I Know Everything chapter 27

Chapter 27: Uncle Shui’s junior sister.

That night, Chen Huan planned to leave through the backdoor after getting those information but he saw the lights at the front shop was still lit up.

It was already 9:30 pm, how could there still be people?

Chen Huan felt a bit suspicious and walked over there to find several people talking.

The door opened just opened at that moment and Shui Qianyu walked out of it boredom.

“Lil Sis Shui, what are you guys doing?” Chen Huan asked curiously.

“Oh, it’s just my dad’s junior sister who came to visit him and everybody had a meal together.” Shui Qianyu said with a shrug, “It’s just a bunch of middle aged uncles and aunties, nothing interesting.”

Chen Huan couldn’t but laugh.

Shui Qianyu looked so sweet and cute and gave off the impression to be a really obedient girl but she had a very vicious tongue behind it. She would often speak in a way that would baffle people.

“Hey, it is little Huan outside?” At this moment, Shui Qingshan’s voice was heard close by as he walked to the door with a red face that meant he drank quite a bit, “Come with me, I’ll let them take a look and show them what is the world’s most perfect young man!”

“Dad, Chen Huan isn’t something you can show off!” Shui Qianyu said in dissatisfaction and tried to pull Chen Huan away.

But Chen Huan didn’t move.

Shui Qingshan used to be in a rock band, his junior sister and friend should be from the same circle, right?

It just happened that he got a song here. He could go check if those people were destined to have it or not.

“Xiao Shuishui, we at least should give uncle some face, right?” He grabbed her hand before whispering to her ear and pulled her with him.

Shui Qianyu had to follow him in but the little girl face was flushed red and quickly shook off his hand.

He entered the shop and saw that three tables were brought together. The tables were filled with the shop’s dishes and drinks.

There were a dozen men and women sitting there and they were almost all in their 30s or 40s.

A woman with short hair sat next to Xia He as she sipped her drink but she looked gentle and quiet. She gave off the impression to be a very artsy and literate person.

Chen Huan looked for a while and felt that their temperament completely didn’t match people who played rock.

While he was in doubt, Shui Qingshan clapped his hand and said, “Hey, you guys always tell me about Su Mo that, Jin Weijie this or Chi Bin something. But take a look at my family Xiao Huan, is he any worse than them?”

Everybody’s eyes instantly focused on Chen Huan.

Quite a few of their eyes really lit up at the sight.

“Nice, really nice!” A bearded man said with a laugh, “Brother Shan, your son-in-law is indeed very good and it’s worthy of Qianyu!”

“Right! I was still wondering who was worthy of Qianyu but Brother Shan already prepared for it.” A man with sleek hair and handsome face along with glasses said as he laughed.

Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at them when she heard it but didn’t blame them as they were nearly drunk.

At this time, the short haired woman also nodded and said, “On how handsome and pretty he is, this little brother is really outstanding. Even Su Mo when he was eighteen wasn’t as naturally handsome as him. Senior brother, if you interested for him to debut, how about he comes to our movies industry? I promise I will do my best to find some roles for him!”


Movie industry?

Shouldn’t it be the music industry?

While Chen Huan was shocked, Shui Qingshan waved his hand and said, “No way! My family Xiao Huan is going to follow the path of a writer! You people in the entertainment circle are too much of a mess, I can’t rest assured!”

How high Chen Huan accomplishment in literacy had already been proved by the ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’.

If it weren’t for the fact that it would cause unnecessary trouble for Chen Huan if he told it everybody, he would have already bragged about it all over the world.

The group of people just smiled but didn’t believe him.

It was good for young people to have literacy dreams but it wouldn’t be necessary successful.

“Right, Xiao Chuan, let me introduce you.” Shui Qingshan pulled Chen Huan closer and pointed at the short haired woman, “This is my junior sister and a graduate of Huhai Opera School, Zhu Mei. This is her very capable assistant, Ding Lun, and she’s also from our Huhai Opera School. This is Shi Liyou…”

After he introduced them one by one, he pointed at Chen Huan, “Everyone, this is Chen Huan and he’s also the little girl a favorite big brother. Please help him if there’s any trouble in the future. This Brother will thank you in advance!”

“Haha, to be honest, if your nephew here come to the entertainment industry, why would he need our help?” The man with glasses, Shi Liyou said, “Even if it is the three major movie companies, he will be regarded as their treasure! As long there is some hype and publicity, there is no need talk about film or television as he could easily make money for the company and himself by just advertisement!”

“Old man is right, even if Xiao Huan is just a newcomer but with his handsome looks, people would be embarrassed to pay less than 3 million for his advertisement!” Another person said, “He could get easily 5 million if you give him a good song! Then go get advertised over the country before creating a singing channel, he could easily get tens of millions after a year!”

Chen Huan understood what they were saying. It was the treatment of red hot new celebrity with very good looks.

Beautiful looking male or female celebrity were very attractive to young fans and had a strong consuming driven influence. They could often get more than 5 million for advertising and endorsement.

But these kinds of celebrity generally didn’t last long as they would disappeared without any real content and be replaced by new young idols.

“Huh, I think is too much of waste to have Xiao Huan go take advertisement or something.” Zhu Mei gave Chen Huan a few more glances and thought he was very pleasing to the eyes. “He needs to appear in a love movie or TV series, and then it would be worth the effort the heaven put to give him such a face. If Xiao Huan can succeed, it would make up for everybody’s regret about Su Mo.”

The so called Su Mo’s regret was that he was continuously known as China most handsome man but he had never actually shot any TV series or movie and only liked to sing. This made countless great directors sigh in regret.

The box office would be at least 300 million if he face appeared in the movie.

Chen Huan only smile and didn’t say anything when he heard them.

Entertainment industry?

What a joke!

He just wanted to make money quietly and have a happy life. Who would want to struggle nonstop in that dye tank?

He would be tired and scrutinize by people all day long and his lifestyle would be used and sold to the public. Was there any difference between them and zoo animals?

But Uncle Shui was really impressive as it seemed he didn’t graduate from some common art college but Huhai Opera School. It was one of China’s three biggest art schools and it was only a bit worse than Huajin’s Music and Movie.

*Bang, bang!*

*Bang, bang, bang!*

Somebody knocked on the store’s door just when people chatted lively.

The lively atmosphere suddenly stopped.

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