Medical Martial God chapter 87

Chapter 87: Terrorist attack?

Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng hadn’t woken up yet when Ye Xuan returned back to the villa. Luckily he could still practice his technique in the garden outside of the villa.

This martial skill could not only improve the foundation of the human body but also restructure the bones and muscle of the body and stimulate the human’s body potential. It was created by Ye Xuan and it was called “The King Talent”

Maybe it was because Ye Xuan hadn’t practiced it for a long time but he couldn’t fully perform the physique technique. Ye Xuan’s King Talent technique wasn’t very coherent and it wasn’t until he performed the technique five times in one breath that the bones in his body cracked, meaning he finally performed perfectly the technique.

Ye Xuan felt really refreshed after performing a sets of the King Talent.

Time flew by in a blink of eyes.

Three days passed unknowingly as Ye Xuan worked and trained every day.

Maybe it was because he had defeated Master Dao and gave a ferocious lesson to Ye Wenfeng, his days were quite peaceful and nobody came to look for trouble

However, his colleague Fatty Xiao Pan came to look for him from time to time because he was worried about his stuttering due to the medicine Ye Xuan prescribed for him didn’t seem to work yet.

“Xiao Pan, why are you frowning all the time these last few days?”

Zhao Dahai couldn’t help but ask the frowning Xiao Pan who stood next to Ye Xuan in the security room.

“Captain, I’m fine. I’m ju-just worried about my stu-stuttering because my mom ar-arranged a blind date for me to-tonight.”

Xiao Pan said with a bitter smile.

“No wonder you were getting nervous. It turned out you were going to see a girl tonight! Didn’t Xuan Bro prescribed medicine for your stuttering?”

Zhao Dahai said with a teasing smile.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine. The prescription was given by Xuan Bro after all.”

The other guards also said with a smile.

“But… but…but it’s been a few days sin-since Xuan Bro gave me the medicine and I already fini-finished but my stu-stuttering didn’t im-improve.”

“If… if…if I got to to-tonight blind date li-like this, it-it’ll be a disaster.”

Xiao Pan was very worried.

The other expression darkened and kept silent.

They believe that Ye Xuan medical skills was extraordinary but they saw that Fatty Xiao Pan didn’t show any sign of improvement after taking the medicine these last few days, which made them lost some confidence in Ye Xuan.

“It will heal in an hour.”

Ye Xuan said after glancing at Xiao Pan.

Xiao Pan was stunned by the declaration but he was a bit skeptical.

Time passed but he still didn’t feel any improvement.

“Xuan Bro, can I… I…I really be cured?”

Xiao Pan couldn’t help but asked Ye Xuan again after an hour.

“Do you want to be cured?”

Ye Xuan asked.

“Of course I want to be cured!”

Xiao Pan replied without hesitation.

“See, aren’t you cured now? You’re speaking smoothly.”

Ye Xuan said with a smirk as he looked at his watch.

“I’m really cured?”

“Right, I don’t seem to stutter anymore when I speak!”

Fatty Xiao Pan was stunned when he realized it.

Xiao Pan then showed a face filled with happiness as he thanked Ye Xuan profusely. 

It was noon as time passed and the group was chatting and resting in the security room but a call for help suddenly resounded.

“Someone come help! Someone help!”

“The nurse is hitting people! Someone help!”

However, anxious scream for help was heard outside when they were enjoying their meal. They all put down their chopsticks and rushed outside with hast.

What they saw was an old woman with disheveled hair on the ground holding with a death grip a nurse who rushed back from outside with takeout as she yelled for help and attracted the attention of the crowd.

Ye Xuan recognized the nurse as Liang Xiaoyi, one of the nurses he saved.

Liang Xiaoyi’s face showed panic at the old woman holding her thigh tightly but didn’t dare to do anything except saying,

“Grandma, stop holding me, and I didn’t touch you at all. You fell in front of me by yourself.”

“I won’t let you go, you knocked me down! Aiyo, my body is hurting all over. You must give me compensation!”

The old woman cried out.

Ye Xuan could understand what happened with just a glance. Isn’t this an incident-faking extortionist?

“I…I didn’t touch you at all! Why… why do I have to compensate you! Grandma, just let me go, everybody is watching.”

Liang Xiaoyi said in a wronged voice.

“No! I won’t let it go! You’re the one who knocked me down and you still don’t admit it! You’re a nurse, don’t you have any decency? You must compensate me!”

“Grandma, how about I take you to get checkup?”

“No! You’re all liars and will say that I’m fine! I’m hurting all over.”

“Okay, then I’ll just give the money okay? How much do you want?”

“Five thousand, not a penny less!”

“No way!”

The old woman started to make a ruckus again when Liang Xiaoyi didn’t want to pay and slapped her how cheek before saying, “Big guy, come here and take a look. The nurse at the Xing Hai hospital hit people. Look at the handprint on my face, she slapped me. And the injury on my head was because she pushed me down!”

“Look at the handprint of the old woman’s face, the nurse didn’t really slapped on her face, right?”

“The injury on her head seems quite real, it shouldn’t be an hoax, right?”

“This shouldn’t be a hoax. Look at how the old lady is crying.”

“I didn’t expect the nurse in Xing Hai hospital to be so ill-behaved.”

“The nurse is so pretty too, why is this like this?”

The people around started to talk after watching the old woman cry and the injury on her head and face.

Liang Xiaoyi felt wronged as she faced the crowd talking and pointing. Her beautiful eyes tear up as she never expected to encounter such a situation.

She treated many patients with care as a nurse but why was she treated back like this?

Liang Xiaoyi felt very wronged and loss but she knew if this old woman kept making trouble, it would destroy her reputation as well as that of the hospital and she might even lose her job.

She gritted her teeth and whispered, “Okay, you want money, I’ll give it to you…”

But before Lang Xiaoyi could finish what she was about to say, a calm voice interrupted her.

“Xiaoyi, if you give her money today, you will completely ruin your own reputation and that of Xing Hai hospital, and she will continue to bother other people in the future.”

Ye Xuan then came with multiple security guards.

“Ye Xuan…”

Liang Xiaoyi muttered as if she found the lifesaving rope when she saw Ye Xuan.

“Don’t worry, I already know what happened. You were being extorted by her.”

Ye Xuan comforted her and patted her shoulder.

He knew what kind of person Liang Xiaoyi was. How could a kindhearted girl like her bully an elderly?

“Let her go and explain clearly what you were trying to do. I won’t make it difficult for an elderly like you.”

Ye Xuan indifferently said and coldly stared at the disheveled old woman.

“What do you want to do?”

“You want to use force? I… I’m telling you, I… I’m not afraid at all!”

“Everyone take a look! The hospital nurse and security guard want to beat people!”

The old lady shouted out and changed her face into a painful expression after seeing she was surrounded by security guard.

This old woman looked to be in her seventies and nobody knew how to deal with her tricks. They couldn’t really drag her by force, right?

“Alright… you can keep shouting. Captain Zhao, the camera there should have recorded everything here. Take out the recording and bring it!”

Ye Xuan calmly took command, “Xiao Wu, call the police. I want to see what this evil scammer and lying old woman would do!”

The old woman immediately started to panic when she heard that and looked at the camera while thinking back on her previous action.

She immediately released her hold on Liang Xiaoyi and bowed to Ye Xuan before crying while shaking her head, “I beg you, don’t call the police! I…I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

“I was trying to extort this nurse. I never had a job and extort people for a living! If I don’t do it, I’ll die!”

The dramatic change in the situation dumbfounded the surrounding people as they started to talk again.

At first, they looked at the injury on her as well as listened her cry and still felt compassion for her and thought it was Liang Xiaoyi’s fault but a security guard came and say a few sentence to completely turn the situation around while revealing the old lady true color.

A person like her that used her own age to take advantage of people was scary.



Suddenly, a truck who seemed out of control charged toward Liang Xiaoyi and all the surrounding people panic as they tried to dive away.

-Boom! Crack!-

Ye Xuan turned solemn and quickly carried Liang Xiaoyi away when he saw the truck was about to hit her.

The truck whizzed past Ye Xuan before crushing to old woman into meat past since she didn’t dodge in time and crashed into a tree.

“Xiaoyi, are you alright?”

Ye Xuan asked in concern after recuing her.

“I’m fine, thank you Ye Xuan.”

Liang Xiaoyi shook her head lightly.

“The truck is leaking oil. You should evacuate everyone here. I’ll go take a look.”

Ye Xuan told her before he went to truck that nearly crashed into them.

His intuition told him that the sudden accident wasn’t as simple as he thought.

That feeling became stronger the closer he got to the truck and even started to feel danger.

Ye Xuan got closer to take a look inside and immediately moved aside without hesitation.

-Da, Da, Da, Da!-

 Gunfire sound rang out as a series of bullet shot toward Ye Xuan.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan’s reaction speed was quick as he sensed danger and evaded the bullets that passed by his shirts without harming him.

He already determined the number of opponent from the gunfire and heartbeat he heard. There were two of them and the both of them held an MP5.

But before Ye Xuan could take any action, the truck’s door opened and two burly rushed out of the car and fired wildly at Ye Xuan with their MP5.

-Da, Da, Da, Da!-

-Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh!-

The bullets came at Ye Xuan from all direction and made his expression turn to extreme irritation. The power of the MP5 was multiplied at such a close distance and could be called killing machines.

Ye Xuan consecutively made a series of difficult evasion under heavy fire.

His body was leaping aside like a tiger while making complexes roll to dodge the bullets. Then he suddenly leaped and hid behind a trash can while evading all the bullets.


The two killers were about to fire their gun again but Ye Xuan kicked the trash can powerfully and turned it to a cannonball as it flew toward the two killers. The move forced them to split up.

But just as they avoided the trash can, Ye Xuan was hiding behind it as a shadow and black trace flashed away as he passed them.

A blade reflection also flashed as the two men’s body froze up. Two line of blood appeared on their neck as blood flowed out of it little by little. The life in them leaked out of their bodies.

“You… You…”

Their covered their neck as they mouths tried to talk while looking at the cold faced Ye Xuan with fear and disbelief. They feared their incoming death and desperately clung to last breath.

They were deader than dead.

The knife in Ye Xuan’s hand shone under the glare of sunlight.

This knife killed without a stain.


A flaming bullet hit the truck’s fuel tank and detonated it while Ye Xuan killed the other two.

A huge explosion resounded as the explosion force and fire engulfed where Ye Xuan was.

The death god descended.

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