Medical Martial God chapter 95

Chapter 95: Evil God’s surrender.

Evil God Saladin was an extremely strong general under one of the five emperors in the Western Shura World. He was also one of the thirty six gods in the Western Shura World. He possessed high status and extreme power. He alone destroyed multiple small nations and gained his fame from it. He had the reputation of being a devil such as Satan, hence called the Evil God.

“Evil God Satan.”

Ye Xuan exclaimed after seeing his arrival as his expression turned grave.

He never would have expected Saladin to be here.

Did this mean that the Ye Family had connection to one of the five emperors from the Western Shura World?

The Evil Emperor was Ye Xuan’s sworn enemy because he worked with the other three emperors to attack him.

With Ye Xuan current strength, he would never be able to beat Saladin even he entered in his possessed state.

As one of the thirty six gods of the Western Shura World, he was an invincible being in Xing Hai and nobody here could be his opponent.

Even if the four strongest family Xing Hai sent all their forces on him.

“Brat, you even dare to touch my men? You got guts.”

“If you let him go, kneel down and bow for mercy as well as obediently hand over the thing your father studied, I can leave your body as a whole. Otherwise I will make you unable to die or live!”

Saladin contemptuously said as he stared at Ye Xuan with ruthless eyes.

“Haha! Ye Xuan, did you hear Lord Evil God’s words you punk!? Quickly release me otherwise…”

Ye Jianxin viciously said as he got his confidence back with Saladin hear.



But before he could finish, Ye Xuan slapped him harshly on his face and made him scream in pain again.

“You’re courting death!”

Saladin looked displeased by this and didn’t expect Ye Xuan to not cave to him at all.

He muttered out a curse as a monstrous killing intent spread out from his body. His body was like a red dragon as he charged at an unbelievable speed.

The killing spread around an even if it wasn’t release against them, they still could feel it as they felt that they had fallen into a crimson hell and couldn’t muster a slightest strength from their body.


Some people sprayed out bloods as they were too weak to withstand Saladin’s aura as they lost their consciousness on the spot.

This was the power possessed by the Evil God of the Western Shura World

This was the strength that one of the thirty six gods from the Western Shura World had.

He was definitely someone that ordinary people couldn’t compete with.

No one in Xing Hai could fight him!

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard, just die at Lord Evil God’s hand!”

Ye Jianxin yelled in joy as he felt happy at the fact he would get his revenge on Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan was calm and showed no fear as he faced the powerful attack. He slowly took out the Cyan Emperor Edict as the attack closed on him.

Ye Xuan raised the edict slowly as the attack came.

The Cyan Emperor Edict reflected the sunlight like a mirror and made people squint their eyes in reflexes.

Saladin was shocked when he saw the edict and completely stopped in his track and retracted his attack under Ye Jianxin confused gaze.

“Cyan… Cyan Emperor Edict?”

Saladin said in a disbelieving voice as he stared dumbfounded at the edict.

“Seeing the edict is like seeing the emperor himself! Saladin, why aren’t you kneeling yet?”

Ye Xuan declared imposingly as he held the edict in his hand.


Saladin’s face turned ugly when heard Ye Xuan as his knees softened and immediately kneeled down in front of Ye Xuan with cupped fist before he respectfully said,

“Saladin greets the Lord!”

Seeing the edict was like seeing the emperor himself and Saladin didn’t dare to show any arrogance at all. it was a symbol of the emperor’s supreme authority after all.

The Cyan Emperor was the head amongst the five emperors and even the Evil Emperor, the figure behind Saladin, didn’t dare to fight against him.

However, Saladin didn’t understand how a trash that had been kicked out from the Ye Family would have the Cyan Emperor Edict.

The people around were speechless with widened eyes and mouths at the sight of Saladin kneeling in front of Ye Xuan.

They knew the horrifying reputation of Saladin and never thought such scary existence would kneel in front of Ye Xuan.

“What…. What the hell is going on?”

“Lord Evil God, what are you doing? Why are you kneeling down to a trash like him instead of killing him?”

Ye Jianxin lost his composure and said as he was utterly confused by this and his brain was completely unable comprehend the situation.


Saladin suddenly grabbed him and lifted him up and kneed him in the stomach. Ye Jianxin puked out more bloods and his internal organs were heavily injured.

“Don’t pull me with you if you want to die!”


Saladin then violently threw Ye Jianxin’s body into a wall.


Ye Jianxin wanted to say something but he puked more blood instead as his internal injuries acted up as he lay onto the ground, heavily injured.

“Saladin didn’t know that the Lord was the Cyan Emperor’s man. I offended you but I hope the Lord to be magnanimous!”

Saladin respectfully requested as he kneeled to Ye Xuan again with a single knee on the ground.

The seriously injured Ye Jianxin puked even more blood when he saw Saladin bowing down again as his face turned pale due to all the blood leaving his body.

He couldn’t comprehend the situation. He couldn’t understand how things turned out like this.

Ye Xuan was nothing else but a trash. Why a haughty figure like Saladin would bow to him?

Ye Jianxin was extremely confused and shocked at this moment.

Yun Yan watched Ye Xuan with a complicated look as her mind was filled with confusion as well as admiration.

She couldn’t see through Ye Xuan anymore.

Ye Xuan became more and more mysterious to her.

She had made up her mind to ask Ye Xuan to sit down and have a talk in the near future.

“Go back and tell to Evil Emperor that I already gave the Cyan Emperor the thing he wanted.”

Ye Xuan calmly said as he indifferently looked at Saladin.

Ye Xuan may be as calm as cucumber on the surface but he was panicking inside because he was definitely dead if Saladin realized the Edict he held was fake.

He had to get out of here as soon as possible!

“Yes sir!”

Saladin replied as his whole body unconsciously trembled when he heard Ye Xuan.

At that moment, he seemed to finally understand why would Ye Xuan had the edict. He must have exchanged it for the thing.

“Anyone who dares to mistreat Ye Qianxue will become the like Ye Wenfeng!”

Ye Xuan warned the people after leaving Ye Qianxue to Yun Yan and glancing at Ye Jianxin as well as Saladin.

It was impossible for him to leave with Ye Qianxue right now and Yun Yan wasn’t a bad person. She could take good care of her.

“Today, I’ll just make you pay this little price for your offense but the next time, I would eradicate the Ye Family!”

Ye Xuan gave them another warning as he glanced at the crowd before he left by the same entrance he came in.

The people felt waves of shocks as they watched Ye Xuan leave.

Numerous members of the Ye family swore that they would never provoke Ye Xuan until their death.

He was a madman.

He was an scary existence that they couldn’t provoke.


The people breathed a sigh of relief when Ye Xuan leave and Saladin only stood up at this moment.

“Lord Evil God…”

Ye Jianxin called with difficulty.

“From this moment, the Ye family and I have no connection!”

Saladin declared without looking at him as he quickly left.

He must quickly go back to the Western Shura World to report this to the Evil Emperor.

Ye Jianxie shook and passed out while puking another mouthful of blood when he heard Saladin’s declaration.

He knew he was finished after today incidents and losing Saladin’s support. His position as the patriarch of the Ye Family was greatly threatened.

He was definitely done when the Ye Family’s Old Lord come out.


“What are you people doing? Hurry up and send the patriarch to the hospital!”

Panic spread in the Ye Family courtyard.

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