I Know Everything chapter 20

Chapter 20: Is something wrong?

The first thing Chen Huan did when he got into the Shui Family home was to tell Shui Qingshan what happened.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He’s faces turned a bit unsightly.

Only Shui Qianyu was calm, “It was inevitable, these aunties are just normal people. They would definitely be willing to disclose some information or steal a bit of the spices powders if somebody give them 1000 or 2000 yuan. But we shouldn’t worry as long the recipe is in our hand.”

“The recipe… it shouldn’t be easy to reproduce it, right?” Shui Qingshan asked.

Only Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan knew the recipe. Shui Qingshan never asked and Shui Qianyu never show it to him.

“Chen Huan and I have already tried it before. The taste will have huge difference if the proportion was different of if it lacked one or two ingredients.” Shui Qianyu explained. “The aroma and freshness only appear when the ratio is accurate.”

“That’s great!”

Xia He breathed sigh of relief, “But how can we face against them? We don’t know who in the small noodle shop betrayed either.”

“There are so many customers every day and everyone is so busy. It’s too easy if somebody wanted to do something.” Chen Huan groaned, “But everybody is neighbors after all. They won’t be able to reproduce it the perfect ratio even if they have the finished produce as long we they don’t have the recipe. We can only ignore it for now.”

“This is hateful!” Shui Qingshan slammed the table, “We are so good to them and give them 200 yuan per day but they repay us like that?”

“It’s not everyone, don’t put them all together.” Shui Qianyu said beside him. “They would try a few more times before they realize it would be useless and then obviously they wouldn’t try to buy them anymore. Not to mention the majority of aunties are very diligent and not bad people.”

“Yes, rather than being angry, we should plan about how to deal against the next plot they try to do.” Chen Huan said, “I looked a bit at that Chen Zhisheng and he doesn’t seem the type to give up after a little setback.”

“He dares!”

Shui Qingshan angrily said, “If he dares to come before me, I dare to beat him up!”

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu couldn’t help but have a bitter smile.

It would be great if things were just that simple!

Fact had proved that Chen Huan’s worry was necessary.

The next morning at 8 o’clock, it was one the busiest time of the day. A customer sitting and eating noodles suddenly fell to the ground and cried.

“Aiyo! My stomach… my stomach hurt… what kind of noodles are these!? There’s a problem in it!”

The small noodle shop frontage wasn’t small as the man in his twenties cries of pain and tumbling around scared the group of customers that came to eat noodles.

Several kind hearted people rushed up to help him, “Boss! Boss, hurry up and get him some warm water!”

“Ah… it hurts… it really hurts… quickly send me to the hospital…” The man whole body trembled as his eyes were closed.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He were startled and quickly ran over in a moment, “Are you alright? Hold on! We’ll get you a doctor!”

Another young man stood up and said, “Boss, you have no conscience! The business is so good and ingredient is still no used properly!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” A girl spoke up, “He just ate a plain noodles and his rolling on the ground in pain. Isn’t too exaggerated, bro?”

“Right, people who didn’t would have thought he was kicked by someone!” Said another girl, “Everybody ate the same noodles, why didn’t have the same feeling?”

“Hey, do you still have a conscience?” Another men with glasses butted in. “Don’t care about that much, just call the doctor quickly… and also call the police! Let them find out what’s happening!”


Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu rushed out at this time and immediately made a decision.

“Lil Sis Shui, please hurry and ask Doctor Zhu to come.” Chen Huan said.

“Okay!” Shui Qianyu left with a frown while Chen Huan called the police himself. With the numerous patrol in Lin’an, it shouldn’t take them long before they came.

At this time, the aunties who were busy tidying and tending to the guest, also came over and looked at the man lying at the table foot. His face didn’t look very good.

In particular, Chef Zhao, who was in charge of cooking, had his eyes wide open.

“Our noodles are sold out every day. The meat and topping are also made in the morning. They can’t be spoiled.”

“And the noodles are delivered in the morning. It has been so long and there was no problem.”

“The same is true for the seasoning. Nothing bad happened before. Tsk, it seems that somebody is jealous of our good business.”

They were discussing about it while the customers nodded again and again, including the customers who ran inside to see. They also felt the same.

“Anyways, the problem is definitely here and it must be checked!” The young man who rebuked the small noodle shop, seriously said, “You don’t have to worry if there’s no problem but you can’t run away if there’s one!”

“Look then!” A stubborn aunty said as she lifted a big steel made skimmer. “If it’s proved that you accused us wrongly, you better be careful when I beat you!”

“Yo, suck a bad attitude. Do you think you’re great just because you have good business!?” said the man with glasses that asked to call the police. “Your food made people sick and you still want to beat people? This is too abusive!”

“What’s going on?”

Several came in at this moment after pushing away the customers that were watching at the entrance.

The three men were in a dark blue uniform and walked in a solemn manner.

“What’s going on?” The man in the lead said, “I am Hou Run, Section Chief of Quality Supervision x in District xx. What are you fighting about?”

“Chief Hou!” Called the young man, “We saw this man, after eating half a bowl of noodle, was so much in pain he almost died! We suspect there’s something wrong with the food! Can you please check it out?”

Chief Hou looked at the weakened with his eyes closed man on the ground and nodded, “Who is the boss?”

“I am!” Shui Qingshan stood up and said, “Chief Hou and everybody can rest assured, the ingredients here are absolutely the freshest and can go through all inspections!”


Chief Hou didn’t make it difficult for them and ordered the two men behind him, “You can go to the kitchen and inspect it.”

The two in uniform nodded.

The kitchen wasn’t cooking noodles anymore and the aunties moved away when they saw the situation.

The men looked around, touched the noodles and ingredients with his hands as well as smelled the fragrance. They quickly saw the pot filled with spices.

“Hmm, this looks like spices. Did you make it yourselves?” One of the uniform men asked.

“Yes.” Chen Huan replied.

At this moment, Shui Qianyu brought Doctor Zhu from the small clinic in the alley and Xia He immediately led Doctor Zhu, who was carrying an emergency box, to examine the man symptom.

Shui Qianyu looked at the people from Quality Supervision and couldn’t but frowned when she heard their questioning.

“What are the specific ingredients?” The uniform man took a handful of spices but couldn’t smell anything from it.

“We made it ourselves and the ingredients were all brought in the market.” Chen Huan replied with an even tone.

“Take out the purchase receipts for me!” The uniform man demanded.

“Wait a moment!”

Shui Qianyu interrupted before saying to Chen Huan, “Chen Huan come with me.”

“Okay.” Chen Huan followed after her and left.

With tacit understanding between Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu, Shui Qianyu didn’t even need to blink her eyes before he understood that she had some idea.

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