I Know Everything chapter 13

Chapter 13: That is one long dragon.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, Chen Huan took a shower after his daily exercise and went to the small noodle shop.

Although these days they could only sell around 200 bowls of plain noodles a day, Shui Qingshan was still not accustomed to being so tiring so he hired three aunties to help him.

This was why Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu didn’t help out in advance these days.


This time was really a bit of a failure.

He rarely thought of such good idea and even circulated it through newspapers but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

Chen Huan did think about promoting ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodles’ on the internet.

But what kind of promotion didn’t cost money in this kind of society?

Even those small influencers with some meager hundred thousand fans, you would still need around three to five thousand yuan.

One wasn’t enough. It would need at least seven or eight influencers to have an effect.

But Chen Huan’s entire fortune was only 20 000 yuan, how could he hire anybody?

As for getting the Shui family to pay, it was impossible.

Originally it had nothing to do with them. They didn’t rely on the small noodle shop to make a living. It was Chen Huan that wanted to do it and now you wanted them to advertise in hope to maintain the hype? Would they be that bored to do that?

Chen Huan unconsciously raised his head to look in front of him.

Oh, there are a lot of people standing in line.


Chen Huan was startled.

He took a closer look and saw there were two long lines of people lined up at the side of the small noodle shop.

As the entrance opened, the customers would take the opportunity to take a picture of the entrance every time they went in or out.

It was exactly the same as the busiest day!

No, it was different!

There were more people today than the first day!

Chen Huan heard Lil Sis Shui slightly hoarse voice when he was ten meter from the shop.

“No.133! Is no.133 there?”

“Three people? I’m sorry but there are only two seats. Please wait for a bit. No.134!”

“Please give way a little! Those brothers and sister who are taking picture please leave! Facilitate for people is also facilitating for yourself!”

Taking a closer look, Shui Qianyu was standing aside while greeting people with a loudspeaker with half of her clothes covered in sweat.

Chen Huan attentively examined around and noticed there were some weird dudes that had some weird smiles on their faces as they stared Shui Qianyu.

These daring dudes! This is my exclusive domain! Is this something you can look!?

Chen Huan’s anger surged as he quickly squeezed near Shui Qianyu, “Little Shuishui, I’ll greet the customers for you. Quickly get in and rest in a cool place, and change your clothes while you’re at it.”

Shui Qianyu looked at Chen Huan with an expression that didn’t tell if she was happy or angry.

Maybe it was because she was too busy and there were too many people here but Shiu Qianyu didn’t say anything and just nodded before giving the device to Chen Huan.

There were no needs for more instruction as they had similar things happen a few days ago.

Chen Huan turned around and saw the crowd on the other side of the street that continued for a few curves.

No one would believe that there weren’t at least two hundred people there!

In his past life, Chen Huan was very envious of those bosses with good business as they could rudely yell at those young customers. He suddenly felt energize after having those thoughts.

“Stand in line, don’t squeeze, there’s enough for everybody, it’s very fast to eat plain noodles.”

“Hey, you, big bro, please don’t squeeze! The little miss in front is about to get squeeze out!”

“And there’s also you, young miss. You already took enough pictures, let the other a chance… what? Take a picture with you? No way, I’m busy!”

It was a sweet young little sister at first but it was now replaced by a handsome little brother. It satisfied the women standing in line.

Some Kacha’s sound followed, those misses were quick handed as they already posted to their friends group or social media.

“The small noodle just opened, this is their house’s lil bro. Does everybody think is he handsome or not? @Everyone.”

“Instakill prettyboy! The world’s most handsome waiter!”

“Mmh, I haven’t eaten noodle yet but I already feel pleased.”

“I’m tired from queuing but with such lil bro, I feel all my fatigue wash away! @Xiao Lizi, let’s go!”

The people who were eating noodles weren’t very fast but the timing wasn’t too far apart so there were always people going in and out.

But after half an hour, the sweaty Chen Huan found that the queue got even longer and was at least fifty meters long with three lines.

It was less than 8 o’clock after he looked clocks.

Chen Huan was horrified, thus he asked the girl with glasses at the front line.

“Miss, when did you come?” Chen huan was sixteen years old so his voice was naturally a bit soft and clear.

Glass girl was like the other women and would steal glance at him.

Now she heard him talk to her, she subconsciously blurt out, “Little brother, you’re so pretty and your voice is so nice.”

“Thank you!”

Chen Huan accepted the compliment with ease.

High Schooler not only looked very handsome but also had a softer voice that wasn’t too deep. The type of voice that would make people refreshed.

“Little brother, we came at 6 o’clock and now we are 8 o’clock and it’s still not our turn yet.”  Another female who seemed to be a white collar worker interposed, “Fortunately, I came early, my colleague behind is definitely going to be late!”

“If you know you’re going to be late, why don’t you hurry up and leave?” A man in his twenties couldn’t help but said, “Look at you women, you’re just riding along!”

“Yo, as if you aren’t riding along too?” The white collar woman countered.

“My life is hard, my girlfriend is studying in Europe and saw yesterday that Ning Yuqiu’s post as well as ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’. She actually called me at 3am on my side and wanted me to take the rail from Lingbo and immediately come here to take a video and send it to her.” The man in his twenties lamented as if he wanted to cry.

“Tell me if you women are troublesome or not?”

“Troublesome!” Chen Huan replied with a nod, “but men still need women! So we can only endure it.”

Good friend!

The man looked at Chen Huan’s eyes and suddenly became more bright. It seemed that male shared the same suffering as they developer their own languages.

“Little brother, you don’t have to worry, your future wife will definitely not willing to make you suffer like that.” Another woman gently said that looked like a college student. “If it was me, I would do everything in the house while making you whatever you want to eat as well as washing your feet every night and birth your children~~”

“Why?” The man didn’t understand, did women have to be divided in many types?

“haha.” The white collar women smiled coldly, “You’re so ugly, aren’t you embarrassed to ask?”

“I’m ugly?” The man was angry.

“Ugly or not depends on who you are compared to.” The female college student said, “If this big bro is compared to the little brother, it’s like compared a toad to a white swan.”

Fuck your mom’s toad!

The men nearly swore out loud.

But he saw in despair that all the women near him nodded in approval no matter their ages.

For a moment, the men felt like he was hit a hundred tons rock and didn’t even have to desire to be angry anymore.

Life is so hard…

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