Medical Martial God chapter 90

Chapter 90: Ye Xuan running amok.

Yun Yan never thought that her fight against Ye Xuan would turn into such situation.

Her slender and snake like waist was being hugged by Ye Xuan and her plump and mature body was stuck to Ye Xuan chest. She could feel her own soft and plentiful chest being squeezed against it as she felt Ye Xuan strong heartbeat and warm.

She wanted to fight back but she didn’t what technique Ye Xuan used to seal her acupuncture point but her body lost strength and could let Ye Xuan hug her.

Yun Yan was filled with anger as she stared at Ye Xuan’s close face. She had been single for thirty years and had never been touched by a man like that, let alone being hugged by Ye Xuan.

The masculine smell on Ye Xuan’s body and this ambiguous position made her heart unable to calm down.

She didn’t expect to miscalculate and underestimating Ye Xuan and ended up losing so badly.

“Sister Yun, your body is really not bad, can be say that it’s even amongst the best…”

Ye Xuan said teasingly as he enjoyed her soft body and molested her waist as he watched her furious face.


Yun Yan couldn’t help but moan softly and her cheek blushing heavily as her body trembled due to Ye Xuan’s action.

This fucking asshole dared take liberties with her in front of an audience.

Yun Yan felt ashamed and furious.

She was his aunt!

“Asshole, hurry up and let me go!”

Yun Yan angrily said.


An evil smirk appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he straightened his waist and bumped his chest at hers.

Yun Yan’s soft chest collided against Ye Xuan’s and bounced back.

-tap, tap, tap,-

Yun Yan took a few steps back to get her balance back. Her cheeks blushed heavily as her whole body felt a bit numb while she felt angry and ashamed.

Yun Yan’s was filled with rage as she looked at the smirking Ye Xuan.

This guy must have ate leopard guts to dared to tease her like this.

How could she not be angry when he molested her like this in front of everybody?

“You little asshole, I must teach thoroughly a lesson today!”

Yun Yan furiously declared.

Her body suddenly trembled as a fierce aura exploded out of her and spreading in all direction, making the surrounding people a huge pressure.

Strong winds were set off in the courtyard and blew the trees violently as numerous leaves fell down as butterflies flapped away.

The temperature in the courtyard seemed to have suddenly dropped due to Yun Yan and made people feel like they were in winters.

People all knew that this time Yun Yan was really angry.

“Shit, it seems I played too much with fire.”

Ye Xuan cursed out as he started to feel a heavy pressure on him.

Yun Yan’s strength was indeed terrifying. It could be said she was the strongest person he met since his rebirth and was far above the like of Master Dao or Lord Dragon.

“Little bastard, are you ready to bear my anger?”

Yun Yan coldly said to Ye Xuan as her eyes looked like blazing fire.


She rushed out like a phoenix without waiting for Ye Xuan to reply and attacked him.

Her terrifying speed left beautiful afterimage of her behind.

She rushed up to Ye Xuan in a blink of an eye and slammed her palm that was burning with intense rage and killing intent at Ye Xuan.

Clear Wind Blaze Palm!

A small appeared on Ye Xuan’s face as he felt the danger coming from the palm but he had no intention to avoid it, instead he laughed and said, “Nice palm, the palm comes smoothly before it strike. You will be able to quite far and even maybe become a famous master.”

Just as he said this, his shoulder shook with power as he exerted strength into arms and shot out his palm to strike Yun Yan’s palms.

Dragon Descend Palm!


Ye Xuan’s palms collided Yun Yan’s palms under everybody shocked gaze.

Clear Wind Blaze Palm vs Dragon Descend Palm!

Energy swept across the courtyard as their palms collided and blew the leaves away again.

Ye Xuan’s body remained unmoving but the ground under Yun Yan started to crack more and more.

“Sister Yun, it seems that you’re not as strong as they say.” Ye Xuan teased with a smirk as he easily resisted her attack.

“How is that possible? How can you suddenly become so strong that you can even block my Clear Wind Blaze Palm!?”

Yun Yan said in extreme confusion as her face showed astonishment at Ye Xuan smirk and leisure words.

Although she only used fifty percent of her strength in that palm, very few people in Ye Xuan could take her fifty percent head on.

She had watched Ye Xuan grow up since he was small and knew he didn’t have practiced any marital arts before and he was even in a comatose not long ago.

But now Ye Xuan was able to stop her palm with fifty percent of her strength in it, how couldn’t she be shocked?

This completely went beyond her understanding and it was something that was impossible.

She knew Kung Fu started from the base and slowly build up from the foundation.

“Haha, there’s nothing impossible in this world. If you really want to know what happened to me, how about I wait for you in a hotel room tonight?”

Ye Xuan said jokingly with a big smile as he looked at her curvaceous and ripe body along with the shock on her beautiful face.

This guy was totally flirting with Yun Yan without hiding it.

After all, this woman was totally Ye Xuan’s type.


She shouted out with anger and didn’t plan to hold any longer.


A suffocating aura burst out as she charged at Ye Xuan again.

But Ye Xuan already predicted it and quickly withdrew his palm and dodged aside.


A powerful gale passed as Yun Yan’s palm was avoided by Ye Xuan and smashed a pot of flower nearby.

The pot was shattered as the blooming chrysanthemums scattered everywhere.

The scattered chrysanthemums proved Yun Yan’s power.

Ye Xuan imposing gaze looked at the scattered flowers.

Yun Yan was indeed very strong. Ye Xuan wouldn’t deal with her in such as relaxed manner if she went at full strength since the beginning.

Yun Yan was stunned slight by how Ye Xuan dodged her attack and was about to strike again but domineering resounded at this moment.

“Humph! You can’t even get rid a mere trash for so long! Yun Yan, I think you’re not qualified to be charge of the Ye family compound security anymore!”

An imposing middle aged man walked slowly from the depth of Ye Family compound followed by a young man and an elderly.

Following behind him were the bandaged Ye Wenfeng and Master Dao along with the elite guards of the Ye family.



Everybody greeted respectfully as excitement was written all over face at the arrival of the middle aged man.

This middle aged man was none other than Ye Jianxin and the Ye Family Patriarch as well as Ye Xuan’s father elder brother. He would have to call him uncle before.

Ye Xuan didn’t look at Ye Jianxin at all but looked at the old man with the yellow shirt behind him instead. His eyes were filled with seriousness.

He had never seen the old man before in the Ye family compound but he felt a powerful aura on that yellow shirt old man. His instinct told him that he was very powerful.

No one knew his name and only knew that he came to the Ye family three years ago and was under Ye Jianxin protection. Known as Old Yellow.

The people in the Ye family compound rarely saw him but knew he was very powerful. After all, they heard that Master Dao lost against him.

“Shit, they finally come out…”

Yun Yan muttered as she looked at Ye Xuan in worry after seeing Ye Jianxin and Old Yellow.

Since these guys came out, Ye Xuan was in deep trouble today.

“Yun Yan, you step down.”

Yun Yan wanted to say something but Ye Jianxin imposing voice interrupted her.

“Yes sir.”

Yun Yan could only respectfully retreat after hearing his order.

As the current head of the family, Ye Jianxin held the supreme authority and even Yun Yan had to listen to him.

Ye Jianxin nodded with satisfaction when he saw this before his gaze landed on Ye Xuan and ordered with a voice filled with murderous aura, 

“Where are the guards? Quickly take down this trash!”

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