I Know Everything chapter 17

Chapter 17: It taste… pretty good!

Chen Huan out the spices ingredient list and let Shui Qianyu help him make it after it was determined that it could be useful.

Two people making it were faster than doing it alone.

He bought half a catty (a quarter kilo/300g~) for each ingredient. If the portion for each bowl of plain noodle was around 3 to 5 grams, it would be enough for around 1200 bowls.

Well, basically everyone ordered just ordered plain noodles in the last week, which made everyone cooking it all time a little sick.

Chen Huan didn’t think much about things like whether the secret recipe would be revealed.

Him and the Shui family weren’t ordinary friends and the secret recipe was originally for the small noodle shop, who would he give it to if not them?

As for the money split or something, Chen Huan didn’t care.

If the Shui family behaves stupidly then it would be only times. He would not be sharing it with them if there was something good in the future.

But according to Chen Huan, the Shui family of three wasn’t those kinds of person and those things shouldn’t happen.

Chen Huan thought it was worth using the recipe to test the Shui family.

Shui Qianyu also didn’t think much about it.

In her view, she and Chen Huan weren’t some strangers. How could this recipe be more important than that idiot?

Shui Qianyu’s nerves weren’t as big as her parents.

Her family shop’s noodles were not good at all and wasn’t even up to those ordinary shop’s standard.

Now there were thousands of people coming to eat, it really made her feel a bit embarrassed about it.

When opening the restaurant, she always hoped that their dishes’ taste would be praised by the customers.

She didn’t a way before but now Chen Huan came up with a secret recipe that was pretty good. She of course would be willing to use to improve the shop’s plain noodles’ taste.

The soup broth today had already been used and it was already that amazing by only using some water and dry noodle bought from some shop. Wouldn’t it even be better when they use better ingredient tomorrow?

So Shui Qianyu was highly motivated and worked with Chen Huan until 10pm to grind all those ingredient and mix them well.

The next morning, the enthusiastic Chen Huan came to the restaurant half an hour earlier than usual.

The small noodle shop open officially for business at 7am due to being so popular right now.

At this hour it wasn’t much but once it was around 7 o’clock, there would be more than 100 people queuing and by 8 o’clock it would definitely exceed 300 people.

It was just Chen Huan didn’t think about them as he quickly arrived at the shop’s backdoor and entered it.

He thought he came early enough but didn’t expect Shui Qianyu to be in the kitchen already and explained to her parents about the spices.

Shui Qingshan as well as Xia He listened and the group of aunties that took over the kitchen also listened.

Shui Qianyu might be small and young but she was a fast learned and looked cute, thus everyone was willing to listen to her.

In contrast, not many people took the weak willed Chen Huan seriously.

“Just one spoon is enough, don’t add more.” Chen Huan heard Shui Qianyu said. “The rest of ingredients are the same as before, very simple.”


Several aunties nodded softly.

They all had been pretty idles and came to help the Shui family.

There were also 200 yuan a day for them and they were very happy about that as they all wished the small noodle shop business to get better so they could get more money for their family.

But they didn’t have much confidence on the newly added spices.

After all, Shui Qianyu said this was from Chen Huan experimentation.

He was a high school student that couldn’t even cook and randomly created some spices, how could it work?

But the Shui family believed in him.

Of course because these spices had nothing wrong with them to begin with.

Everyone scattered and went to do their own work but Shui Qingshan pulled Chen Huan and said, “Xiao Huan, when I opened this restaurant, it was because I wanted a leisurely life but you did your things and now I’m more tired than back in the days…if your spices made the noodle even better tasting, wouldn’t it mean that I and your aunty would be forever locked here until death?”

“When things stabilize, you can find two relatives to help you manage the shop and you’ll only need to be here occasionally.” Chen Huan confidently said, “A chef that specializes in topping is also necessary.”

“Why do you think the popularity hadn’t’ faded yet…?” Shui Qingshan wondered, “It’s already been a week and there are still so many people, it’s just only a single story.”

“Doesn’t it mean that Chen Huan is very successful?” Xia He yanked Shui Qingshan’s shirt and glared at him.

“Alright! You guys hurry up and get ready!” Shui Qianyu loudly warned, “its 6:40 right now, I’m going to let them in earlier today and let them give a try to see the effect of Chen Huan’s spices.”


Shui Qingshan ran toward the entrance with a smile and opened the shop.

Comparing the two of them, Shui Qianyu looked more like the boss.

The customers were pleasantly surprised by early opening and quickly carried out the routine of “Call for a bowl of noodle and take photos and selfies.” In fact, they already heard of the noodles taste in the internet and had long since been prepared for it.

“Yo, these noodles are delicious! Its smell so good and the noodles are so springy!”

“Yeah! It’s much better than what they said on the internet! It’s even better than the noodle from Gusu!”

“But did you realize that the broth is also very delicious? There is no MSG that make people feel more and more thirsty!”

“Hey, you guys think that it was because they didn’t want us here so they don’t have line up and that was they slandered the shop?”

“I think it might be the case! These are the noodles the family of three loved to eat at the New Year, they wouldn’t come if it wasn’t good, right?”

“Tsk, tsk, it’s delicious, it’s really delicious! … Boss, another bowl please!”


It was not 7 o’clock yet and there were not many people queuing in line. So there were no people queuing after the first group came.

Since it was free, Xia he who was in charge of the money was obviously happy to do more business and agreed to whoever wanted a second bowl.

Shui Qingshan felt weird as he personally took the bowl of noodle and ran up to the young people, “Is this noodles… really delicious?”

“Haha, boss! Why are you so unconfident about your own dish?” the customers laughed, “It’s delicious, for real!”

It wasn’t only them as the customers that came after also said it was delicious after eating it.

Everyone ate and talked about it on how distorted it was for those people to say it was bad or disgusting on the internet.

“Boss, don’t worry! We will get justice for you!”

The people said enthusiastically.

Shui Qingshan smiled back politely with some embarrassment.

I don’t want you to get just for me because it means I’ll become even busier!

While they were resting at night, Xia He was unable to sleep and tossing around her husband.

“What are you doing? I’m tired” Shui Qingshan mumbled.

“I say as the family head, are we using Xiao Huan’s spices recipe just like this?” Xia He asked.

“Should we give it back then? You actually wanted us to make bad noodles?” Shui Qingshan said in irritation.

“No! I mean, Xiao Huan managed to come up with a recipe and it’s our family that is reaping the money, it’s not fair!” Xia He said.

“You think I didn’t thought about it?” Shui QIngshan added, “Just sleep! I have an idea, do you think I will treat Chen Huan badly?”

Xia He felt relieved after hearing that.

She knew her husband would never take advantage of others like that.

Xiao Huan wouldn’t take a loss since he said so!

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