I Know Everything chapter 24

Chapter 24: Arrogant! Arrogant!

The police station wasn’t far away from the small noodle shop as Chen Huan and the three members of the Shui family simply walked back home.

“You promised too fast earlier, I didn’t have the time to talk.” Xia He said to Chen Huan, “It was one million! You should have at least kept it for your living expense when you go to school!”

Xia He personality didn’t like the waste things but she wasn’t greedy either. 

She felt regret at this time and was saying that it was a pity for Chen Huan to give up such a large sums. She didn’t mean that Chen Huan had given away her shares and she was dissatisfied with it.

“Mom, you don’t understand!” Shui Qianyu rolled her eyes at her, “Do you think we can keep this money without problems? Do you believe that if we take this money today, there would be someone who will use this to destroy us tomorrow? They would say that we are greedy and blackmailing people as well as being overbearing. By then our reputation will plummet!”

Xia He was stunned, “There’s still this kind of plots?!”

“The human nature is the most difficult to predict.” Shui Qingshan also explained. “They dared to use this kind of despicable mean to steal the secret recipe after they couldn’t buy it. What else wouldn’t they dare to do? Xiao Huan’s decision was good and I immediately agreed! And we don’t lack moneys anyways. Even if we lacked money, we would not take it!”

After a pause, He spoke to Chen Huan again, “Xiao Huan, what do you think of that old mister Chen Pinchao?”

“On the surface he looks sincere but he is not that simple and was thoughtful.” Chen Huan said without hesitation.

He was a twenty eight years old man and could see quite a lot on people.

Although Chen Pinchao looked every sincere and constantly apologized but when Chen Huan decided to donate the money, he had trace of lost in his eyes.

Chen Huan intentionally said it in front of him.

If this person didn’t have any intention behind, he would be surprised and confused but shouldn’t have felt lost.

If he felt lost it meant that he was having some ulterior motives.

As for what it was, there was no need to think about it as such person couldn’t be trusted.

Shui Qingshan smiled and didn’t say anything else after hearing Chen Huan.

After all, he was a person who experienced the dark side of the entertainment industry. He could see it clearly whether Chen Pinchao was fake or real.

Chen Pinchao biggest weak point was that he was too humble when he came in and gave a feeling like he was completely submitted to them and that too abnormal.

Now that Shui Qingshan knew that Chen Huan had seen through the old man, he didn’t need to worry about him being fooled by his acting and suffer loss at his hands.

In the next few days, the small noodles shop was still as popular.

Chef Zhao was so busy he might just fly.

He had to get up every day at 5am to prepare the ingredient and the minced beef, not to mention at he had to boil the broth at low heat at twelve o’clock.

Then he had to make a hundred topping every day and it was limited or even more people would order it.

After the events with the Fragrant Pavilion, everyone knew the spices powder in the small noodle shop was very good and it was a unique secret recipe.

The customers all praised it after tasting it and said that all the various noodles in the small noodle shop were delicious. This ushered customers that didn’t read ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ and that enjoyed good foods to like to come here and have a bowl of noodles.

The customers were dissatisfied that only seven tables were used amongst the eight but Shui Qingshan didn’t withdrew the reserved seats in table two no matter what or add new tables even when there was excess in spaces.

Without solutions, the customers could only take a step back and could only ask that each table add two more stool so six people could squeeze into a table. With six people squeezing into a table, they could take 42 people at the same time.

With such a lively and busy place, the daily turnover of the small noodle shop went to 30k. (30k Yuan is around 5-6~k dollars.)

At 8am.

Chen Zhisheng changed to the clothes before he was imprisoned and quickly walked out of the detention center.

Waiting at the entrance was a company’s Mercedes but he found out that his father was already at the backseat when he opened the door.


Chen Zhisheng had a bitter smile as he sat and said, “Sorry, I embarrassed you.”

The car slowly moved as Chen Pinchao calmly said, “If this can give you a good lesson and you learn something from it, I don’t think it will be thing.”

“Yes, I shouldn’t have thought like this and should have continued to increase the price and negotiate with Chen Huan. I shouldn’t have used low handed methods immediately after he refused.” Chen Zhisheng reflected.

“It should have been the case normally.” Chen Pinchao said, “But you don’t understand that high schooler Chen Huan. You would have failed even if you did so.”


“We compensated him a million yuan but he donated it to the mountainous elementary school without hesitation. Do you think you’ll be able to buy him with money?”

“AH!?” Chen Zhisheng said in disbelief, “Isn’t he an orphan? He didn’t want a clean one million?”

“Humph! This shows that this high schooler is very smart and can’t be fooled!” Chen Pinchao snorted. “I originally planned to have Director Cui to take an interview after he accepted the one million and describe him as someone as greedy as a wolf and completely insatiable! I also planned to have people make a big deal out of it on the internet and have them name call him so I can release my anger! But I didn’t expect it…”

Chen Zhisheng unconsciously shivered.

His father’s approach was indeed very vicious as under his manipulation, the compensation became as sinful as extortion.

Chen Huan would have been fooled if he wasn’t careful!

How could an ordinary 16 years old resist the temptation of a million yuan?

“How are we now? Is the shops business alright?” Chen Zhisheng asked.

“It’s around 30% worse than before you got imprisoned.” Chin Pinchao said, “But it’s nothing. People will eventually forget as long we stay patient. Ordinary people doesn’t bear grudge like that and we don’t have to care about them.”

Chen Zisheng felt relieved since his father said so.

At this moment, Chen Zhisheng’s phone just rang.

He picked it up and didn’t recognize the numbers but answered after some thought.

“Mr. Chen Zhisheng?” A very young voice was heard over the phone.

“Yes, who might you be?”

“I’m Chen Huan, if Mr. Chen Pinchao is by your side, ask him to take the call.”

Chen Zhisheng took in the cold air before covering the phone and whispered to Chen Pinchao, “Dad, it’s Chen Huan and he want you to take the call.”

Chen Pinchao reached out and took the phone after some thought and turned it to speakers before he smiled and said, “Student Chen, hello, I’m Mr. Chen Pinchao.”

“Mr. Chen, did you ever hear of this saying? It’s ‘You can be a thief a thousand days but can’t fight against thief a thousand days.’” Chen Huan smiled at the other end.

(It means that you can steal at any time but cannot prevent stealing every day.)

“What do you mean?” Chen Pinchao asked calmly.

“Since we two are already enemies, it would be awkward for us to look for food in the same city.” Chen Huan said smoothly, “How about you go back to Gusu?”

Chen Pinchao laughed in ridicule, “Student Chen, what kind of courage did you get to say this to me? We have more than twenty shops and spend so much money and you think we will leave just because you say so? Alright, stop talking nonsense, just bring out whatever you want to do, I’m waiting!”

Chen Huan laughed, “I don’t have any trick but today’s ‘Renmin Daily’ looks very good, you should check it out. Right, by the way, I have an important TV interview next month. Everybody will probably forgive me if I say anything rude due to my ignorance for being young, am I right?”

Chen Huan hung up the phone without hesitation after saying his piece.

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