I Know Everything chapter 21

Chapter 21: Despicable competitor.

“Chen Huan, don’t you think this is too coincidental?” Shui Qianyu asked after getting away from the crowd. “There’s suddenly someone who has bad stomach ache, you have a few who came to defend him and then those people from the Quality Supervision just happen to come here. Then they wanted to investigate our spices powder. All of this is really too suspicious.”

Chen Huan smiled and nodded, “I also think so. In other words, this should be Chen Zisheng’s doing. Just wait and see, they will demand even more after seeing the purchase list.”

“Even more demand?” Shui Qianyu frowned.

“Yes, they would say that your list wasn’t accurate enough and demand us to tell them the exact ratio. Then they would ask the doctor if there’s anything wrong with the ratio. What do you think we should do?” Chen Huan asked.

“Humph! This is a really good plan!” Shui Qianyu clenched her fist, “If they dare do that, I won’t cooperate with them!”

“So we can slow delay them for now until the police come. The police aren’t from the same system and should protect them.” Chen Huan said smoothly, “Then didn’t we buy the ingredient from different stores? We take out the receipts but not the receipt from the Chinese medicine shop. In that case, they wouldn’t make much of a recipe even if the gods came.”

“Let’s do this then.” Shui Qianyu sighed, “Those people are really vicious! Even if it’s found that there’s no problem, our reputation will worsen if the people spread out bad rumors about today.”

“I’ve also seen people recording this with their phones.” Chen Huan also felt distressed. If the matter spread out, it wouldn’t matter that it wasn’t true as they would always be some black hearted people that make some conspiracies and smear the small noodle shop reputation.

It wasn’t that they had a grudge against the small noodle shop. It was just that they would be jealous of the small noodle shop and wouldn’t want you to be having it that good.

There were plenty of people like that in this world, especially with the internet connecting the world. They could hide behind their computers and cellphone as they spoke out in an irresponsible manner and were totally unscrupulous.

Shui Qianyu may not know how severe those things could be but Chen Huan knew it.

He didn’t care about his own gain or losses but everybody worked so hard on the small noodle shop. It would be really uncomfortable to have their reputation turn to shit and be stigmatized for it.

*Ding dong!*

At this moment the long lost sound of the system was heard.

“I was surprised that the weak chicken host was being wronged and the small noodle shop reputation was at stake. The great and kind system decided to give the host power to help him to turn the tide!”

*Ding dong!*

“You obtained a ‘Truth Talisman’ (low grade). The host needs to draw it on your palm before slapping on your target to make him tell all the truth, PS, the talisman work for only five minutes.”

Shui Qianyu was flipped through the purchase recipe in her rooms and was choosing the type of spices.

Chen Huan walked straight out of the door and began to draw the talisman on his hand.

‘Truth Talisman’ wasn’t very complicated and Chen Huan felt like a god was helping as he drew the talisman in half a minute.

His palm trembled the moment he drew the talisman and felt a heat current cursing through his hand.

But there was nothing on his palm when he looked at it.

“Let’s go!”

He didn’t have much time to think before Shui Qianyu came out with the receipts.

Looking at her expression, she must be feeling depressed.

Chen Huan wasn’t in a hurry to comfort her for now.

Chen Huan found out after following her inside the shop that there were already three police officers standing amongst the crowd with even more people outside.

The man who ate ‘bad stuff’ was sitting on the stool with support. His eyes were still closed with a weak look on his face.

“This is the purchase receipts!” Shui Qianyu gave the receipts to Chef Hou, “It was all bought in normal shops. So many people ate it and there was never a problem before.”

“Hmm, this is hard to say…” Chef Hou inspected the receipts. “But your ingredient isn’t specific enough! We need the exact ratio before we came examine it clearly!”

“Not possible!” Shui Qianyu refused without hesitation. “The spice powder is there and you can take it to the hospital for laboratory tests. We will take responsibility if there’s a problem and give out compensation and treatment.”

“Little miss, you’re not cooperating.” Chief Hou coughed a bit, “This is the standard procedure, please understand.”

“Understand what?” A youngster further away suddenly said, “I never heard that you need people’s secret recipe when there’s a problem with the food! Are you planning to steal something!?”

“Who is it!?”

Another uniformed man immediately became furious as he said, “You’re slandering the nation’s personnel! You’re going to get arrested!”

The policeman on the side nearly laughed and said, “Alright, alright, let’s stop arguing for now.  Let us send the person to the hospital for a checkup first before discussion responsibility. Otherwise what will you do if something happened to the man now?”

“Right! Go check him up first! We’re still not sure if there’s really a problem!” Chef Zhao displeasingly stared at the man, “If you were pretending to be sick, I’ll give a good one!”

Chen Huan’s eyes shifted at this moment as he approached the man and pretended to help him but actually patted him on the shoulder.

The man was subconsciously received a shock but he didn’t notice it.

But Chen Huan was immediately pushed away by two men.

“Get away! You’re this small noodle shop people, don’t touch him!” the two examined Chen Huan and was guarded against him.

They were the two men who just defended the “Sick man”.

Chen Huan didn’t care as he suddenly shouted out loud when they were helping the guy to leave.

“Who send you here?”

The two young men lowered their heads and kept walking but a disdainful smiles appeared on their faces.


Do you think they would answer just because you asked?

This pretty boy is so naïve!

“It was Chen Zhisheng the general manager of Fragrant Palace who sent me here.” The just now weakened man suddenly lifted his head and answered.

The surrounding was quite peaceful and silent because of how loud Chen Huan question was.

Therefore, everybody heard his answer clearly without missing a single word.

His two associates were shocked!

Chef Hou and his two men were shock!

The police officers were shocked!

Everybody were shocked!

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