I Know Everything chapter 25

Chapter 25: Are you for real?

The Mercedes parked in front of roadside newsstand. The Chen family father and son sat on the car with each a copy of ‘Renmin daily’ as they stared at it with a livid face.

On page eight, there was an article with a title, ‘The new era’s true feeling—read ‘A Plain Bowl of Noodles’ to feel it’.


Everybody knew what kind of status the Renmin Daily had.

They had taken the lead to report ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ which was equivalent to adding a very strong protector to the small noodle shop.

Otherwise if people started to slander the small noodle shop that represented the spirit of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ when they just finished reporting it, wouldn’t they smacking the face of Remin Daily?

Then, Chen Pinchao casually looked for people in his noodle restaurant but nobody dared to help him face against the small noodle shop.

Not only that, as Chen Pinchao tried to use his relation to find people to make things difficult for the small noodle shop but the people ran so fast that they could fly. 

It meant that from now on, Chen Pinchao had completely no way to shut down the small noodle shop anymore and he didn’t dare either.

They thought about eating such a big loss but in the end they had to swallow it, yet the Chen family couldn’t help but feel sick as if they ate a fly.

Another reason why the Chen duo’s face was unsightly was because of Chen Huan’s threat.

The fact that Renmin Daily reported about Chen Huan was like giving him a shield but it wouldn’t have much impact on the Fragrant Pavilion business.

 If it was only this, Chen Huan request of the Fragrant Pavilion leaving Lin’an would be simply a joke.

But Chen Huan said that he would have an important TV interview next month and since today was Renmin Daily, the TV interview might just be Huaxia TV station!

Otherwise it couldn’t be compared to Renmin Daily.

If the Chen family didn’t follow Chen Huan’s request, he would say something bad about the Fragrant Pavilion during the interview with Huaxia TV!

It would definitely lead to various inspection and sanction after such a big media reported about them. At that time, it would be very hard for the Fragrant Pavilion deal with. If we excluded Lin’an, the Fragrant Pavilion had around a hundred restaurants in Jiangdong! 

“Dad, it won’t go that far!” Chen Zhisheng stuttered, “It’s only a report, what can they do? It’s not like it’s the government directly criticizing us!”

“You better not underestimate it.” Chen Pinchao smiled bitterly, “A government inspection itself won’t have much negative effects but it could be used as proof! But if Chen Huan starts to badmouth us on the internet and tarnish us in the future, the people will think he’s right at the first glance! Why? Isn’t it because the Huaxia TV presented it on this angle?

Let’s not mention if the Huaxia TV host will say it or not, as long Chen Huan said it during the interview! As long it is in the broadcast, it would prove their attitude as those words won’t be there without their approval!”

“Then Huaxia TV will broadcast whatever he says? Are they really so obedient?” Chen Zhisheng said in indignation.

“It wouldn’t be the case if it was any other time but Renmin News gave ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ the spotlight, how can the Huaxia TV go against them?” Chen Pinchao shook his head.

“Not to mention Chen Huan is very smart and he won’t be too fierce but he will definitely choose his words wisely and involve our Fragrant Pavilion! I can guarantee you that the people who watch the interview will have a deep impression of it!”

“If they dare to do that, can we not fight back?” Chen Zhisheng said, “We can also go on the internet and battle with them. We can start rumors or slander them, who don’t know how to do that?”

“You can find someone to do it but will it bear any result on the net?” Chen Pinchao asked, “Since the small noodle shop is a model erected by the Renmin Daily, wouldn’t the internet administrator directly block and erase any smear they on them? They would block keyword search and deleted all negative things cleanly and won’t allow them to post. Can you even go against them?”

Although Chen Pinchao was more than 60 years old, he wasn’t behind in time at all and knew the internet very well.

So when Chen Zhisheng heard his detailed analysis, he felt a bit hopeless, “Are we really going to be threatened by him and leave Lin’an and lose so much? That’s more than five years of hard work I put into!”

“We have no choice but leave.” Chen Pinchao knew what his son was thinking as once he was back to Gusu, he wouldn’t have his own operation and would be under his eldest son. It wasn’t a life he liked.

But who told him to make such an big mess here?

He would have to bear with the consequence alone if he continued.

Chen Pinchao said, “Our shops are all quite good and there be no loss if we sublet them out. At most we will give up Zhejiang market! I will open a new branch in a new place for after we go back, I will not treat you badly.”

Chen Zhisheng was even more frustrated after hearing his father.

It meant they decided to give up the Lin’an market!

“Son, don’t worry.” Chen Pinchao softly said when he saw the downcast look on him, “Life is so long, we can’t look at a single moment of success or failure. We are going back now but it doesn’t mean that we can’t come back or it mean that our Chen family is giving up! Just wait, we will get our revenge one day.”


Chen Zhisheng nodded fiercely with his face showing his deep hatred.

On the other side of the phone after hanging up, Shui Qianyu sat next to Chen Huan and felt curious.

“Chen Huan, will they listen to you if you threatened them like that?” Shui Qianyu asked.

“Chen Pinchao is a smart person and smart people flaws are they think too much.” Chen Huan slowly explained to her, “He definitely will be frightened after seeing the Renmin Daily today.  So he won’t be able to ignore what I said after. And the more he thinks about it, the more he will be afraid. So he would rather be careful and leave before anything else.”

“What if they are unwilling to leave their foundation here?”

“They’ll be willing. After all, this is their branch and not their main base.” Chen Huan said, “Their shops location aren’t bad and they will make a fortune even if they sells it. That is one of the reasons why they will leave. They will persist if there is too much loss.”

“But like this, they would hate us to death.” Shui Qianyu said with a frown.

“I would rather have them hate me and fear me than let them think that we are easy to bully.” Chen Huan smiled, “Lil Shuishui along with uncle and aunty are my dearest people. I won’t let anybody hurt you!”

“So disgusting~”

Shui Qianyu gave him an eye roll before pulling out two documents from the bag, “Come on, sign this.”

Chen Huan took a look and saw it was ‘The small noodle shop parts transfer agreement’.

The content written on it was very simple. It was the Shui family transferring half of the share from the small noodle restaurant to Chen Huan and would immediately apply after signing the papers and that half the money every day would go to Chen Huan.

“What does this mean?” Chen Huan asked in surprise.

“My dad already wanted to give this to you but they were busy and didn’t have the time.” Shui Qianyu said,

“With Renmin Daily report about us, the business of the small noodle shop will be even better and we can’t let you lose out on the money! You are the one who wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ and the recipe was made by but you didn’t receive a single cents, how can we let it go?”

Chen Huan stared at Shui Qianyu young face before nodding, “Okay!”

“Tsk, why aren’t more polite about it?” Shui Qianyu leaned her head in a displeased manner but she in fact felt relieved inside. She was afraid that Chen Huan would be stubborn and refuse to sign the papers.

That was why Shui Qingshan and Xia He gave the task to her as they were also worried that Chen Huan wouldn’t agree.

“If I don’t agree, you will always feel bothered and won’t be at ease.” Chen Huan signed the paper and said, “But we are all family and shouldn’t worry about this. I also never think we would fallout because of money.”

“Tsk, who is your family!? Shameless~”

Shui Qianyu spat out after snatched away the paper he signed and ran away.

As the little girl turned her head, Chen Huan saw the sweet she had on her face.

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