Medical Martial God chapter 93

Chapter 93: Free to do whatever you want, I’m invincible.

The wind blew leafs everywhere in the Ye family courtyard as killing intent spread everywhere.

Ye Xuan expression was extremely solemn as he stared at the Eight Bloody Shadows and the Killing God Absolute Ten.

It would undoubtedly difficult and draining to deal with this guy with his current strength and wasn’t unexpected that he found himself in this position.

The Ye Family was one of Xing Hai four biggest families due to their foundation and strength.

Ye Xuan impulsive action caused him to be in this predicament of being surrounded but he didn’t regret it.

His heart was furious and he couldn’t bottle it down!

He had to resolve his resentment on the spot!

That was how he did things usually.

Ye Xuan, you will die today!”

Ye Jianxin said coldly while killing were oozing out of him as he stared at Ye Xuan who was surrounded by the Eight Bloody Shadows.

“We don’t know who’s going to die yet.”

Ye Xuan smiled and was without care.

His took out a silver needle and pierced his own body.

Thirteen Needles of Defiance, Stimulate the Potential.

After doing this, Ye Xuan seemed like he took some stimulant as stream of power flowed into his body and every cell in his body seemed to awaken.

“Eight Bloody Shadows, Kill him!”

Ye Jianxin ordered in a vicious tone.

“Yes sir!”

A terrifying aura broke out in the next moment and made their aura even more intimidating than before.

Then they transformed into eight shadows as they charged at Ye Xuan and set off a gust of winds while brandishing their shadow blades.

They appeared next to Ye Xuan in an instant and gave him a huge sense of danger.


Dagger, spiked weapons, unique shaped blades and other weapons were all swung toward Ye Xuan body from different angles.

It came from all direction and there was no way for him to escape!

Ye Xuan could feel that his body had been locked by the Eight Bloody Shadows aura and could feel their viciousness and brutality behind their attacks as they left him no way out.

Ye Xuan didn’t even make a move yet he was already in a bind.

As the Ye Family famous Eight Bloody Shadows, their strength were indeed formidable.

“It seems that I can only go all in!”

Ye Xuan muttered as his flashed with a cold light at the eight incoming shadows.

Since he was forced into a corner, he could only use that technique to increase his strength.


-Ding, ding, ding, ding-

His body then suddenly rotated 360 degree as the knife in his hand whistled out at high speed.

The knife spun with Ye Xuan as it blocked all the attacks from the eight shadows with the help of the nanowires and created many sparks under the weapons colliding.

Ye Xuan counter attack was unexpected by eight shadows as they were pushed back by the knife.

His imposing eyes stared at the spinning Ye Xuan with his knife.

He thought the guy would die but didn’t expect him to get out of that dangerous situation with his knife’s move like that.

And that guy could even control his knife without touching it?

Ye Xuan knife was connect by a thread thinner than hair and the naked eyes could hardly see it due to how fast it moved. Thus, Ye Xuan looked like ancient immortal that manipulated his knife with an invisible energy.


With one move the Eight Bloody Shadows retreated but Ye Xuan immediately went to the nearest shadows near him and smashed his punch with a powerful energy behind it.

Raging Dragon Blast!

“You’re courting death!”

The shadow sneered as he punched back with his own powerful move.

Blood Spirit Fist!


The two fists collided and set off a powerful wind.

Ye Xuan’s trembled with power and his power erupted like a volcano before he gave him any chance to react.

Dragon Crushing Energy!



The crowd were shocked by the terrifying power behind Ye Xuan’s fist as the shadow was sent flying and puked out blood.


The other member took the opportunity to launch a powerful and vicious assault on Ye Xuan as the waves of strikes sealed all of his retreat paths again.

Ye Xuan concentrated as he swung he right leg out.

East Wind Break powered with Dragon Crushing Energy.

The terrifying kick created multiple sonic boom and gust of wind as it swept through the courtyard and made the people’s hair flutter.


-tap, tap, tap-

The Shadows were all pushed back by Ye Xuan’s powerful technique powered by the Dragon Crushing Energy as they all needed to take several steps backward to stabilize themselves.

They felt theirs hands and feet getting numb with blood flowing down from the corner of their mouths after taking Ye Xuan’s powerful blow.

Ye Xuan added the Dragon Crushing Energy to his other marital techniques and great enhanced their power that it could pose a danger to even the Eight Bloody Shadows.

From Ye Xuan estimation, the individual strength of the Eight Bloody Shadows should be in the gold rank if they were put in the international assassins’ organization.

With the eight of them together they could kill any gold ranked powerhouse.


The shadows shook their numbed arm and attacked again.

Ye Xuan looked calm and without fear as he bravely faced against the enemy again.

Ye Xuan fought against the Eight Bloody Shadows and their speed left multiple after images behind.

They were so fast that the people from the Ye Family’s eyes couldn’t follow after their movements.

The swords flashed in the courtyard for a moment as the aura rose but it was hard to see who was winning.

“How did Ye Xuan become so powerful that even the Eight Bloody Shadows couldn’t subdue him?”

“Am I  dreaming? The trash that had been kicked out of the family can fight against the Eight Bloody Shadows?”

“Holy shit, this is really unbelievable. Is that really Ye Xuan?”

The people clamored in disbelief at the sight of Ye Xuan fighting against the Eight Bloody Shadows.

Ye Xuan’s extraordinary performance exceeded all their expectation and completely overturned their knowledge while giving them the feeling he was a completely different person and left then unable to recognize him.

“This guy… where did you learn those martial arts?”

Yun Yan asked in confusion and shock.

Whether it was the Ye Xuan who ruthlessly killed Ye Wenfeng or the Ye Xuan who was fighting against the Eight Blood Shadows, he wasn’t the Ye Xuan she knew anymore.

“This guy, just what happened to him? Did Ye Wenhao really used that thing on this brat?”

Ye Jianxin’s eyes flashed with a vicious light as his mind turned.

He believed that only the thing that Ye Wenhao had developed could transform Ye Xuan like that.

The Killing God Absolute Ten on the other hand was staring coldly at Ye Xuan battling against the Eight Bloody Shadows and didn’t make a move. In his opinion, Ye Xuan didn’t qualify for him to make a move.


-tap, tap, tap,-

With a deafening explosion, Ye Xuan and the Eight Bloody Shadows flew away like and took multiple steps to regain their balance.


The Eight Bloody Shadows had just stabilized their body but they suddenly puked out blood as their dark clothes were dyed red.

-Drop, drop, drop-

Blood continued to drop from their wounds.

There were injury on their bodies left by either Ye Xuan’s knife or the nanowire connected to his knife.

Of course, Ye Xuan wasn’t in a good position either and was injured.


The powerful force caused him to fly backward as the uniform on him were torn while blood sprayed out from his mouth and his face pale.

The Eight Bloody Shadow ere indeed powerful.


But Ye Xuan didn’t care about the injuries on him at all as he shot forward tower the shadows again like a cannonball.


Ye Xuan rushed out too fast as he formed a large net to encircle the shadows without their knowledge. They couldn’t avoid it and could only watch as Ye Xuan launched his assault of them.


The head from one of the shadows was severed as it flew away.


A shadow appeared behind Ye Xuan and slashed his back with his blade in an attempt to cut him in two but Ye Xuan’s back seemed to have eyes as he yanked his nanowires.


An invisible light passed as the body of the shadow blew out and turned into a pool of blood that spread everywhere. He was deader than dead.

“Celestial Kick!”

But Ye Xuan didn’t stop there as he spun and swung his leg out.




The other six shadows were all hit by Ye Xuan kick and cause them to all puke blood as they flew out and hit the ground. They were all seriously injured.


They tried to get up but puked another mouthful of blood as soon they tried due to the injuries.

In an blink of an eye,  two of the powerful Eight Bloody Shadows were dead while the other six were seriously injured and unable to continue the battle.

They were free to do whatever they want, he was invincible.

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