I Know Everything chapter 15

Chapter 15: The reward came.

In this time where there was no Tiktok, Weibo was the most popular social media platform.

In fact, Lin’an was originally a tourist city and June was the peak season for tourist. The small noodle shop from Mingde alley naturally became a tourist spot for the young people to check after becoming popular in Weibo.

Especially for girls.

Which girls didn’t have some literacy dreams (basically mean a love for stories) and tender heart?

Just for ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’, they would come and have a feel of the story.

As for eating the noodle, it wasn’t important.

Many people said the noodle taste was average but it wouldn’t prevent the people from happily coming there.

Moreover, Teacher Chu had never said that the noodle were delicious.

The reason the family of three in the story said that the noodles were delicious was because they were so poor that they could on afford a single bowl of plain noodles and that the atmosphere in the shop was good. In that case, how could it not be delicious?

Young people were the least reluctant to queuing and they had plenty of time to spend.

Then there were also two very eye-catching person in the small noodle shop.

The first one was the 14 years old Shui Qianyu who was still a little baby not long ago who still hid behind her mom but now grew up beautifully and cutely. Although she speaks like a little adult but that contrast made her extremely cute.

The other was the waiter named Chen Huan. It was said that he was a neighbor from the family.

His appearance was so good. It was hard to describe his appearance and he was a bit feminine but his handsomeness was really without equal. He didn’t need to put on makeup like those celebrities and his face was naturally like a beautiful scenery without anything on it.

Hum, don’t question it. This evaluation was given by the misses.

They were the equivalent of men evaluating women when they evaluate men and they were even dirtier in private.

Men of course weren’t used to see such an attention grabbing fellow men. So they all showed Shui Qianyu with praise and disdainfully disregarded Chen Huan.

This was alright because when it came to degree of unreasonableness and stubbornness, women were definitely better than men in the internet.

The misses of course spared no effort to refute them on the web and everybody started to quarrel on the web.

With people quarrelling, the popularity got even higher.

When the popularity got higher, there were obviously more people that came.

Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that on third day since Ning Yiqiu recommendation, she posted a picture of herself on her Weibo and it was her on the table 2 of the small noodle shop with sunglasses and a baseball hat along with a plain and ordinary dress.

It was around seven or eight o’clock in the evening and she wasn’t recognized because of various reasons such as lighting.

But the background was definitely the small noodle shop.

“It seems the queen really love ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles! Otherwise why would she go to such a bad noodle shop? If it was me, I would rather stay at home and eat instant noodle!” —- Weibo celebrity “BlacknWhite”. (This is a username.)

It wasn’t only her as many celebrities in Zhejiang started to gain popularity.

They sneaked into the small noodle shop and successfully took pictures.

Of course, some other celebrities would “accidentally” be recognized and start taking pictures with fans with a small plastered on their faces to receive the crowd excitement and prove their popularity.

But no one could take pictures with the bosses of the shop as they were so busy that they almost never stop.

Only Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu got caught and took pictures with peoples as they took turns to greet the customers.

Their photos were also one of the causes that the strange quarrels in Weibo happened.

After all, the numbers of people that went to the small noodle shop were much less than the people on Weibo so they mostly acted based on the pictures.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He had never been so tired before.

They really couldn’t hold on anymore as the third day they had to take turn in cooking and seasoning with the aunties they hired.

It was shameful for them.

Because obviously the noodle cooked by the aunties were much better than the noodles made by the couple.

When the customers ate the noodles, they say that changing the chef was really different and that the small noodle shop knew how to keep up with the times.

Shui Qingshang’s angry face was almost like Bao Qingtian (Movie character based on Bao Zheng) when he heard it but couldn’t refute it.

However they aunties with dozen years of culinary experience as after their improvement, the plain noodles couldn’t be said to be delicious but it definitely wasn’t bad.

Shui Qingshan?

He belonged to the type of man that changed his line of work in the middle of his life and didn’t like to put any improvement to his cooking skills.

He was the type of ‘I will do it this way, if you like eat it, eat it but if you don’t, I don’t care.’

Therefore, seeing the aunties doing such a good job, Shui Qingshan and Xia He took turn to collect the money and rest. It made it much easier and relaxed for them.

A bowl of plain noodle was 5 yuan. With all the cost and the labor cost from the hired aunties, the profit should be around 3 yuan. They owned the shop and the other utilities such as water or gaze were not much.

It was just that the income from the 1000 bowls of noodle was a net profit around a 1000 yuan which was not much for the Shui family.

It was 30K a month and only 360K a year. They couldn’t get a good house in Huajin or Huhai even after working for ten years but Shui Qingshan had two houses in those two cities. He didn’t care about the money and neither did Chen Huan.

During these busy days, even the aunties were paid 200 yuans a day but Shui Qingshan didn’t talk about wage with Chen Huan at all.

Chen Huan knew it was because Shui Qingshan, Xia He or Shui Qianyu all thought of him as family and didn’t want to be vulgar by talking about money. But they would definitely take out as much money needed if he ever was in need of money.

Chen Huan certainly didn’t need money for now and was looking forward for the Lord ‘Nobody Is Better Than Me’ system to wake up and see the hard work he did for it as well as the mysterious reward it would give him.

If the system dared to give him some crap reward and pass some few words, Chen Huan would never listen to him anymore and instead just concentrate on what he should do.

The heaven shouldn’t forsake those who tried hard.

The system that seemed to have crashed finally reacted after one week since the business got better.

As soon he entered his house door after closing the shop, he heard a sound.

*Ding! Dong!*

“The great system has detected that the small noodle shop business was getting better and barely met the requirement. In order to help the weakling and in spirit of charity, this system will make an exception and gift the rewards.”

*Ding! Dong!*

“Please receive [How to make delicious spices, part 1 (Beginner) (For Noodle only)]”

This was really tsundere bastard!”

Chen Huan cursed with a happy face.

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