I Know Everything chapter 14

Chapter 14: Closed shop and ran away?

1022 bowls of plain noodles.

That was the number of bowls sold today.

Fortunately, the broth these past two days had been slowly cooked since 12 o’clock before they increased the fire at 7 o’clock to finish it earlier otherwise it wouldn’t have been enough for today.

The price for achieving such an unprecedented achievement was that the small noodle restaurant was open for 13 hours straight. The three members from the Shui family, Chen Huan along with eight others aunties that had been called to help in emergency were all tired they couldn’t speak anymore.

After closing the shop at 8 o’clock, they sent the 8 tired aunties back home and everyone else sat paralyzed on the chairs and didn’t have the strength the lift one finger.

“That was so scary! Did you see that?” Xia He almost cried as she leaned against the wall, “There were still more than 200 peoples just now, when I told them we were about to close in half an hour, their eyes looked so disappointed that I thought they would charge in regardless of everybody!”

“Xiao Huan!”

Shui Qingshan was also overwhelmed as he said, “What do you think happened? The number had been gradually decreasing but did it suddenly increase so much?”

“I don’t know,” Chen Huan looked like a tired dog but smiled happily as he said, “But it’s a thing! It mean that my story has spread throughout the country!”

“Why do you say that?” Shui Qingshan asked in confusion.

“One third of the people who came here today didn’t speak Lin’an dialect, there were Huhai accent, Gusu dialiact and I even heard Ludong Dialect!” Chen Huan guessed as he hadn’t the opportunity to check on his cellphone today.

“It’s definitely caught popularity on the web! Right, I also heard from somebody that Ning Yiqiu recommended my story!”

“Ning Yiqiu?” Shui Qingshan nodded repeatedly, “If she gave us some publicity, then today’s rush was normal!”

“Yes, it was Ning Yiqiu,” Shui Qianyu confirmed after checking on her phone. “Weibo trending top 1 is ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, the second is ‘Ning Yiqiu tearful recommendation of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’’, the third is our small noodle shop in the Mingde alley.”


Chen Huan excitedly grabbed the phone to check on Weibo’s trending list and pleasant feeling swarm inside him after checking the list.

“En, this Ning Yiqiu indeed have discerning eyes.” He couldn’t help but feel a bit proud. “I will pay her back in the future and won’t let her eat a loss here.”

Shui Qianyu pouted and was too disdainful to scold him for ignorance.

That person was one of the four famous movie queen in China, could he even repay her this favor?

“Let’s discuss about it now, what should we do tomorrow?” Xia He looked at everyone. “Should we go on a trip?”

“Good idea!” Shui Qingshan slapped the table, “Coincidentally, my junior sister is holding a concert in Huajin, we could have some fun for a couple days… Xian Huan can come with us!”

“But if we go, would our home still be here after we come back?” Shui Qianyu felt distressed. “There were still 200 peoples when we closed the shop today and there were already a bit irritated but if they come tomorrow and see the shop is closed, won’t they smash the shop?”

“They dare!?”

“These days, they can’t break the law like that!”

Shui Qingshan ferociously declared and looked like some ferocious character from a movie.

Shui Qianyu thought what he said was reasonable.

The police uncles wouldn’t ignore them if they smashed the shop and they should at least be afraid of being arrested, no?

It was just noodle, it shouldn’t be so exaggerated… right?

Chen Huan felt anxious.

He definitely wanted to accomplish his mission but he couldn’t force the others to working to death for him, right?

While mentioning that garbage system, why didn’t it declare that he succeeded in the mission?

It was more than 1000 bowls of plain noodle! Which noodle shop in China could sell so much in a day?

*ding, jing, ling*

Chen Huan’s cell phone rang.

He picked up his phone and saw it came from Zhang Xingde, the editor from Qiantang Evening News.

“Editor Zhang?”

“Teacher Chu, thank you so much!” He could hear Zhang Xinde grinning over the phone, “Thanks to ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’, the subscription on our website increased by more than 1.5 million subscribers in less than a day, it’s a never seen before miracle!”

“Oh, that’s great!” Chen Huan also felt happy.

Although he only received 500 yuan for the story, the honor brought by ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ was incomparable to money.

Zhang Xinde continued, “We thought we should do something for ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ and our editor in chief consulted with news channel Zhejiang TV and wanted to interview you and the small noodle shop, you think it’s possible?”


Chen Huan felt excited as he raised his voice, “Forget about me the author! Our small noodle shop today was absolutely crowded! You could film an exciting scene! It would be rare to see such a lively place in Lin’an!”

“Haha, I also heard of it.” Zhang Xingde agreed, “Okay, we’ll take a look at the small noodle shop first when we come.”

Chen Huan hung up his phone and saw the three members of the Shui family give him a displeased look.

“There was no choice!” Chen Huan had a guilty expression, “Editor Zhang said that Zhejiang TV station will come over for an interview tomorrow… how about we close the shop and run away?”

“Are you crazy?” Xia He, who wanted to take a vacation a moment ago, directly scolded him. “The TV station came to interview us with good intention, it would be inappropriate if we closed the shop!”

“Right, if it spread out, it would be too shameful.” Shui Qingshan also changed his mind, “Let them come, we’ve just to prepare more in advance and hire more aunties to help us tomorrow.”

“Are you guys serious?” Shui Qianyu asked with a frown.

“You don’t understand,” Xia He smiled, “Your dad already left the rock world when I married your dad. This will be the first time a TV station interview us, how can I not take this seriously?”

Xia He turned her head toward Shui Qingshan and looked at him excitedly, “Dear, what clothes do you think I should wear tomorrow?”

“I don’t think you should.” Shui Qingshan shook his head, “At most, you should dress more refreshingly but don’t do too much. Otherwise we will lose the mood from the story.”


Look, cultured people are indeed cultured people. He even considered this detail.

Chen Huan couldn’t help but give uncle Shui a thumb ups in his mind.

Xia He thought about it after hearing what he said before giving the idea of dressing up and instead thought about how to match her simple clothes to make herself look better.

Shui Qianyu looked at this vain woman and sighed.

She let it go after thinking about it. Her mother gave birth to her soon after marrying her father and took care of everything in the family since then. She only travelled around here these years.

Although her living condition was rich, her personal glory was inevitably lacking.

She was 36 years old now and a bit of vanity was understandable.

Shui Qianyu snorted when looked at Chen Huan who was obviously a little excited.

You are getting very popular, right?

Missies are affectionately surrounding you day and night, right?

You are courting death!!

Fixed. XD i don’t know how i missed that.

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  1. This is chapter 16 and it’s supposed to be chapter 14… sooo chapter 14 is just missing right now and it’s bothering me slightly. So I will have to put reading this on hold till you fix this small hiccup. Please do so at your earliest convenience. I will be eagerly awaiting.
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