I Know Everything chapter 16

Chapter 16: Working for money.

[How to make delicious spices] was actually a recipe.

There are 22 different kinds of spices in it and are precise to a gram.

They had to bought and grinded into powder before putting it into the noodle broth or on the meat and stopping. It was the equivalent of seasoning.

Chen Huan looked at it and most of them were known spices and there were very few he didn’t recognize but they shouldn’t be too rare.

The restriction on limited to noodle wasn’t much.

It was the word beginner that troubled Chen Huan.

Other people had novice gift pack and it was fine that he didn’t have any but he beautifully completed the mission and it only gave him a spices recipe, wasn’t it too unfair?

“My good brother?”

“My good lord?”


After giving the reward, this fucking dog disappeared again.

The other people’s cute systems would always be on call or at least come and chat all the time.

My system is so good, only the heaven will know when it will come out again.

It is the legendary leave it to fate?

Chen Huan shook his head and stopped thinking about such annoying things.

It was only 8 o’clock after he checked the time. He immediately went to take a piece of paper and wrote the 22 spices and the grams needed from the information ingrained in his mind.

Then he took another piece of papers and wrote out the type of spices but didn’t write the grams this time and added few others spices he could think of.

There was a farmers market around the Mingde Alley, although, most vegetable and meat stand leave after six or seven o’clock, there were still small groceries store that would still be opened until nine o’clock.

This year, most business were having a hard time due to E-commerce and needed to work harder and open longer if they wanted to earn more.

He ran into two different stores and bought 27 kinds of spices, 17 of which were needed and while the other 5 were Chinese medicine.

There was a Chinese medicine shop in Mingde alley and the surrounding people would normally go look for him when they have little problems such as cough.

It was his daughter who got the medicine for him and Chen Huan also saw them before. He told her that it was needed for cooking and she sold it to him without much problem.

It was also these 5 powders weren’t some violent medicine and could indeed be used as seasoning.

After taking it home, Chen Huan took the 22 right spices into a bag and went to knock at the Shui family home.

“What?” Shui Qianyu opened the door and was freshly out of shower as she exuded the scent of after bathing. She would extremely beautiful and cute if people didn’t pay attention to her young face.

Chen Huan squeezed inside and closed the door behind him before whispering to her, “I was searching for a secret recipe for a while and after multiple experimentations, I finally came up with a recipe for seasoning and if you put it on the meat and topping, it would be super good!”

“Then what?” Shui Qianyu was clearly doubtful of him.

“I came here to try it out.” Chen Huan showed the seasoning bag in his hand, “Let’s go to the kitchen and I’ll make a bowl of plain noodle with it and then we’ll try it out.”

Shui Qianyu wanted to say something but held back.

She thought about it and found this guy was more and more different than before and much more confident. He even put a lot of effort for her family business.

And now he was even thinking of improving the taste of the small noodle shop. This kind of ideas was really rare.

But Shui Qianyu didn’t believe he could find a good spice recipe just by experimenting and research on the internet.

If it was so easy to succeed, wouldn’t those people more than ten years of effort be a joke?

But Shui Qianyu didn’t shot down his enthusiasm.

She saw Chen Huan take out an electronic weight scale.

He weighted the spices’ gram one by one before taking the powder grinder and starting to crush the spices. Shui Qianyu only hoped she could hold on against the bad taste and not shut him down too hard.

Soon the spices powder was ready.

Chen Huan’s face scrunched up when he smelled the spices before coughing twice and started to bowl the noodle.

The handmade plain noodles were gone but there were still dry noodles.

A bowl of plain noodles was ready after some moment of work.

The noodle in the bowl was already been seasoned with the spices and when the bowling water mixed with the noodle, Shui Qianyu obviously smelled a light fragrance coming from it.


What does that mean?

Shui Qianyu watched in surprise Chen Huan sprinkle some green onion on it and bring the plain noodle in front of her.

The fragrance got even stronger when he brought it in front of her.

Chen Huan could naturally also smell it.

He couldn’t help but feel proud as he said, “Come on, little Shui Shui, take a bite and tell me how it taste.”

It didn’t have any smell when Chen Huan smelled it a moment ago and he didn’t expect after he added the noodle and boiling water that the steaming scent coming out of it would be so good.

At this moment, he believed that the spices would definitely be useful.

The garbage system didn’t rip him off too hard.

Shui Qianyu originally didn’t want to eat it but it smelled so good now that she automatically picked the chopsticks and stirred the noodles a bit before taking a bit.

As it was people who knew how to eat noodles and the one you were eating wasn’t dry noodle, the first bite drinking was the soup was definitely the correct way to start eating noodles.

Shui Qianyu felt a powerful taste of umami in her mouth after drinking the soup and felt the warm slipping down to her throat and stomach but the taste in her mouth didn’t fade yet as it got even more flavorful.

This was definitely not the taste of some MSG or other additive but a very pure flavor like it was some carefully made broth with many precious ingredients.

This was strange!

Shui Qianyu tasted it again with some noodles.

When she bit into the noodle, the freshness and wheat blended together, the noodle weren’t chewy but two combined were still delicious and fragrant.

The same was for the second and third bite.

She could even taste the spices at this point but it definitely wasn’t overwhelming.

The fragrance and taste didn’t cancel each other or fight each other but overlapped softly together.

“How it is?” Chen Huan carefully asked as he looked at Shui Qianyu tasting the dish with closed eyes.

“It’s good.” Shui Qianyu opened her eyes and slowly nodded, “Is the heaven taking care of the fool? How can you randomly come up with spices that can enhance the taste like that? it feel no different than those old secret recipe.”


Chen Huan ignored Shui QIanyu snide remark and took the chopsticks with excitement before eating it with big mouthfuls.

“Hum… delicious, delicious…”

“Hehehe… it’s really not bad…”

“I’ve worked so hard, I finally got something back for it!”

Shui Qianyu unconsciously shook her head when she saw him talking nonsense while eating.

An idiot was still an idiot!

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