Medical Martial God chapter 89

Chapter 89: Aunty Yun Yan.

“Ye Xuan, you’re too arrogant, my Ye Family isn’t a place you can cause trouble.”

Following that domineering and clear voice, a valiant and heroic beauty came with numerous guards and surrounded Ye Xuan.

She had clean and fresh short hair that revealed her beautiful face. Her charming figure was wrapped in a white shirt and slim trousers along a beige coat. The top and bottom part were perfect divided by a purple belt that resembled a belt. With her unique temperament and charm, she exuded the appeal of a mature woman.

Her name was Yun Yan and was the Ye Family old master’s adopted daughter. She possessed extraordinary strength since young and had a high position in the Ye Family. She was responsible for the security and order of the entire Ye family compound. She was someone who held real power.

Even Ye Xuan didn’t dare to go wild in front of this woman. After all, she was still Ye Xuan’s aunt and his father sister.

“Sister Yun!”

“Sister Yun!”

“Greeting Sister Yun!”

The members all respectfully greeted her and were pleasantly surprised and happy by her presence.

As for Ye Xuan, he was still calm and collected as if Yun Yan arrival didn’t have anything to do with him.

“Ye Xuan, this isn’t a place where you can come! if you obediently leave now, I can take as if nothing happened.”

Yun Yan calmly said as she stared at Ye Xuan with a complicated expression.

She had a very good relationship with Ye Xuan’s father when she was child and was cared by him. Although she didn’t like Ye Xuan, she didn’t hate him either.


“Sister Yun, but this lawless thug broke into our home and injured a lot of our people. How can you let him go so easily?”

“He’s right sister Yun, you can’t do that!”

“We must teach him a lesson and show him our might for breaking into our compound!”

The people all burst out in a uproar and all spoke one after another when they heard Yun Yan.

“You all shut up for me!”

Yun Yan stared at them displeasingly and they all obediently shut up.

They all knew Yun Yan had a bad temper and she wasn’t someone they could provoke.

“Sister Yun, I came to find that son of a bitch Ye Wenfeng. This matter have nothing to do with you, so you better don’t get involved!”

Ye Xuan could obviously feel the kindness behind Yun Yan’s world but he was already here, so how could he give up so easily?

Normally Ye Xuan should have called Yun Yan aunty due to her relationship but this woman liked people to call her sister, hence Ye Xuan had to do it too.

“Ye Xuan, your parents already passed away, you can’t be compared to before! How long are you going keep messing around?”

Ye Xuan’s word made Yun Yan furious as she let out angrily.

“That son of a bitch Ye Wenfeng hired people to try to assassinate me four times already! I would have already be dead if I wasn’t so lucky. How long do you want me to endure?”

Ye Xuan calmly explained and didn’t show any visible emotion.

Yun Yan turned solemn when she heard that.

She vaguely remembered that Ye Xuan’s father asked her to take care of him not long after passing away but she didn’t fulfill that role the past few years. She only occasionally went to the hospital to sneak a peek at the vegetative Ye Xuan but didn’t help him much.

“Just leave before they come. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Yun Yan said in a heavy voice as she clenched her hand.

“I won’t leave until I find that bastard Ye Wenfeng to clear this debt. Don’t waste your breath, just make your move.”

Ye Xuan exclaimed as his eyes were filled with persistence and calmness.

“If that the case then, don’t blame me. Hurry up and throw him out!”

Yun Yan ordered as she gritted her teeth at Ye Xuan stubborn words.

Why was this guy so stubborn?

“Yes ma’am!”

With her order given, there were six men charging out behind her with powerful aura surrounding them as they headed straight toward Ye Xuan.

The Ye Family personal guards couldn’t be compared to the guard outside as they were all expert cultivated by them with their extraordinary resource and contacts. Their strength wasn’t to be taken lightly.

The six guards shot out at the same time like six tigers pouncing on a lamb that was about to get slaughtered. They were extremely fierce.

The strength carried by their punches or kicks would definitely inflict injury if it landed. The surrounding kids from Ye Family were getting exciting by this.


They were in front of Ye Xuan in a moment. Ye Xuan’s eyes turned serious as he threw Qing Wu from the Shadow Snake Gang to the ground. (TLN:!?!?!?? Where the fuck did that guy come from? Was Ye Xuan holding him all that time and the author only mentioned it only now!?!?)

Ye Xuan right leg stomped on the ground as he waist twisted while he left leg kicked out like a sword leaving its scabbard with a force enough to fill the sky.

East Wind Smash!



A scene that scared and shocked the Ye Family kids occurred the next moment.

The six guards that surrounded Ye Xuan were swept away by his swinging kick under their horrified gaze and sprayed a lot of blood from their mouth as they all flew away and crashed to the ground further away, laying on the ground unmoving like dead dogs.

Victory and defeat had been decided with one strike.

Ye Xuan defeated the six Ye Family guards with one move.


Everybody sucked the cold air in surprise as they faces expression change into a shocked one.

What happened definitely subverted their understanding of Ye Xuan as he was just a trash that had been kicked out of the family in many people’s mind but they didn’t expect him to able to send flying the six Ye Family guards.

When did this guy got so powerful?

Didn’t this guy never practiced martial arts before?

The people from the Ye Family were filled with too much shock and confusion.

Even Yun Yan was shocked by as her gaze was filled with unconcealed shock and seriousness.

As a practitioner, she knew more about Ye Xuan’s strength than anybody else. Whether it was the timing of his strike or the controle, it was all perfectly timing.

How could this guy suddenly become so powerful?

Yun Yan suppressed the shock in her as she stared coldly at Ye Xuan and calmly said, “Ye Xuan, do you think because you can think now that you can act wildly here? There are countless guards in the family compound and there many very powerful one, do you really think you can do whatever you want because you defeated a few guards?

“If leave now, I can still take it as nothing happened!”

“Sister Yun, I can’t accept your goodwill. I must seek justice today, if you want to stop me, just do it!”

Ye Xuan knew Yun Yan was trying to be kind but his heart was set.

“You bastard!”

Yun Yan cursed out angrily as she jumped into the air and kicked both her legs toward Ye Xuan and attacked him without interruption.

Her action was fast, elegant and cool. It was a beautiful sight.

-Bam! Bam! Bam!-

Ye Xuan kept blocking Yun Yan’s kick with his hands under her assault of her two long and beautiful legs. Even with the power behind Yun Yan’s kick, Ye Xuan stood unmoving like a Vajrayana Wise King.

“Just what is going on with this guy? How did he become so strong suddenly? How could he even not budge!?”

Yun Yan thought in shock as her continuous kick didn’t even make Ye Xuan budge a bit.

Although she only used ten percent of her power, it still wasn’t something ordinary person could do.

She felt that the Ye Xuan in front of her was completely different from the Ye Xuan she knew in the past.

“Sister Yun, did you eat to your fill today? You’re not as strong you’re used to be.”

Ye Xuan said in a teasing tone as he calmly blocked every kick.

“Does this bastard really think he has some skills?”

Yun Yan turned serious when she heard Ye Xuan’s teasing words and suddenly kicked at Ye Xuan’s face with increase strength.


Ye Xuan smiled at this. He reached out and grabbed Yun Yan’s kicking leg before using rotation force to throw Yun Yan away while ignoring the great sensation from touching her leg.

-tap, tap, tap-

Yun Yan were throw more than ten meters away and needed take some steps back to regain her balance. Each of her steps left deep footprint behind.

“Where did you learn your Kung Fu?”

Yun Yan asked curiously.

She evaluated that Ye Xuan’s Kung Fu was quite good from what he showed.

“Hehe, you want to learn Sister Yun? Take me as your teacher then.”

Ye Xuan joked as he smirked.

He didn’t mind playing around with such a great mature woman like Yun Yan.

“Humph, arrogant! I think you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin! Take a good look!”

Yun Yan snorted as she kicked out and rushed rapidly toward Ye Xuan.

She appeared in front of him in an instant and kicked out powerfully with her right leg which made Ye Xuan dodge but it was a fake as a trace of cunning appeared on her face before her left leg kicked like a flying dragon toward Ye Xuan’s face.

She was incredibly agile like a rabbit.


Ye Xuan said in admiration when he saw the kick.

It wasn’t known if he was praising her leg or the kick.

Ye Xuan then abruptly stepped back to dodge the kick before his hand flashed out like lightning and enveloped Yun Yan’s waist and pulled her back.

Yun Yan’s well developed and mature body flew into Ye Xuan’s arms and clung to his body.

The two couldn’t help but shiver at the soft touch of their bodies.

It was soft and electrifying.

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