falling down the mountain side, out of reach like your heart.”

“Suddenly the wind came up stealing my hat from me, Yeah~, swirling whirling gust of wind, blowing it higher away.”

“Oh~ mama, that old straw hat, was the only one I really loved.”

“But we lost it, no one could bring it back, like the life you gave me.”

Chen Huan voice was quite good to be honest but his singing and pronunciation skills were completely amateurish.”

But nobody cared about his singing skills when he sang ‘Mama Do You Remember’ so sincerely.

They were all entranced by Chen Huan’s song.

They were all highly educated people and naturally knew the meaning of the English lyrics.

Although it was only a few words from the lyrics, it was filled with emotion.

Especially the last paragraph, “Oh~ mama, that old straw hat, was the only one I really loved, but we lost it, no one could bring it back, like the life you gave me.” A few women here even started to have tears in their eyes.

Chen Huan didn’t pay attention to the people behind him.

When he sang, his eyes only looked at the middle aged woman in front him.

At the beginning of the first paragraph and even the second paragraph, the middle aged woman had no reaction but she immediately grabbed her hat after the first verse.

Everyone would know at first glance that the hat tightly grasped in her hand was an expansive and luxurious one.

Then when Chen Huan a second time, “Mama, do you remember, the old straw hat you gave to me…” the middle aged woman lost control and burst into tears.

“Mom… Mom…”

She called her mother hysterically with a hoarse voice while crying.

Her entire face was filled with tears and snot at the same time but nobody laughed at her.

Shui Qingshan let out a huge sigh of relief.

Then he wanted to say something to his wife but he her crying silently.

He looked at the people around and every women were crying except his daughter Shui Qianyu.

“Oh~ mama, that old straw hat, was the only one I really loved.”

“But we lost it, no one could bring it back, like the life you gave me.”

They all fell into deep thoughts and memories as they listened to Chen Huan sing.

Even if their family was still there, a child would grow up and the leave home. The sentiment they felt when they left home was still lingered in their body.

Even the men’s eyes were red.

“Fuck! I’m busying all day long and I don’t even know why! After finishing this work, I’m going back to my parent’s home for a month and do nothing else!”

Shi Liyou declared as he swore.

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