I Know Everything chapter 19

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Chapter 19: People who buy secret recipe.

The Fragrant Pavilion was a famous noodle restaurant chain in Lin’an.

The head office was in Gusu and it had more than 30 branches in Lin’an. It was one of Gusu’s best noodle restaurant chains.

Today, its general manager Chen Zhisheng and head chef Guo Benqiang as well as the assistant chief Wu Quxin were all sitting in a spacious office with solemn faces.

In front of them was an open paper bag.

Inside the paper bag was a handful of brown powder.

“How is it?” Chen Zhisheng asked the other two.

“I can tell that there are more than a dozen kinds of spices such as star anise, fragrant leaves, fennel, hemp pepper, and cinnamon but I don’t know the specific ones or the weight used.” Wu Quxin replied.

“We just tested it in the kitchen just now and we put one of these spices powders but the effect was completely inferior to theirs.” Guo Benqiang said with a bit of admiration. “They only add a bit of the powder on the broth and the improvement of flavor and aroma are quite noticeable. It could increase the flavor even with ordinary ingredients.”

Chen Zhisheng felt disappointed for a bit, “Does it mean that there’s no way to reproduce it?”

“Yes, these are no better than the spices we make ourselves.” Wu Quxin said, “But if we use theirs, our noodles will at least be two times more delicious! Then all the noodles restaurants in Jiansu and Zhejiang wouldn’t be as good as ours!”

“General manager, since we can buy people from the inside to get some spice powder couldn’t we also ask this person to steal the secret recipe?” Guo Benqiang asked.

“They don’t know about the recipe and it is said that it was from the web as they randomly made it. The mix up of the recipe was invented and only known to the bosses’ daughter and that kid.” Chen Zhisheng said.

“Haha, they found it on the web?” Wu Quxin laughed, “Those words are from people that doesn’t know how to cook. How can they make such a good spices formula without failing a thousand times?”

“I know that too.” Chen Zhisheng waved his hand. “But the old lady only went to help and didn’t think much about it.”

“Then there’s only one way!” Guo Benqiang sighed.

“What way?” Chen Zhiseng lightened up at that.

“Buy the small noodle shop with a high price!” Guo Benqiang said.

“Ah!?” Chen Zhisheng was stunned, “It is really necessary? What if they only sell the noodle shop and not the recipe?”

“Then we give them enough until they are willing to sell it.” Guo Benqiang said. “With that spices recipe, there will be no problem for our Fragrant Pavilion to expand to Zhejiang or Guangdong provinces! By then we will open a hundreds of restaurants and will make to money back in a few months!”

Chen Zhisheng felt hesitant.

Buying it at a high price, it would at least around 5 to 10 million to buy it.

Although the Fragrant Pavilion was rich, it was still painful to give out such a large sum of money.

Wu Quxin looked at him and said, “I have a simpler idea. You could go directly to the person who has the recipe. Didn’t you say that he is just a 16 years old orphan? He doesn’t have much money, maybe he will give us the recipe if we give him 1 million?”


Chen Zhisheng clapped and said, “Old Wu, you’re amazing! Let’s do it!”

Chen Zhisheng was the second son of the owner of Fragrant Pavilion and his big brother was in charge of the Gusu head office. He could still go back to his family and become a wealthy second generation even if he fail.

But he was unwilling to do so as a man who was pursuing a career.

He would be finished if he spent dozen of millions of yuan and it didn’t achieve the wanted effect.

But Chen Zhisheng himself had to money if he only used a million to buy the recipe.

He could bear the loss himself if it didn’t work after he bought it.

If it made a great contribution to the family business, he could probably get away from the head office and become the president of Lin’an branch.

Guo Benqiang also agreed to the idea.

In the food industry, it wasn’t uncommon to steal other people cooking and repackaged it before declaring it theirs.

It was definitely even less uncommon that they snatch it before stealing it.

Chen Huan had been idle for the past few days. Except for going to the nearby park to jog and exercise every day before dinner, Chen Huan stayed at home and picked the science books for high school and slowly reviewed them.

The subject in junior high was simply to lay the foundation but the subjects in high school became much harder.

He would keep falling behind if he wasn’t careful.

So he needed to put some effort and pay attention if he wanted rekindle his high school knowledge.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to do it if he didn’t spend times to it.

But he wouldn’t be able to study well if he didn’t have a healthy body. So he insisted on jogging for 5 kilometers a day and slowly increased it to 7 after a month before setting 10 kilometers as the standard.

There were many people who exercised in these years.

He could meet a lot of joggers when he out to jog.

Due to his unparalleled handsomeness, there would be a young lady in sportswear that would give him a bottle of water after each jog and stretch.

Those young ladies and misses would be very happy every time Chen Huan thanked them, which boosted his ego and vanity.

This evening too, he took two bottles of water at the same time from the young ladies and was drinking when a man in his thirties approached him.

“Student Chen?” He greeted him with a smile.

He looked at his clothes and the man even held a bag with him. Chen Huan nodded as he asked calmly, “Yes I am, who are you?”

The man handed to him a business card and then said, “I’m general manager of the Lin’an branch of Gusu’s Fragrant Pavilion Noodle Restaurant, Chen Zhisheng. Can I bother you and discuss some matter with you?”

Noodle Restaurant? 

Chen Huan smiled and said, “Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“We intelligent men shouldn’t beat around the bush.” Chen Zhisheng said, “I appreciate your talents. Look, you spend so much effort and created such a good recipe but it is only used in the small noodle shop, it’s too wasteful! I’m willing to give you 500K and buy this recipe so that it can be savored by even more gourmet.”

“It’s just a bowl of noodle, Mr. Chen talk as if it was some luxury product.” Chen Huan smiled.

“For those of us who specialize in noodle restaurants, this is a luxury!” Chen Zhisheng said in a resolute and decisive manner.

He wasn’t lying. If he bought the recipe, Chen Zhisheng would sell the plain noodles 10 yuan a bowl and double the price of the others.

It was such a unique and good taste. How could he sell it for cheap?

“500k is quite a lot.” Chen Huan clicked his tongue. “But unfortunately, Mr. Chen, you’re looking for the wrong person. The person who made this recipe is from the Shui family. It’s because the word had been passed around that everyone think it was me.”

“Student Chen, you’re too modest.” Chen Zhisheng said with sincerity. “I’m very sincere, if 500k is not enough, how about 800k? Everything is negotiable!”

“Sorry I really don’t have it, I can’t make this money.” Chen Huan stood up and regretfully waved to Chen Zhisheng before turning away and left.

But Chen Huan’s smile faded the moment he turned away.

The spices powder recipe?


There’s a traitor in the small noodle shop!

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