Medical Martial God chapter 91

Chapter 91: Dragon Crushing Power.

Ye Jianxin didn’t give any chance to Ye Xuan to speak and directly asked his guards to take him down. He was indeed ruthless.

After all, Ye Xuan was still the son of his own younger brother.

It was known that the Ye Family Old Lord had five sons and four daughters.

Amongst the five sons, Ye Jianxin was the eldest while Ye Xuan’s father, Ye Wenhao, was the youngest.

However, in term of business talent or anything other view, Ye Wenhao was the better and was known the be the head of the Ye Family with the majority of the people supporting him and most of the Ye Family’s power would be inherited to him.

But Ye Xuan’s father died unexpectedly after Ye Xuan’s accident. Ye Xuan then went into power and became the Ye Family Patriarch.

That was why the Ye Family should have treated him kindly after Ye Xuan’s parents died but he was expelled from the Ye Family instead and yet this decision wasn’t made by him alone as the Old Lord behind supported him.

The reason for doing that was fleeting as very few people knew about it and even Ye Xuan didn’t know.

Ye Xuan of course didn’t care about the Ye family at all and only came to their door because Ye Wenfeng had messing with him for more three or four times now. Unfortunately, the other side didn’t even give him an opportunity to speak as the guards rushed up with killing intent, which undoubtedly angered Ye Xuan.

“Fuck off!”

Ye Xuan roared out as his flashed with a cold light at the guards brandishing their fist at him. He leg swept out with the power of sweeping through an army as he struck at the guards.



In a short time, Ye Xuan sent flying three of the Ye Family guards.


But more guards flooded at Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan face showed displeasure as his killing intent rose. His body was like a ferocious tiger moving through a flock of sheep. He easily avoided the guards’ strikes while dishing powerful and fast counterattacks.

His fist, elbows, palms, legs and shoulders all turned to weapons for close ranged battle as each of his strikes resulted to the opponent painful wail.

Even with the guards’ continuous encirclement, he was still calm and relaxed.

He walked through the courtyard like he was in his own garden while allowing as many guards to rush at him. The results in the end were they all fell without exception.

There were more than fifty Ye Family guards who fell in a short amount time.

The children standing in the courtyard were all surprised and shocked at the sight of the guards laying on the ground and wailing in pain while Ye Xuan was leisurely sweeping the battlefield. They never thought that the trash that had been driven out of the family would have become so strong.

“This guy was in vegetative state not long ago. How did he become strong in such a short time?”

“Could it be that Ye Wenhao had succeeded in created that thing before he died and gave it to that brat Ye Xuan, mutating his body so he could become this strong?”

Many thoughts and doubts flashed into Ye Jianxin’s mind.

A hint of pleasant surprise emerged on Old Yellow’s face as if he finally found a worthy prey.

“This guy… have some skills! But he must die today!”

Ye Wenfeng said viciously as his body was covered by bandages.

Due to being beat up by Ye Xuan the last time at the restaurant, he received plenty of ridicule and mocking from the others and could only stay in the Ye family compound to recover.

“Is this bastard really not leaving? Old Yellow isn’t someone he can face.”

It was only Yun Yan who was worried for him due to her close relationship with his father.



Following that sound, a guard was sent flying to the pool like a bowling ball as he puked blood from his mouth during the travel and splashed water everywhere.

All the guards who surrounded Ye Xuan all fell at this moment.

Ye Xuan stood in the middle of the courtyard unharmed.

He patted the dust from his clothes as his gaze landed Ye Jianxin as he disdainfully said, “Ye Jianxin, it seems that your Ye Family Guards are not worth much. They didn’t even touch one of my hairs.”

“Just send everyone you have!”

Ye Xuan disdainfully ended.

“Old Yellow, capture him for me!”

Ye Jianxin said with a voice filled with killing intent while his eyes burned with rage.

Old Yellow stepped forward as an invisible aura spread out from his body and looked at Ye Xuan with hidden thirst and coldness as he responded with a hoarse voice.

“Don’t worry Patriarch Ye, leave this brat to me.”

He knew that Ye Xuan’s father was researching that thing.


However just as he said this, Ye Xuan, who had been gathering his power on the sideline, suddenly made his move.


He arrived in front of Old Yellow like a lightning bolt and threw five silver needles that flew at him in a very trick angle.


Old Yellow snorted when he saw this and waved his sleeve when the needles approached and took all the needles into his sleeve before shooting them back with explosive force toward Ye Xuan.

-Thump, thump, thump…”

Ye Xuan reacted extremely quickly as he leaned back to dodge the needles that hit the trunk behind him.


Old Yellow was about to follow with an attack but Ye Xuan swung his leg with a powerful force behind the kick. The terrifying set of the wind that blew Old Yellow’s hair into the hair.

Wind God Wrath!

Old Yellow’s face had no reaction when he saw this as his hand turned into dragon claw grabbed onto Ye Xuan’s leg just when it was about to hit him. He actually successfully blocked the violent and powerful force carried by that kick.

This was the first time since Ye Xuan was reborn that his Wind God Wrath was blocked in such a relaxed manner.

This Old Yellow strength was greater than Ye Xuan thought. He was at least a few grade stronger than Master Dao.

“Old Yellow, well done! Slaughter this fucking grandson!”

Ye Wenfeng showed happiness as he looked at Ye Xuan as if he was already a dead man. He knew exactly how extraordinary Old Yellow was.

In his opinion, Ye Xuan was certainly dead after being caught by Old Yellow.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make him wish he is dead.”

Old Yellow said expressionlessly.

Then he started to spin at a high speed and powerfully threw Ye Xuan out.


But Ye Xuan took this opportunity to retreat and balanced his body as his feet touched the tree before jumped at Old Yellow and swooping down like an hawk.

He clenched his hand into a fist as he appeared in front of Old Yellow in an instant and punched out with powerful energy.

Raging Dragon Blast!

“You are overestimating yourself!”

Old Yellow snorted against Ye Xuan’s fist as he didn’t plan to dodge the punch but instead punched out with a terrifying force.

Immortal Fist!


The two fists collided in the next moment as a huge collision sound resounded.

Raging Dragon Blast vs Immortal Fist!

Waves of powerful energy spread out from their impact and set out a terrifying wind around.

Ye Xuan’s Raging Dragon Blast was completely nullified by Old Yellow and made his expression to turn completely serious.

“Brat, do you have only so little ability? Show this old man all your power! Especially the power your father gave!”

Old Yellow said as he grinned and revealed his two rows of tallow teeth after suppressing Ye Xuan’s attack.

Ye Xuan’s eyes narrowed as his eyes stared at Old Yellow with an intense light. His arm trembled as a ruthless voice came out.

“Since you want to see it that much, this lord will give it to you!”

“Dragon Crushing Power!”

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