I Know Everything chapter 28

Chapter 28: Late at night, a woman at the door.

Shui Qingshan looked at the time and it was 9:40 in the night. There shouldn’t be any customers that come at this time, right?

But he wasn’t afraid as even if his dozen of friends weren’t there, there were would be at least 20 to 30 people that would come out of the Mingde Alley to help as long he yelled.

Neighborhoods in old alleys were like this. They would come out in group if there was anything bad happening.

He opened the door after some thoughts.

What appeared to the people in the shop was a woman in her 40s. She wasn’t pretty but looked to have quite the character.

She was wearing a dress with a western style hat in one hand while the other hand was pushing a suitcase. She looked like a tourist.

“Sorry Lady, we’re closed up for tonight.” Shui Qingshan said to her, “How about you back tomorrow?”


The middle aged woman hesitated but still said with a sorry tone, “I just finished with my mother funeral, I’ll return to Los Angeles tomorrow and will never return to China again. I heard this is the source of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, if… if you can, can you cook any bowl of noodles for me?”

Nobody was speaking at the shop at that time and the middle aged words could be heard clearly by everyone.

“Sister, please come take a seat inside!” Xia He instantly stood up and said, “But we don’t have fresh noodles anymore. Can we use dry noodle and cook you a bowl of plain noodle?”

“Yes, thank you. Pardon me for bothering you.” The middle age woman said thankfully.

Shui Qingshan took her suitcase for her and said, “Miss, take a sit. I’ll go cook the noodle right away.”

After helping her, he rolled up his sleeve and went to the kitchen.

Although there were only dry noodles. There was still all the seasoning and spice powder. The bowl of noodle should still be above average and Shui Qingshan didn’t need to worry that he would shame the shop’s name.

The middle aged woman sat quietly in a corner and didn’t speak. She gave the impression to be very exhausted to other people.

This exhaustion wasn’t only physical but also mental.

Because of her, Zhu Mei and the other didn’t talk and only looked at the couple cook noodles.

The Shui couple had been cooking noodles for more than ten years and even though they were not chefs, it wasn’t a problem for them to make a bowl of noodles together. They were even more confident since they had Chen Huan’s spice powder.

Five minutes later, a bowl of plain noodles was brought to the middle aged woman by Shui Qianyu, “Auntie, here’s your plain noodles.”

The middle aged woman looked at her and squeezed out a smile as she said, “You must be Shui Qianyu, right? You a very cute little girl.”

“Thank you auntie.”

Shui Qianyu gave her a sweet smile and said, “We can’t stay in the past and we can only walk forward to make a better future!”

“Thank you!”

The middle aged woman nodded slightly.

Shui Qianyu made her think of herself 30 years ago and made her feel nostalgic.

Then she looked at the plain noodles sprinkled with green onion with misty eyes.

After a while, she picked up her chopsticks and slowly put a mouthful of noodlse in her mouth.

Second mouthful, third mouthful…

She ate and ate as she burst into tears.

Tears came drop by drop from her eyes and formed a line.

But she didn’t make any sound and she stayed unmoving like a statue.

She still looked like that after three minutes.

There was no sound at all except the tears dropping onto the table.

Even the atmosphere in the small noodle shop became weird.

“She’s in a bad condition!” Zhu Mei saw many things and said with a frown, “Her sadness reached the extreme! It will cause great damage to her mental state if she continues like that!”

“What should we do then?” Xia He was shocked, “Should I go wake her up?”

“Don’t go!” Zhu Mei quickly grabbed her, “You will easily shock her mind if you suddenly disturb her and she might start to suffocate suddenly or even… or even more serious thing can happen.”

“So we’re just waiting for her to come back from her trance?” Shi Liyou said with frown, “If she keeps exhausting her mental state like that, there’s a possibility sudden death might happen.”

“We don’t have a choice.”

Zhu Mei said with a bitter smile, “It’s better to be quiet and wait.”

“Just call an ambulance first!” A person suggested, “We are in Brother Shui’s place… it wouldn’t be good if anything happens right?”

“Hey, what nonsense are you guys talking?” Ding Lin sighed and also agreed, “Let’s call an ambulance. It would be easier to help her if anything happens.”

“Okay.” Shui Qingshan also agreed.

After all, the small noodle shop was a place to do business and if anything happened to the middle aged woman, it would be a bit unpropitious.

Even if he didn’t regret letting the woman in to eat noodles but it didn’t mean that he wanted get that bad luck.

*Ding Dong*

The lively Chen Huan who sat next to Shui Qianyu suddenly heard a sound in his mind.

“Zhang Hailun was stimulated by the bowl of plain and slowly reminiscing on the time she lived with her mother. Her mind is completely immersed in the past and is very easy for an incident to happen! The kind and great system decided to give the stupid host a chance to save a person. Please quickly play a guitar song so that she can recover.”

What the fuck!

Chen Huan almost swore out loud. We are in 2014, in an era of scientific medical treatment!

One guitar song can save people. Bruh, are you kidding me?

But he didn’t have any other choice. He had do his best to complete it since the system gave out the mission.

Because the previous spice powder or guitar skill (Beginner) proved that the ‘Nobody is better than me’ system wasn’t garbage but quite good.

In this strange yet familiar world, his life would be better if he had the system helps.

So constantly doing mission and getting rewards was the best way.

Besides, didn’t he still have the reward to retrieve a song?

Could it be that the system expected this to happen?

But what kind of song should he get?

Chen Huan’s mind kept turning.

He didn’t graduate from a music school and he only listened to those classic songs. Otherwise he would have already written a hundreds of songs and sold them for money.

Not it was very difficult for him to choose a song that suited the middle aged woman mood.

What to do…

What to do…

Chen Huan’s eyes looked at everywhere and tried to find some inspiration.

Chen Huan suddenly saw an object on the middle aged woman table and as if the sky cleared, a familiar song appeared in his mind.


That’s it!

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