I Know Everything chapter 22

Chapter 22: The truth will always come to light.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Did the pain hurt your head? Hurry up and leave!” The man with glasses pushed him forward after seeing the situation wasn’t looking good for them.

Shui Qingshan reacted at this time and pulled him back forcefully.

Chen Huan also pushed out the other man and separated him from the sick man.

They obviously didn’t stop and wanted to take the initiative back.

But a few customers and the kitchen staff naturally prevented them to do so by pushing or shoving them away.

“Hurry up and leave! Why are you dawdling?” Chief Hou said and glared annoyingly at the man, “If you want to say something, wait until you go to the hospital!”

“If you want to say something, it’s best if you say it here.” Chen Huan ignored the Chief Hou and looked at the three police officers. “Officers, am I right?”

The three police officers glanced at each other and felt there was something fishy here.

It was impossible for them to conceal anything with so many people watching and they didn’t need to conceal anything either.

“Obviously yes.” A police officer nodded.

At the same time he clapped his hands and stopped the noise in the surrounding, “All of you don’t move! Especially you two, stay there or I’ll will beat you!”

The two helpers were viciously warned before the police officers looked at the weakened man with a ferocious expression.

“Speak, what is going on?” He asked sternly.

“I’m Zhan Hu, a kitchen helper from the Fragrant Pavilion xx branch. Our boss, Chen Zhisheng, told me last night that he wanted to get the secret recipe of the small noodle shop and he wanted me to act a little. He only needed me to act as if I got food poisoning from it and it would be good.” The man facial muscle was a bit distorted as he explained.


“Shut up!”

The two men and Chef Hou inadvertently scolded.

“You guys shut up!” Shui Qianyu’s pretty voice resounded as she glared at them, “Are you his accomplice? Then why are you afraid of him speaking!?”

Chef Hou couldn’t even refute before Zhan Hu answered the question when he heard it, “Yes, the one with the glasses is Wu Hui and were from the same shop. The other is called Qu Lang. That is Chief Hou, I called him when I was queuing and they were waiting in the surrounding.”

“Bullshit!” Chef Hou was furious, “Zhan Hu, you have to speak carefully! You have to go to jail if you slander people!”

“I don’t you to remind me.” The policeman frowned and continued to question, “Zhan Hu, do you have any evidence?”

“I have, I called him with this cellphone and the call history is still here!” Zhan Hu took out his phone and called the number in the history.

Chef Hou hurriedly tried to shut down his phone but music burst out from the phone in his hand.

Chen Huan happened to be next to him and hit the back of his hand as the slipped out of Chef Hou’s hand in surprise. Chen Huan then snatched it up before handing it to the police officers.

The police officer hang up the phone without saying anything before pressing the callback button and Zhan Hu’s phone rang as expected.

Chef Hou wanted to get back his phone when he saw the situation but in the end only sighed and didn’t move.

The police officers didn’t give the phone back and instead took Zhan Hu’s phone too. The two phones were important evidence.

“Were you also pretending to have stomach pain?” The police officer asked.

“Yes, it was all an act. “The check up at the hospital will take a lot of time and the shop’s boss will take out the secret recipe during that time.”

“What if we didn’t submit and you didn’t get the recipe?” Chen Huan asked.

The truth talisman only last five minutes and he had to make everything clear during that time.

“Boss seemed to have found some internet celebrity on the internet and said they will mix amongst the crowd. If you didn’t submit, the influencers will post the video online and trash the small noodle shop reputation.” Zhan Hu honestly said. “So I acted in an exaggerated manner earlier while Wu Hui and Qu Liang acted affronted.”


A 20 years old female student standing nearby couldn’t but yell out.

A bunch of people who were recording with their phone felt the scrutiny of the customers next to them.

“It’s not me!”

“I’m just a passerby!”

“Who is the son of a bitch!”

They all declared their innocence and nobody could catch the one with ulterior motive without proves.

“This is too much!” Chen Huan raised his voice, “Yesterday, Chen Zhisheng from Fragrant Pavilion wanted to use money to buy our secret recipe but after getting rejected, they actually used such an evil mean! He is our Lin’an people shame!”

“Right, I even went to their noodle restaurant! This is disgusting!” A worker spat out.

“No, they aren’t from Lin’an but are from in Gusu.” Another person said.

“Fucking dogs, they came from Gusu to harm Lin’an’s people! Are they bullying us because we don’t much people!?” Another man in his thirties said.

“Exactly!” A white collar worker said to the police officer. “Fellow policemen, can’t you let those people from Gusu bully our people? is there no laws anymore? Are they trying to kill the work of those honest people?”

Chen Huan inwardly smiled when he saw the indignation. He purposely threw out words like that and it was really effective.

The police officers felt a bit embarrassed.

It wasn’t the situation wasn’t clear enough but they were worried that people would post and said something on the internet after getting excited like that and obviously it would lead to complicated things.

In this time, who wanted to be talked on the news like that?

“Alright, everybody calm down!” A police officer waved around and loudly yelled, “We understand what you’re saying! We don’t know about that but we will not tolerate the people who commit illegal acts! Rest assured that we will take these people to the nearby station to interrogate and investigate this matter!”

“I want to go too!” Shui Qianyu said, “I want to see how this stinky mouthed Chef Hou will explain his actions!”

Chef Hou’s face turned pale when he heard her and glared at her hatefully.

He didn’t expect this girl to be so vicious and wanted to drive him to the ground.

She wasn’t to spare him even a single a bit and planned to peel everything from him. What would be he worth if he lost his job?

After Shui Qianyu said this, Shui Qingshan, Xia He, the group of aunties and a bunch of customers also asked to come too.

The three police officers sighed.

This matter, really became a big affair.

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