I Know Everything chapter 18

Chapter 18: Reputation reversal!

It was noon when a group of people started to scold BlacknWhite, who was a celebrity in Weibo known for his sharp tongue, for criticizing the celebrities who went to the small noodle shop.

“Fortunately, I didn’t listen to you. I went to the small noodle shop due to the buzz and not only the noodles there are cheap but also very good!”

“Just go eat your instant noodles! I really don’t know but your heart is darker than those black guys, where did your shame go?”

“Yeah! My boyfriend even ate two bowls today… too bad he believed when everyone said it was bad and ate a sandwich before going, now his stomach is too full!”

“Hey, that is why rumors cannot be trusted and you have to go yourself to check it! This blogger is just a scumbag that talks shit, unfollowed!”

“I came from the kingdom of noodle, Jinxi. This time I went there with my wife and sone. We queued for more than an hour and we went in early thanks to the little sister Shui Qianyu arrangement due to having children. In all fairness, this bowl of plain noodles definitely deserves its price and in my opinion, was in the top ten noodle I ate! I guarantee it with my reputation!”

“En, Gusu’s people also thought it was really good, the small noodle shop’s plain noodles, Teacher Chu definitely wasn’t wrong about it!”

BlacknWhite was dumbfounded when he saw the swarm of comment.

That’s weird!

He went there once and it tasted like dogshit! How could it suddenly change?

They must be trolls! They must have been sent by my enemies!

With this kind of mentality, he didn’t do anything for the moment.

But by night, more and more people came to leave comments and all of them scolded him, which made him feel it was weird.

Those users were very actives and not fakes that were just registered.

He just had to open one’s profile and there were dozens of Weibo posts and photos.

Using so many people to slander and discredit him, it shouldn’t be the case, right?

BlacknWhite saw his Weibo’s following dropping from 10 millions to 9 millions and couldn’t sit still anymore as he took a late night flight and rushed to Lin’an.

8 o’clock in the morning, BlacknWhite posted on his Weibo a set of photo of himself going to the small noodle shop to eat plain noodles.

Accompanied with a text like this.

“It was really ordinary when I ate it for the first time…but this time I went to eat it and I was amazed! It was absolutely delicious!”

As a popular Weibo user with more than 10 millions followers, BlacknWhite had always been known for his sharp tongue and vicious critique.

He was very rare for him to slap his own face like this.

After his confession, those people who tasted the dishes again started to speak up and gradually change the taste reputation.

“Coincidentally, I’m a native of Lin’an and saw it on the newspaper before Ning Yiqiu’s friends’ recommendation. I went to eat and thought it was really average and I went to eat it again this morning, my goodness, the taste was so delicious! I ate two bowls in one go! This is plain noodles, not the meaty noodles or lobster noodles!”

“I agree with the post above but I only ate one bowl, because there weren’t enough noodles in the evening and each person could only eat one bowl!”

“Are you guys exaggerating? It’s just a bowl of plain noodles! Even if it is good, how delicious could it be?”

“You don’t understand! The small noodle shop broth is made from old hen chicken, pigs’ trotter along with beef bones and they need to cook it several pot a day. They used to cook it like that even when their business was bad. I don’t know why now but it feels really refreshing to eat plain noodles and it give me a feeling that the noodles has its own soul!”

“The plain noodles were gone when I went to the shop and there were only noodles with topping such as the beef noodles and pork noodles. I ordered the 12 yuan pork noodles. It was also very fragrant. I think the main reason is because their broth is very good, which improve the noodles and soup’s taste.  It won’t be one of the best noodles in the world but 5 yuan for such a good bowl of plain noodles is definitely worth it!”


There were more and more people discussing the small noodle shop plain noodles on Weibo.

Who didn’t have a few friends and family?

Especially for young people, Weibo was a very used social media and was very popular with plenty of activity.

The small noodle shop was quite weak at the beginning was shot at the top thanks to its taste.

It didn’t affect only the people who loved the literature but also the young people who loved good foods.

Those kinds of youngster were much more numerous than the young adults that like literacy and arts.

The next few days, they successfully increased average people who were queuing to an average of three hundred people.

Everybody praised their spiced plain noodles or other noodles without fail after eating them.

The price was cheap, the taste was good and the portion was enough. It was also a very meaningful touristic place. It couldn’t really be better than it was.

The only drawback was the queuing was too long. Unless you start lining up before 6 o’clock, otherwise the average waiting time was two hours.

But it was everyone natural instinct to join in the fun.

The more popular the place was, the more people would go and queue up.

The long line in Mingde Alley had suddenly become a famous scene from the surrounding. Even under stormy weather, there would be at least a hundred people waiting under their umbrella.

Weibo trending list changed from “Not taste small noodle shop” to “Super delicious the small noodles shop’s plain noodles” then “Queuing like craze small noodle shop!”

Shui Qingshan had to set a rule after encountering such crazy customers.

That was there were only 1000 bowls of plain noodles and 100 each for the other types per day. They close the shop after selling them all.

For this, he also hired chefs specialize in topping and meat with a salary of 10k yuan per month.

Xia He also quickly introduced some soda beverage along with mineral waters due to the summer weather being very hot and hundreds of these drinks would be sold per day.

As we all know, all drinks sold in restaurants were definitely more than 50% pricier than in the supermarket.

But Xia He only added 2 cents to the mineral water and 5 cents for the other drinks. The marge was small but there were a lot of people who bought it.

As the shop became more stable, Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu only came in the morning and the rest of time was left to let them do whatever they want.

Otherwise, they would use all their vacation to work and where would their children fun time be?

It just that the two didn’t stay idle.

They went to different groceries stores outside of the district and bought hundreds of kilos of each seasonings and Chinese medicine ingredients before mixing the ingredient and prepare them to be used.

As long they went to different grocery stores and make ten different purchases, there was no need to buy unnecessary ingredient to confuse people.

But were they too careful by doing so?

A little bit.

But it was definitely not unnecessary!

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