I Know Everything chapter 23

Chapter 23: Solutions.

Chen Zhisheng was waiting for the good news but the police came to his door and took him away.

He wasn’t some determined person to begin with and panicked under the questioning of those experienced police officers and explained his plan.

His confession and the evidence took the last hope Chef Hou had as he got imprisoned.

The online discussion was already in full swing during that.

Some active Weibo’s user had uploaded videos of various length one after another.

The videos showed what happened in the small noodle shop.

Especially toward the end where it showed clearly Zhan Hu confessing and identifying the other offenders.

Some post describing the event also appeared in Weibo.

The people only needed to watch the few clips and some post to understand what was going on.

“What the fuck! Isn’t this Fragrant Pavilion too shameless? How could they do something like that? I thought I only see things like that on TV!”

“It can only be said that their greedy heart hurt people! They deserved to be exposed!”

“Yup! What would have happened to the small noodle shop if they succeeded wronging them? The shop is clearly run by honest people but it would be really pitiful if they were messed up by them!”

“But why did Zhan Hu suddenly came out and exposed it? Is there an inside story?”

“Inside story your sister! The facts and evidence are all here. Everything he said was true and can be confirmed. How can it be false?”

“I think the small noodle shop is lucky! Their luck definitely wouldn’t be bad as they had been doing good for more than ten years!”

“Now we have to see how the people in Lin’an deal with it. How could they calm the people if they don’t punish that boss and Chief Hou?”

“No wonder the small noodle shop was closed when I went to queue! This actually happened!”

“Bring down those unscrupulous businessmen! Support little sister Shui! Support little brother Chen!”


After entering the police station and watched the beginning of the interrogation, the many people that came to watch dispersed.

But they all left their contact information to Shui Qingshan before leaving and said that would definitely testify for them if it was needed.

Chef Zhao and the aunties simply went home to get some rest since they weren’t opening today. It was a rare vacation for them.

The Shui family of three and Chen Huan couldn’t leave as they were the concerned party.

They staying there also gave the police some pressure.

The police didn’t interrogate them since they were the victims and some of the police officers read ‘A Plain Bowl of Noodles’ and were even happy to meet them.

Female officers even asked who Teacher Chu was.

It was an internet mystery. Chu Liuxiang was like a shooting star as he suddenly appeared before disappearing and left no traces behind.

Only the Qiantang Evening News knew Chu Liuxiang true identity but the information coming from there was too diverse and nobody knew who to believe.

Shui Qingshan replied them lazily but was secretly laughing inside. Would they believe that Chu Liuxiang was just sitting in front of them?

Chen Huan was the most popular amongst them.

Originally the police station only had one police woman but after an hour later, there are five to six policewomen that came from various divisions.

They sat opposite of Chen Huan as they whispered amongst themselves while facing Chen Huan and laughed.


This was a group of thirsty women. It was normal for them to look a few times and discuss about it a little when they saw Chen Huan’s face that was even more handsome that those celebrity.

They even brought lunches for them.

Shui Qianyu saw that Chen Huan’s lunch box was more sumptuous.

And these aunties also took the opportunity to sit down with him for the meal and were happily chatting.

If it weren’t for being in the police stations or the police officers helping the Shui family to get justice, Shui Qianyu would have surely made Chen Huan eat with her.

After the meal, two policewomen left after their stomach filled and their interest satisfied. The rest went back and forth as they gossiped and chatted for a half a day.

But two people came in before Shui Qianyu let out her irritation.

One was called Director Cui while the other was an old man in his sixties.

“Mr. Shui, I’m sorry!” The old man immediately apologized after coming in, “My son has troubled you! I’m very sorry!”

Shui Qingshan immediately understood that this man was Chen Zhisheng’s father after listening to him.

“I saw how much we have caused you and I am deeply sorry for it!” Chen Zhisheng’s father attitude was very humble and he sincerely said, “The punishment he received was definitely a must! But the Fragrant Pavilion never did dirty things like that! I came here to discuss with you how to compensate for this.”

There was a saying that we shouldn’t hit smiling people.

Chen Zhisheng’s father was already acting like this and even talked about compensation. Shui Qingshan would be too petty and revengeful if he kept being stubborn and not let go.

He then turned his head toward his wife and daughter as well as Chen Huan.

“How are you going to compensate use specifically?” Chen Huan asked.

“Is this Student Chen?”  Chen Zhisheng guiltily said, “I, Chen Pinchao, never did anything bad in my life but this unfilial son did something like that. 

“How about this? I will make the Fragrant Pavilion publicly apologize to the small noodle shop and after my son come out, I will take him back to Gusu and never let him take a step into Lin’an.”

“On the other hand we have caused great losses to the small noodle shop and some mental damage, I’m ready to compensate you a million yuan!”

“I will write this money as admitting my wrongdoing and not because no problems happened!”

Since he said it like that, Chen Huan felt like Shui Qingshan and thought that they should let it go.

After all, Chen Pinchai’s compensation was very sincere from every angle.

“I think, little friend, those should be enough.” Director Cui helped out and said, “After such an incident, the reputation of the Fragrant Pavilion is already half ruined and Chen Zhisheng will definitely be punished by the law. Your small noodle shop already washed away all the injustice. This ending should be good.”

A policewoman nearby immediately said, “Director Cui, you shouldn’t say that, it depend on what the other people want if you want to reconcile. Don’t jump to conclusion.”

It seemed that the status of this policewoman wasn’t low as Director Cui wasn’t angry even when she rudely interrupted.

Instead he smiled and said, “Comrade Xiao Yu is right. I was just recommending.”

Chen Huan smiled gratefully at the policewoman before looked at the Shui family.

Shui Qingshan was the first to nod and also felt that the matter hadn’t been bad so far. He wouldn’t get much more benefit if he kept fighting over it and may even end up sworn enemy with the Chen family, which wasn’t a good thing.

He didn’t care much about himself but the future of the two children definitely shouldn’t have any misshape.

Xia He naturally also nodded when he did so.

The last one was Shui Qianyu, she was smart and also didn’t want to embarrass her parents, and thus she also nodded.

Chen Huan came up to Shui Qingshan and whispered something to the family of three.

Shui Qingshan didn’t say anything and only nodded with a smile.

Then Chen Huan came back and said, “Okay, let’s do as you said.”

“Thank you! Thank you student Chen!” Chen Pinchao burst into tears of joy, “I will definitely discipline my son and never let him do any wrongdoing again!”

“But we still have a condition.” Chen Huan spoke up again.

“Tell me.” Chen Pinchao immediately replied.

“The apology is definitely necessary and the punishment required.” Chen Huan said, “But the one million, we are not directly taking it… we are entrusting it to the policewoman here to help us donate it to the children in the mountain and help them build a school!”


Chen Pinchao’s eyes flashed as a strange look passed over his face.

But the people nearby all felt very joyful.

Especially those policewomen as they felt that they indeed weren’t mistaken about this young man who was handsome without equal and also very kind.

They also knew that Chen Huan was an orphan without income when they asked about him earlier.

He didn’t covet the million yuan and instead gave it all away to do a good deed. If he wasn’t a good child, who is then?

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  1. The more I read, the less I like this novel… If it don’t start to be better after 15 chapters at most I would just stop reading it. I came to see the waifus and we are stuck on the noodle shop episode ever since the beginning, the system suck and give boring stuff (spice noodle after a boring quest), the main character is fucking boring and self righteous. Donation to some school or whatever when you don’t have any money seriously? Seriously ? .. and how the fuck the problem was resolved by some random talisman of truth haha… the episode was concluded in like 2 chapters rofl, everyone admitted and ask forgiveness… easy peasy. Better stop the bullshit please.

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