Medical Martial God chapter 92

Chapter 92: Perilous situation!

“Dragon Crushing Energy!”

As soon Ye Xuan said this, his body and arms trembled as a sleeping energy seemed to wake up and surge up as he charged at Old Yellow in a terrifying speed.

Old Yellow paled at this display,

“What… what kind of power is this?”

Old Yellow squeaked out as he felt fear when he felt the power coming out of Ye Xuan.

He felt like Ye Xuan’s hand changed into a golden dragon as it rushed into his body and made him unable to endure the force.


Old Yellow could no longer withstand the power from Ye Xuan’s fist as the bones in his arms broke and the fist hit his chest as he flew away like a cannonball while sprayed a lot of blood.


Old Yellow body crashed heavily into a pillar in the courtyard.

His body was undoubtedly badly injured.

“Old Yellow!”

Ye Jianxin shouted in panic.

“Little punk, you just pissed me off!”

Old Yellow angrily declared after he stood with pain and looked in Ye Xuan direction.

But he was shocked to see that Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared from his sight and abruptly appeared in front of him.



Ye Xuan’s right knee closed in at an extreme speed and didn’t gave the chance to Old Yellow to dodge at all as it smashed into his head under his horrified gaze.

He spilled another mouthful blood after his head was hit by Ye Xuan’s knee. The powerful blow made his body smash through the pillar and crash into the wall, smashing the wall and setting off the dust everywhere.

When Old Yellow was seen by everyone again, his face completely changed as his nose was completely broken along with all his teeth and his jaw. Blood were constantly flowing out of his mouth as he looked like a miserable ghost that just came out of hell.

He lost his ability to fight anymore and was even on the verge of dying.

“Old Yellow!”

“Old Yellow!”

Ye Jianxin, Ye Wenfeng or Master Dao couldn’t help but shout in worry at Old Yellow miserable appearance.

“That kid was actually so strong?”

Even Yun Yan was shocked by Ye Xuan as she didn’t expect him to have enough strength to seriously injure Old Yellow.

“Ye Wenfeng, it’s your turn now.”

Ye Xuan said ruthlessly as he set gaze on Ye Wenfeng without giving a glance at Old Yellow.


Ye Xuan turned into charging dragon as he went straight to Ye Wenfeng.

“Young master be careful!”

Master Dao face’s turned anxious as he grinded his teeth and stood in front of Ye Wenfeng to block Ye Xuan path and swung his right fist at Ye Xuan.

“A wounded you, is the same as a waste and you still want to stop me?”



He sprayed blood as he was sent flying back and crashed into a door. His bones cracked and was further injured.

He wasn’t Ye Xuan opponent to begin with, let alone when he was injured.


Ye Xuan went next to Ye Wenfeng after easily blasted Master Dao away. His hand reached out and grabbed Ye Wenfeng’s collar before lifting him up.

 “Shit, release young master! Cough, cough…”

Master Dao shouted.

He tried to get up but he was hurt too much and coughed blood as soon he tried to move.

Old Yellow lost all means to fight under Ye Xuan Dragon Crushing energy. After all, the Dragon Crushing Energy was an original technique made by Ye Xuan when he was at his peak.

He didn’t want to do it today due to his weak body and would receive a huge backlash after using it.

It was just that the backlash was forcibly suppressed by him right.

He still had thing to do!

“Bastard, let him go!”

Ye Jianxin angrily commanded.

But Ye Xuan completely ignored him.

“Fuck, Ye Xuan, you trash, quickly let me go!”

Ye Wenfeng angrily cursed as he struggled in the grip after being grabbed.

“Tell me, were you the one who sent Qing Wu to kill me?”

Ye Xuan asked coldly.

“Bastard, I told you to let me go!”

Ye Wenfeng didn’t answer the question but instead scolded angrily.


But his curse suddenly turned to a painful scream.

Because Ye Xuan took out his knife and severed one of Ye Wenfeng’s finger.

“I asking you, did you send Qing Wu to kill me?”

Ye Xuan asked again.

“Ah! I’m going to kill you fucking bastard! You orphaned stray dogs!”

Ye Wenfeng replied resentfully as his face contorted in pain and his trashed due to the pain.

But it was Ye Xuan’s knife that responded again as he severed another finger.


Fresh blood gushed out as Ye Wenfeng yelled and cried in pain.

“This is the last time, did you send Qing Wu to kill me?”

Ye Xuan asked for the last time.

“AH! Ye Xuan, you bastard. I was the who sent Qing Wu to skill you but that trash unfortunately didn’t get the job done, that fucking punk… I will give a thousand blade….”

“AH! My hand!”

But a cold light flashed before Ye Wenfeng could finish his words. He was shocked to see that his entire right arm was separated from his body and fell on the ground.

It was Ye Xuan who used his knife to relieve the entire arm from Ye Wenfeng’s body.

The bright red blood poured out like a fountain from Ye Wenfeng and dyed the ground red.

This brutal and bloody action shocked everyone on the place.

Countless people looked at how Ye Xuan cut two fingers at first and then cut off Ye Wenfeng whole arm as well as his ruthless face when doing so. They could felt anxiety build up inside them.

Was this guy a demon?

How could he be so brutal?

How could he be so cruel?

A gust of wind passed and everyone couldn’t help but shiver as their hairs stood on end as if they fell into an ice cellar.

Ye Xuan’s action today undoubtedly shocked everyone, even Ye Jianxin.

He was a Grand Demon King.

He was cruel.

He was violent.

He was indifferent.

He was ruthless.

But he also value highly loyalty.

However, he held no friendship toward the Ye family or Ye Wenfeng.

The Ye Family had already messed with him a few times already and Ye Wenfeng wanted his life. So why should he show mercy to them?

The reason he asked Ye Wenfeng the question was to prove everyone that Ye Wenfeng was the first to provoke Ye Xuan first.


“AH! You’re a demon! My hand! Let me go, buhuhu…”

 “Father, save me… save me…”

Ye Wenfeng was by Ye Xuan ruthlessness as his eyes bawled out and screamed in hate and fear while a pale yellow liquid flowed out from his lower body and wet his pants.

He was so scared that he peed his pants.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking bastard, hurry up and…”

Ye Jianxin said in rage as he was absolute furious after his son suffered like that.

But before he could finish he was interrupted by Ye Xuan calm and domineering voice.

“Ye Wefeng had sent multiple assassins to kill me. Today I took his arm to give you a warning.”

“A warning? Ye Xuan, you stray dog! As the patriarch of the Ye Family, I order you to quickly release Wenfeng and cut off your tongue as well as your arm to atone for you sin!”

Ye Jianxin roared in rage.

“Father, why are you wasting your breath with this trash? Why don’t you just hurry up call the Eight Bloody Shadows to cut him to thousand pieces!?”

Ye Wenfeng yelled out as his face contorted in pain.

“What if I don’t?”

Ye Xuan asked emotionlessly and gave them a disdainful glance.

“Then today I will have people cut off all your meat to feed the dogs and torture you death while also having people go sully and torture Leng Qingcheng, giving her a fate worse than death!”

“Right, there’s also you stray dog’s sister, she likes you very much.  How about I sell her as a prostitute in Africa? I think the black people over there would definitely enjoy her greatly…”

Ye Jianxin said venomously as his hand suddenly grabbed and yanked the frightened Ye Qianxue’s.

“UA, UA… Uncle, hurry and let me go uncle!”

“It’s hurts, uncle…. Let me go!”

“Brother Ye Xuan, Sa-save me!”

Ye Jianxin lifted Ye Qianxue by the neck as she struggled violently while her cute face was filled with pain.


However, Ye Jianxin not only didn’t release her but also slapped her harshly and left his handprint on her cheek, which angered Ye Xuan greatly.

“Father, stop wasting your breath on him and quickly make him release me! I lost too much blood, I won’t make it if it keep going on like this!”

“Ye Xuan, you bastard, release me otherwise I’ll find people to torture and play with your poor sister. She is so young, I’ll even hired some foreign black guys to do her. How could she handle it? You…”

Ye Wenfeng growled hatefully.

“Ye Xuan, I’m ordering you to release Ye Wenfeng and kneel in front of me…”

Ye Jianxin was interrupted by Ye Xuan indifferent voice, “Are you threatening me?”

“So what?”

Ye Jianxin coldly asked back as he licked his lips.


However just as he said this, the knife in Ye Xuan’s hand sliced Ye Wenfeng’s neck.

The head came off as blood poured down.

Ye Wenfeng’s head fell heavily onto the ground under countless people disbelieving and shocked gaze.

“The thing I dislike the most is when people threaten me.”

Ye Xuan calmly declared as he kicked Ye Wenfeng to Ye Jianxin’s feet.

The surrounding people mouths and eyes widened as they stared Ye Xuan in fear and shock.

He never imagined in his life that Ye Xuan would actually kill Ye Wenfeng.

This cut off Ye Wenfeng’s head just like that.

What happened was too unbelievable.

After all, Ye Wenfeng was the Ye Family young master.

They looked at Ye Xuan and subconsciously swallowed hard as they felt endless fear in their heart.

They would never dare to provoke this guy ever again.


Ye Xiaokang and Ye Xiaoli, the two siblings who were watching from afar, fell down on their butt as they felt endless shock and terror.

Ye Wenfeng froze in his spot as he looked at the head rolling to him and picked up. He saw his son dead head with his eyes still wide open as he screamed in a heartbroken manner.

“AH! Wenfeng, my son!”

“Br-brother Ye Xuan!”

Ye Qianxue took this opportunity to run up to Ye Xuan and grabbed him. She didn’t seem to be afraid of what Ye Xuan did.

“Qianxue be a good girl and go stand by to Aunt Yun Yan to avoid being hurt.”

Ye Xuan patter her head while giving a big smile as if he didn’t just behead Ye Wenfeng.

“Ye Xuan, you killed my only child! If I don’t kill you today, I, Ye Jianxin, is not a man!”

Ye Jianxing roared out as his killing intent burst out after painfully lowered down his son’s head.

“Where are the Eight Bloody Shadows? No matter the cost, give him a thousand cuts and torture him to death!”

As Ye Jianxin furious voice resounded, the wind howled as eight figures with black robe came out with killing intent that seemed able to pierce the sky.


Their speed and movement were very agile as the eight black shadows passed through the courtyard.

They surrounded Ye Xuan in a few flashes.

A strong killing and blood smell were emitted from them as the crowd subconsciously took a step back due to the cold and nauseous feeling. They looked at the eight shadows in shock and fear.

The eight figures were in similar shapes as they all wore black masks and black clothes but each of them held different weapons. They breathed as one and gave the feeling that they weren’t human but a wild beast wild endless murderous aura that gave profound sense of danger to people.

They were the most elite assassins cultivated by the Ye Family and were also the Ye family’s experts.

They had extraordinary strength and had never failed any task before. They whereabouts were always a secret and they performed various task for the Ye Family and left many legends behind. Only the head of the Ye family could order them.

Even the other Ye Family member only ever heard of their terrifying reputation and never expected to see them one day.

He called the Eight Bloody Shadows in order to kill Ye Xuan and take revenge for Ye Wenfeng. People could imagine how much he hated Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan breathed out to calm himself as his expression was grave at the eight shadow surrounding him.

The strength of the eight shadows was unfathomable and they were far stronger than Old Yellow.

Even one of them would be hard to deal with for the current state Ye Xuan.

And he had to deal with eight of them at the same time!

But Ye Xuan’s enemy was much more than the eight shadows in front of him as Ye Jianxin spoke again.

“Where is Killing God Absolute Ten?”

With Ye Jianxin question, a body wrapped in black fog came out slowly from the Ye Family compound while carrying ten swords on his back and a strong sinister aura.

His pace wasn’t very fast but every time he took a step forward, his body appeared a dozen of meters ahead.

He was near and far at the same time, he could close gap in an instant.

He came in front of Ye Xuan in a blink of an eyes and left multiple after image behind him.

The sword on his back hadn’t been taken out yet Ye Xuan could feel the sword intent from it.

This guy’s strength was even more terrifying than the Eight Bloody Shadows!

Even the Eight Bloody Shadows would retreat if they faced him.

Killing God Absolute Ten was an assassin cultivated by Ye Family with their utmost effort. He had extraordinary strength as he once killed ten foreign super large mercenary organizations by himself.

This was definitely not an existence Ye Xuan could face today.

This was undoubtedly a perilous situation for Ye Xuan!

He was likely to die here today!

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