Medical Martial God chapter 94

Chapter 94: Western Evil God.

“You bunch of useless trash!”

Ye Jianxin furiously said as he fists cracked after witness all the Eight Bloody Shadows fall to the ground with heavy injuries or casualties.

He viciously stared at Ye Xuan who was also very injured.

Immediately after, he growled angrily at Absolute Ten who was standing unmoving with an aloof attitude.

“Absolute Ten, why didn’t you move and help the Shadows?”

“They’re just a bunch of trashes. If they die, so be it.”

But Ye Jianxin only received the indifferent reply of Absolute Ten.


The wounded Eight Bloody Shadows spurted another mouthful of blood when they heard him.

“It was fine if their strength was low but for their heart to be so weak too, as expected from trashes.”

Absolute got even more disdainful after witnessing them.

The Shadows fainted in anger after hearing his words.

Even Ye Jianxin felt angry by that but Absolute Ten was too strong, thus he didn’t say much else even if he was his master.

“Absolute Ten, as the master of this family, I order you to chop up Ye Xuan and feed him to the dogs!”

Ye Jianxin ordered calmly after suppressing the anger he felt inside.

“You’re not bad since you beat the Eight Bloody Shadows but you’re just an ant in front of this god!”

Absolute Ten said disdainfully as he stared at the panting Ye Xuan.

“Are you going to do it yourself or do you want this god to do it?”

“You think you’re worthy to call yourself a god in front of this Lord?”

Ye Xuan couldn’t help but sneer when he heard him while he tried to suppress his blood boiling.

He was the Demon King of the Western Shura World. Even the thirty six gods in the Western Shura World didn’t dare to call themselves gods in his presence, who this Absolute Ten think he was?”

That was Ye Xuan’s pride.

“People always say they won’t die if they don’t seek it but I think you’re no longer simply seeking death.”

A ferocious light flickered in Absolute Ten’s eyes as his mouth curved upward.

“This god will give you two choices, one is to kneel down and beg for death, second is…”


But Ye Xuan appeared in front of him before he could finish and stabbed his knife toward Absolute Ten’s throat as his wire slowly surrounded him.

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

An expression of disdain plastered on Absolute Ten’s face as he took out a long sword from his back.


A cold light unfurled with pressing sword Qi.

The nanowire surrounding him was easily cut off by the sword and Ye Xuan was blasted back before he got close by the terrifying sword Qi and sprayed out bloods.

Ye Xuan’s special knife received damage from Absolute Ten’s sword and there had an eye catching injury on his left shoulder.

Absolute Ten would have severed the whole arm off if Ye Xuan hadn’t reacted fast enough.

That guy strength was truly extraordinary.

-Drip, drip-

Absolute Ten’s long sword dripped down blood and that gave him a very domineering image.

“You’re just an ant, how dare you…”

But before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a terrifying aura erupting from Ye Xuan’s body. A horrifying black aura surrounded and centered on him like a demon awakening.

Those who was familiar with the Demon King would know that Ye Xuan in a possessed state.

In this state, Ye Xuan’s body was enchanted with more overbearing power. His strength would be increased several times higher in a short amount of time and was especially terrifying and powerful during that time.

Even three Emperors would be careful if they faced Ye Xuan possessed state at his peak.

The origin of Ye Xuan’s Demon King title wasn’t only related on how he did things in life but also on this possessed state.


Following that sound, Ye Xuan charged at Absolute Zero with a thick killing intent as he stabbed his knife toward his neck again and at the same time his fist was erupted with demon Qi as he punched out.

Absolute Ten was hit by the fist in the next most and was sent smashing into a wall like a cannonball as he puked blood all over.


His face was filled with disbelief and horror and wanted to speak but Ye Xuan punched at him again.




The punch landed on the crossed arms of Absolute Ten as he tried to defend himself but Ye Xuan’s demon Qi erupted again and sent him flying for a second time by breaking through the wall.

“You fucking…”


His body flew a dozen of meters before stopping and he tried to speak up again but Ye Xuan leaped like an eagle spreading his wings before falling with his leg chopped down on Absolute Ten like an tomahawk.

The fierce power exploded down as Absolute Ten was directly smashed into the floor by Ye Xuan and cracked the hard ground below into a hole.

More blood came out of Absolute Ten as he tried to draw a sword but Ye Xuan reached and took the sword from his back.

The sword flashed and Absolute Ten’s head flew up as blood from his neck spurted out as a headless body lied on the ground.

“A trash like you dares to call himself god in front of this Lord?”

Ye Xuan disdainfully said as he looked at Absolute Ten’s dead body with his sword in hand.

“Ye Jianxin, aren’t you trying to get revenge for your son? Just send everybody that can fight in the Ye family.”

Ye Xuan declared in an insolent manner as he pointed his sword at Ye Jianxin.

Ye Xuan at this moment showed his talent and power, which made people scared.

That was his character and bearing as a Demon King.


-Tap, tap-

The people hissing in fear after seeing Ye Xuan killing Absolute Ten and filling his aura as well as listening to his declaration.

Horror plastered on their faces whenever Ye Xuan glanced at them as they couldn’t even start to describe the fear they felt as they all took a step back.


Wherever Ye Xuan looked, the person would feel all the strength leaving their body and their knees soften so much that they would fall down on their knees.

Some lost the control of their lower body and let out yellow liquids.

Some were so terrified that they held their heads like they saw a ghost.

Even Yun Yan was completely dumfounded as waves of shock crashed into her mind.

He had never imagined that Ye Xuan would be so powerful that he would kill Killing God Absolute Ten in a flash.

Of course, Absolute Ten underestimated his opponent but it also proved how strong Ye Xuan was.

Yun Yan felt a lot of confusion and suspicion at Ye Xuan in her mind.

“How… how… how is this possible? How could Absolute Ten lose? This is impossible! How could this trash kill Absolute Ten!?”

Ye Jianxin said as his voice trembled with fear and disbelief.

Everything that happened felt unreal to him.

After all, Absolute Ten was a person the Ye Family threw all their resource and energy to cultivate and he had performed countless difficult assassination for them.

However, he was easily killed by Ye Xuan who was a trash that had been expulsed.

How could he not be shocked?

“What? Are you scared silly? Don’t the Ye family have anybody that can fight anymore?”

Ye Xuan asked with scorn.

Then he slowly walked toward Ye Jianxin as he dragged his sword with him.

No one dared to stop him.

“What… what do you want to do?”

Ye Jianxin asked hoarsely as he stared at Ye Xuan closing in step by step.

“What else I’m going to do except of course pay back the debt.”

Ye Xuan replied coldly.

Ye Xuan grabbed his collar and lifted him up as he talked.

“Shit, you… quickly release me!”

Ye Jianxin panicked after being grabbed and tried to get out of the grip.


But Ye Xuan immediately slapped his face and left his hand mark behind. The slap also cracked his teeth as he spit them out along with some bloods.

“Ye Xuan, you bas…”

Ye Jianxin wanted to curse out as his face contorted in pain and shame but Ye Xuan pressed his sword on his neck, which made him stop.

Ye Jianxin saw Ye Xuan as a demon.

“Tell me how my parents died?”

Ye Xuan asked in a no nonsense tone.

“They… they…”

Ye Jianxin felt he fell into a deep ice cellar as his hairs stood on ends under Ye Xuan’s glare.

But he soon recovered his bearing and replied with some difficulty, “You’re… you’re grabbing me too tightly…. I can’t speak…”

Ye Xuan stayed indifferent as he waved the sword in his hand.


Shrill scream resounded as Ye Jianxin’s hand was cut off. Ye Jianxin felt extreme pain as the blood flowed out.

“You fucking bastard! I will definitely kill you today no matter the cost!”

“Lord Evil God, quickly come save me!”

He used all the strength in his body to shout out after being enduring the pain from the severed hand.


A terrifying aura burst out came from deeper into Ye Family compound as made its way toward Ye Xuan.

The powerful gust of wind came and made the crowd’s hair and clothes flutter and barely able to open their eyes.

A slender appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

He had short and spiked dark red hair with half of his face covered with black sunglasses. His long and sturdy body was covered by a dark red hoody as his dark and sinister aura gave the people a sense of inexplicable fear and made they unconsciously take two steps back as their eyes were filled with fear.

He also carried a dark red spear on his back as his whole body oozed of evil aura as if he was an evil god who came out of hell.

His name was very well known.

His name was Saladin.

His title was Evil God.

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