Medical Martial God chapter 88

Chapter 88: Break into the Ye Family.


The bodies of two killers were caught up by the big explosion and burned to ashes.

When the flame and the kinetic energy from the explosion subsided, there was no trace of Ye Xuan.

He seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

This sudden chaotic event was like a terrorist attack in a movie and it shocked greatly Liang Xiaoyi, Zhao Dahai and the others that they could barely regain their bearing.

“Ye Xuan!”

“Xuan Bro!”

Liang Xiaoyi and Zhao Dahai shouted in distressed tone when they couldn’t see Ye Xuan.

But they didn’t get any reply back.

“Xiao Wu, hurry up and call the police, the other quickly try to help the people!”

Zhao Dahai ordered with gnashed teeth.

Then he led his team toward the explosion site.

In a towering building five hundred meters away was young assassin in a black suit. His eye was on the scope as he watched the place where the truck exploded with a frown.

He searched carefully the zone but there was still no trace of Ye Xuan.

“Did that brat really got caught up in the explosion and died?”

“Whatever, I can’t care about so many things. Although the two small fries was lost, the mission was still accomplished.”

The young assassin muttered after searching and still not finding any trace of Ye Xuan. He then turned around and walked toward the stairs with his sniper on his back.


But the door of the rooftop was suddenly smashed down as dust filled the area.

A figure filled with murderous aura slowly walked out of the dust.

He was Ye Xuan!

Fear filled the young assassin’s face when he saw the appearance of that person clearly.

Because it was none other than his target.

“Shit, how haven’t you died yet and even came to here unharmed?”

The young assassin muttered in disbelief.


But Ye Xuan didn’t have any intention to talk with him.

He moved like a lightning dragon as he rushed toward the young assassin while leaving multiple after image behind him.

This terrifying speed surprised the young assassin as he abandoned any notion to shoot at him with the sniper but instead used the sniper to bash him.

Ye Xuan’s body moved like a fish as he avoided the attack and appeared on the young assassin’s left side and elbowed him with his right arm.


But the young assassin’s reaction speed was quite good as used the sniper rifle to block Ye Xuan’s strike.

-tap, tap, tap-

Even so, the young assassin needed to take several steps back due to the powerful force and started to look at Ye Xuan in all seriousness.

“I looked down on you.”

He said solemnly as he stared at Ye Xuan’s eyes filled with killing intent.

But Ye Xuan rushed at him again while spinning his body at a high speed like whirlwind as he kicked out toward him with a powerful force.

Celestial Kick.


The young assassin felt a strong sense of danger as he instantaneously made the decision to shoot at Ye Xuan.

No scope shot.

The loud gunshot rang out!

But Ye Xuan was faster as his kick already landed on his chest just when the young assassin was about to pull the trigger and made him turn the sniper toward the sky as the shot came out.


The young assassin puked a lot of blood as he was sent flying like cannonball and crashed into the fence and cracked it.


He was about to get up but a black shadow appeared in front of him along with the wind.


A strong and powerful hand grabbed his collar as a sharp knife stabbed toward his head and constantly closed on him.


The young assassin screamed in fear as the sense of danger grew closer.

Then the knife cut his cheek and pinned his ear to the fence behind him with great precision.

The young assassin’s face contorted in pain as painful scream came out of his mouth.

“Tell me who you are and who sent you?”

Ye Xuan asked as he stared coldly at the screaming man.

The young assassin felt his body grow cold and started to shiver as he stopped screaming.

He looked at Ye Xuan in fear with eyes filled with viciousness and unwillingness, “Brat…”

But Ye Xuan didn’t let him finish as he swiftly cut off his ear.


Another blood curdling scream rang out.

“My patience is limited and I don’t like to listen to bullshit.”

Ye Xuan warned him.

“I am Qing Wu from the Shadow Snake Gang. I… I accepted Ye Wenfeng commission to assassinate you.”


A cruel light flashed over Ye Xuan’s eyes as his hand with the knife flashed and cut Qing Wu’s neck, killing on the spot.

Then he gave Zhao Dahai a call before rushing to the Ye Family compound.

If it wasn’t for his quick reaction, he would have been killed by the sniper this time.

His principle was he wouldn’t offend anybody that hadn’t offended him.

But he would kill anybody that did so.

Even if they were a god.

Sooner or later.

Ye Xuan was the Grand Demon King and had a lot of pride. How could it stomach it all after being provoked more than four to five times?

Today, he was going to break into the Ye Family compound and get justice for himself.

Even if he knew that the Ye Family compound was dangerous with many experts but he was determined.

His heart was filled with anger and it was hard to let go.

Ye Family compound.


-Boom, Boom!-

With a loud collision sound, the Ye Family’s door made of precious rosewoods fell down.

A slender figure stepped into the compound slowly.

His face was emotionless with sharp eyebrows and clear eyes. His handsome face seemed to be carved by an artist as he showed a heroic and arrogant aura from his thin body.

Behind him lay many guards who guarded the Ye Family compound. They were all unconscious or screaming in pain as they all lost any ability to fight.

“Who dare to be impudent in my Ye Family compound?”

A large number of Ye Family member and personnel rushed out when they heard the loud noise.

When they saw the handsome young man standing in the courtyard, they couldn’t help but exclaim in fear and confusion.

“It’s him, Ye Xuan!”

“Wasn’t this trash expelled from the family? How does he have the face to still come back?”

“Didn’t they say that he was in vegetative state in the hospital? Did he wake up?”

“Security, what are you still doing? Hurry up and take this trash out.”

“This guy dared to break the entrance, did he went crazy?”

Ye Xuan’s barging into the Ye Family compound undoubtedly cause a large commotion as many Ye Family members rushed out after hearing the news.

They didn’t think that a man who had been expulsed from the family would dare to return.

“Brother Ye Xuan…”

Only one little and very thin loli but looked innocent and lovely in the crowd looked at Ye Xuan with kindness and hope as she muttered to herself quietly.

Her name was Ye Qianxue. She was adopted by Ye Xuan’s father and was his sister. She was especially concerned and fond of Ye Xuan.

“Brother Ye Xuan, you’re finally back! Qianxue missed you to death! Buhuhu…”

The little loli Ye Qianxue rushed out of the crowd and charged into Ye Xuan’s arms happily.

“Qianxue, be a good girl. Brother has some matter to settle, you go and play for a while.”

Ye Xuan said with a smile as he patted her cute cheeks.

He didn’t know if it was because of this body previous owner but Ye Xuan liked this little girl very much as he had many memories of her in his mind.

Although the former Ye Xuan was a prodigal trash that liked to drink and play around, he still cared and liked Ye Qianxue very much just like she was his flesh and blood sister.

“Okay. Right, Brother Ye Xuan, this is a gift for you. They say if you fold 1001 little stars, you can make a wish. I folded 1001 of them and wished you to wake up. It really realized my wish!”

Ye Qianwei said with a sweet smile as she hand a glass bottle filled with colorful paper stars.

“Thank you Qianxue…”

Ye Xuan felt touched as he watched the bottle before nodding gently at her and put it away.

Ye Xuan set his sight on the Ye Family members who were talking about him and yelled out.

“Get that bastard Ye Wenfeng out here!”

“Yo, Ye Xuan, you trash had already been kick out from the family and you still had the face to come back? And you still dare to call this young master name? You…”

A young man who looked in his mid-twenties stepped out and said mockingly.

His name was Ye Wuneng and was nicknamed Ye Useless (Also pronounced Wuneng). He was Ye Wenfeng’s little follower and was under his protection.


But before he  could finish, Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed coldly as he took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of him and grabbed his collar and lifted him up.

Ye Wuneng screamed in panic as Ye Xuan flung him with one hand toward the pool in the courtyard under the shocked eyes of the many Ye Family members.

“Shit, Ye Xuan, the Ye Family compound isn’t a place you could go wild!”

Another young man stepped out and yelled at Ye Xuan for his behavior after seeing what he had done.



But before he could finish his words either, Ye Xuan kicked him heavily on the chest.

He puked out blood due to power of the strike as he was sent flying toward the pool and smashed into Yu Wuneng.

The members of Ye Family showed shock and fear at the scene as they never imagined that the trash that had been kicked out would be so fierce and powerful.

“Get that bastard Ye Wenfeng out here.”

Ye Xuan imposingly said as he face showed no emotion.

But at this time, a domineering and clear resounded,

“Ye Xuan, you’re too arrogant, my Ye Family isn’t a place you can cause trouble.”

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