Medical Martial God chapter 96

Chapter 96: Becoming famous in Xing Hai!

There were endless people sighing in the Ye Family courtyard.

“Ugh, in the future, everyone should take a detour whenever they see that madman Ye Xuan. That guy even dared to kill Ye Wenfeng when he went mad.”

“Right. I don’t know what happened to that guy but suddenly turned out to be so powerful like he was another person completely.”

“Who knows? Anyway, it’s better if we don’t bother him anymore…”

“Let’s disperse, everybody disperse!”

The members of the Ye Family all sighed in exasperation after sending Ye Jianxin to the hospital.

Today events not only shocked them greatly but also inflicted a huge blow to their power. They no longer had their proud resource or confidence to face against Ye Xuan anymore.

Because Ye Xuan could destroy them by himself!

It could be said that Ye Xuan ferocious and ruthless persona had left them a deep mark and an unforgettable impression.

 “Just what did that guy experienced?”

Yun Yan muttered as she looked at the direction where Ye Xuan left and at the scattering members of the Ye family.

Ye Xuan’s action went beyond her imagination and completely shattered the image she had of him.

Whether it was his strength or the edict he took out, it filled her mind with curiosity.

She had made up her mind and definitely needed to find Ye Xuan to talk.

Otherwise the consequence would be disastrous once the Old Lord come out and learn about this.

He would definitely end up dead no matter how strong Ye Xuan was.

Carrick’s Bar, in a simple and luxurious private room.

Several youngsters in luxurious clothes sat elegantly while enjoying the massage of the beauties around them as they chatted happily.

Ye Xuan would be able to recognize some of them if he was there.

Because there was three people named Qian Duoduo, Qian Xingchen and Qian Jianchen. (None of them appeared since chapter 20ish and they are all members of the Qian Family, one of the four big family. )

In addition, there were also four other famous sons of Xing Hai families.

“Duoduo, I heard you were humiliated by Ye Xuan at the employment office?”

Qian Xingchen said as he sipped his wine while glance at Qian Duoduo.

“Ugh, don’t mention it. That guy was too strange and vicious.” Qian Duoduo helplessly said as he shook his head.

“That guy was definitely strange.” Qian Xingchen nodded in agreement as he thought back on how Ye Xuan destroyed the villa along with Black Wolf as his eyes shone with hatred.

“That’s right, I heard many people ate lost at his hand. Even the Evil Wolf Gang young master Wolf…”

Other followed suit.

Then Qian Xingchen set his eyes on Qian Jianchen and asked, “Second Brother, I heard you and Ye Wenfeng also both suffered from that guy?”

“That fucking brat, I’ll kill him sooner or later!”

Qian Jianchen couldn’t help but think back on how he got played by Ye Xuan at the banquet and punched the table in anger.

He had sent a lot people to cause trouble to Ye Xuan and even try to kill him but he received ne news.

“Hehe! We obviously all believe Brother Jianchen’s strength to bring him down. We are just waiting for when you have that brat under your crutches…”

Someone said with a laugh when they saw his angry appearance.


But all their cell phones started buzz at this moment which surprised them all a bit.

They quickly picked the phones to get a closer look.

They all shared the same chat or news groups as Xing Hai famous rich people.

The reason their phones buzzed at the same time was because the chap group they were in published a shocking message.

It was the news that Ye Xuan broke in to the Ye Family courtyard and killed Ye Wenfeng in front of Ye Jianxin.

The people muttered in disbelief as they looked at the message.

“How…how is this possible? Ye Xuan broke into the Ye family and overpowered them before beheading Ye Wenfeng?”

“Shit, are you for real? Ye Xuan really broke into the Ye family courtyard and beheaded Ye Xuan in front of all their members and Ye Jianxin!?”

“It wasn’t all, he even came out of the Ye Family courtyard unharmed!”

“Ye Xuan is so strong right now, why did the Ye Family kick him out?”

Everybody looked at each other and saw the shock in their respective eyes.

It was better that they mess with that madman Ye Xuan anymore.

Deep inside the Qian Family Compound.

A handsome youngster with white clothes and a unique long sword in hand was dancing with the melodious sound that a beauty emitted from her zither.

Gust of winds were set off in the courtyard as flashes of swords passed along reflection of the light.

If someone was here, they would able to recognize him due to him being the leading figure of the young generation of the Qian family and the well-deserved heir and young master of the Qian family.

He was also one of the four great figures of Xing Hai. His was Qian Mubai.

Even Qian Jianchen was incomparable to him.


Qian Mubai was in the middle of performing a sword technique when his phone vibrated. He frowned and stopped his moves.

He picked up his phone and was shocked by the message he saw from it.

Ye Xuan, who was kicked out from the Ye family and was in a vegetative state, went back to the Ye family by himself and behead Ye Wenfeng while walking out of there without a scratch.

This news was really suspicious and confusing.

A smirk appeared on his face as he muttered, “A trash that had been kicked out from the family broke into the Ye family and even killed Ye Wenfeng in the presence of Patriarch Ye Jianxin before walking out without any issues. Could it be that the Eight Bloody Shadows weren’t in the Ye family compound?”

“Ye Xuan seem to be kind of interesting right now. If there’s a chance, this young master will use his blood to test my sword skills.”

Crazy Dragon Gang Headquarter.

Lord Dragon listened with a frown the report of Kuang Ba and Qing Yu..

Since their Crazy Dragon Gang showed goodwill toward Ye Xuan, the War Tiger Gang and Evil Wolf Gang started to close in and suppress them, which increased the scuffled between them.

The two gangs now were showing sign of trying to take over his territories as some of their members came to their entertainment venues to cause troubles and made their revenues decrease little by little. This situation worried Lord Dragon.

If the two gangs joined force completely, their situation would really become dire.

“Boss, what shall we do?”

Kuang Ba asked after seeing Lord Dragon staying silent.

Lord Dragon raised his hand and looked at Qing Yu, “Qing Yu, how’s your injuries? What do you think about this?”

“Boss, how about we go ask Xuan Bro if he could help us? It won’t be any problem if he personally made a move…”

Qing Yu proposed with some hesitation.

The memory where Ye Xuan easily defeated Master Dao left a deep impression on him.

Lord Dragon fell into silence again and contemplated the matter.

After all, their relation with Ye Xuan wasn’t particularly close.

“Boss, there’s a message.”

Lord Dragon’s cell phone buzzed.

He picked it up and looked at the message. What he found was what happened at Ye family compound.

Lord Dragon felt shocked after reading what Ye Xuan did at the Ye family compound.

“Boss, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Kuang Ba and Qing Yu asked.

“Ye Xuan broke into the Ye family compound by himself and killed Ye Wenfeng in front of Ye Jianxin. It’s rumored that even the Eight Bloody Shadows couldn’t stop him.”

Lord Dragon slowly explained.

Lord Dragon’s information channel seemed to be more informed to Qian Mubai as the Eight Bloody Shadows were at least mentioned.


“That strong!?”

Qing Yu and Kuang Ba muttered in disbelief.

They knew how powerful the Eight Bloody Shadows were.

But if they knew that even Absolute Ten was killed by Ye Xuan, how would they look like?

“Qing Yu, we’ll do as you said! I’ll let you ask him in person!”

Lord Dragon immediately decided.

Life Chasing valley, in a private and luxurious room.

Xia Tiannan lazily sat on the couch while drinking wine as he admired the many dancing and singing beauties in front of him. Everybody seemed to comfortably enjoying themselves.

-Knock, knock, knock!-

“Young master!”

A middle aged man said respectfully after walking up to Xia Tiannan.

“What’s the matter Uncle Bai?”

Xia Tiannan asked with a smile on his face.

“I just received news from Xing Hai.”

“Oh, what news?”

Xia Tiannan showed interest.

“The last friend you made, Ye Xuan, broke into the Ye Family and killed Ye Wenfeng in front of Ye Jianxin. It was also said that Ye Jianxin couldn’t do anything to him even with the Eight Bloody Shadow as he walked away.”

Uncle Bai reported with a smile as trace of admiration was on his face as he looked at Xia Tiannan, “Young master, you have such a good eyes to be able to make such an extraordinary friend!”

“Haha! Is that so? I didn’t expect that guy to have more character than me and grow even faster!”

Xia Tiannan said in admiration.

“Look like I have to go to Xing Hai and keep our good relationship going.”

Xian Tiannan declared before standing up and walking out of the room.

If he could obtain Ye Xuan’s help, it would be much easier to get back at his family.

A similar scenes happened to everywhere in Xing Hai as Ye Xuan came into the limelight of many well-known people in Xing Hai after being kicked from the Ye Family.

His name was once again spread around the city.

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