I Know Everything chapter 26

Chapter 26: The current music’s world state.

*Ding Dong*

“Driven by the good luck of the great system ‘Nobody is better than me’, ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was surprisingly praised by the country’s most influential newspaper. The weak host passively completed the ‘Becoming Famous’ achievement, the system is sending additional rewards.”

“The host acquired the Professional Guitar Skill (Beginner).”

“The weak chick host used clumsy intimidation to force a rival into a tight spot and run away. The weak host bravely took the first step to shed its weak chick identity. Therefore, the great system gave a special reward and that the weak chick host will soon reach the peak of human’s life.”

“The host will receive a song from the original world which he can select within a week. After the selection, the score and lyrics of the songs will directly enters into the host’s memory. This award will be void if not selected in time.”

Chen Huan perked up a bit after hearing those sounds.

He didn’t expect there would be these two awards for the two things that just happened.

Chen Huan mind’s was filled with thought such as guitar selection, guitar playing skill, how to use the guitar and so on.

At this moment, he was eager to have a guitar so he could try his new skill.

As for the song, Chen Huan didn’t come up with any idea after a while.

What was the use of a song?

Was it for his own entertainment and singing or would he sell it?

Those were all things that were worthy of his consideration.

After all, it wasn’t easy for him to have an opportunity to get a classic song and he couldn’t casually waste it.

On the next two days, in addition of going to the small noodle shop to help and exercising, Chen Huan had been spending his time in the Shui Family’s study.

Because there was a computer there.

Shui Qingshan wasn’t good with computers, Xia He watched her TV series on her phone while Shui Qianyu didn’t like to play with the computers. The computer there was like a furniture and rarely used.

Chen Huan wasn’t using to play either as he was using it to check the situation of this world entertainment industry.

It was similar to what he knew from TV. There were many similarities in this world 2014 and his original world.

For example the music industry, the music tapes were basically unsellable and the next generation of product such as disc had been slowly replaced by digital.

It was a monthly subscription or a single purchase via the internet.

The subscription in general was 8 yuan a month and old song could be easily downloaded while new album or songs were 1, 2, or 5 yuan for each.

Whether it was monthly subscription or single purchase, the music was downloaded and stocked via cell phones or music software.

But you wouldn’t need to spend money if you only listened to it.

This also meant that the digital version didn’t sell much.

It was considered already very good if there were 500k downloads and only the best could get more than 1 million downloads.

For those that had more than 5 million download, only the heavenly kings or queens that could do it.

For the CD sell records, the heavenly kings and queens were those who sold more than a 100k CDs while the little kings and queens were those who sold more than 50k CDs.

If we took last year as an example, the heavenly king Su Mo’s album ‘Blind Love Arrow’ was sold at five yuan. It was downloaded 6.5 million times and made 32.5 million yuan which was the number one record.

At the same time, the offline and hard copy of ‘Blind Love Arrow’ was sold 133k copies for 30 yuan each which was also the best selling album last year.

But Su Mo didn’t felt like celebrating.

Because fifteen years ago when he was just a little king full of energy, his disc sales were 5.25 million!

And they were all offline hard copies!

Now he couldn’t even get the low numbers of fifteen years ago, what’s to be happy about?

It was just that Su Mo’s appearance fee rose sharply.

Although he was 40 years old, he was still handsome and his face looked like those young models. The words refined, learned and handsome could be used to describe him.

In addition, Su Mo had great personality, humble and liked to help the younger generation. His fans were very united and devoted.

Last year the money needed for him to sing three songs was 3 million and 10 million for a concert.

This price was placed at the top of the music industry and was better than the two other heavenly kings.

Even the music industry big sister, Zhou Jing, only gets 1.5 million for two songs and 6 million for a concert.

There were now three heavenly kings and two heavenly queens in the music industry. The youngest Zhu Shengyu and Xu Ping were both 33 years old. But the entertainment industry in this peaceful era was very well developed and new people constantly popped out.

There were three little heavenly kings and three little heavenly queens amongst the newcomers in the music industry.

The most popular amongst them was the 25 years old Zhao Zifeng, a famous young talented singer that exploded in popularity three years ago. He release two albums per year and he personally made all of them.

Zhao Zifeng’s songs style were hip hop and fast pace beat along with his strong live performance, the fee for one of his concert could go up to 8 million.

Last year, he sang in twenty different concerts without any problems and it was so popular that people were saying that if he continued this for two or three years, the fourth heavenly king would definitely be him.

The youngest heavenly queen Han Dong’er was only eighteen this year.

She debuted at a singing competition ‘I sing my own song’ at an age of 18 years old. In the same year she released an album called ‘The Girl in the Alley’. She sold it 3 yuan each copy and with her popularity she got from the show, the album was sold and downloaded 3.2 million times while also breaking through 80k copies offline which made her the third little heavenly queen.

Chen Huan sighed deeply after watching the information on Han Dong’er.

She looked so pure and beautiful with a hint of coldness. She gave off an unpatrolled feeling of innocence and would arouse the protection of men even if she didn’t stand and just stood there.

The key point was her singing, it was bright and high, well rounded and clear. Each word was delicately worded out and listened to it was like the spring fresh air, it was comfortable and joyful.

No wonder the music critics were in admiration and said that Han Dong’er earn her keep by singing and not her face.

Chen Huan was already worried about his future selling songs after understanding that much.

A super heavenly king album would get less than 40 million sales after adding online and offline sells and it was already the best in China.

If he roughly calculates it, it would already good if he sold the lyric and song for around 200k.

Selling his original world classic song for 200k, Chen Huan thought it was not worth it no matter how he looked at it. 

This was a pure insult to those super classics!

So there was no rush to sell it.

It was better to use it to get form a relationship or favor. He would get more benefit like that, at least much more than getting 200k yuan!

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