Medical Martial God Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Demon God Shrine.

Nighthawk, a quasi-silver rank members of the Cyan Emperor Pagoda who possessed excellent melee fighting skills, speed, strength and extraordinary sniping skills. He also possessed quite a bit of reputation amongst the world’s assassin organization and was the leader of Jack the Ripper and the other two.

He would be promoted to the silver rank after returning to the Cyan Emperor Pagoda as long he successfully completed this mission with the other three.

He thought that the mission was quite easy but he didn’t expect to kick into an iron wall instead. He went outside to take a walk but came back to see their target coming up to their door and beat down so miserably the three men under him that the three of them were either killed or heavily injured.

He also had unwillingly to kill his subordinate in order to not reveal their secrets.


He was about to snipe at Ye Xuan again when he heard a gunshot. A bullet filled with killing intent went straight toward him as he saw the bullet getting larger as it closed on him and gave him a sense of life and death crisis.

“Fuck! How did that guy know where I was?”

Nighthawk cursed as he jumped down from the tree without hesitation and nimbly rolled on the ground.

At the moment he just leaped down, the trunk where he had just stood burst out after being hit by the bullet.

Nighthawk lay down on the ground and was about to snipe at Ye Xuan again but found out he wasn’t in the villa anymore and disappeared without a trace.

“He hid himself so fast?”

Nighthawk frowned at this but didn’t have any attention to act rashly as he stayed on the ground and watched the area with the scope as he waited for Ye Xuan to appear again. 

He had enough patience as an expert sniper.

It was the safest to not react too much to change under such situation.

Nighthawk watched the villa with his scope but it still didn’t have any movement.

One minute.

Two minutes

Five minutes

Nighthawk was gradually losing his patience.

He crawled on the ground and slowly moved in order to change angles.


But an ear piercing gunshot rang out at this moment.

A bullet traveled at extreme speed and cut through the night air toward him and hit his shoulder before Nighthawk could react.


A painful scream came out of Nighthawk as the pain made him frantically roll onto the uninjured side.


Another gunshot sound rang again.

The bullet was fired from the villa’s roof and hit accurately Nighthawk’s right leg.

The terrifying power of the bullet pierced through and made a hold in his leg as blood spurted everywhere.


Nighthawk couldn’t bear with the pain of injury anymore as he abruptly stood up and furiously roared out.

“Come out! Come out right now, you fucking punk!”

“Come on, get out!”

This guy didn’t know that he was still alive because Ye Xuan didn’t want to kill him yet. 

“Come out, you fucking coward! Come out and fight me!”

Nighthawk taunted again when he saw there was no answer.

“Are you sure you want me to come out?”

A cold voice resounded behind him at the next moment and sent him into panic.

He wanted to turn around but he felt a cold blade on his neck and froze up when he was about to. The cold touch of the blade made him feel as if he was sent into a freezing hell as his whole body started felt cold but still sweated profusely.

“Ho-how did you come here from up there?”

Nighthawk asked with a trembling voice as he stared at the knife on his neck in horror.

After all, the villa was more than six hundred meters from his location and he could determine that Ye Xuan was at the roof from the previous gunshot.

However, Ye Xuan came up to him silently and put his knife on his neck in a few seconds. How couldn’t he be surprised at that?

His movement technique was too unusual.

He didn’t know that Ye Xuan was the best at sniping combat and this mountain forest was hi favorite terrain to battle on.

He was the king here.

“You have two choice, you either die cleanly or tortured to death. Which one do you chose?”

Ye Xuan emotionlessly said to the terrified Nighthawk.


Words stuck at Nighthawk throat as he didn’t what to say when he sensed Ye Xuan’s killing intent and his ultimatum.

After all, both option led to death!

“Who sent you guys? Answer me!”

Ye Xuan asked commandingly. 

“De-Death God Satan!”

Nighthawk answered subconsciously under Ye Xuan’s pressure.

“Death God Satan?”

Ye Xuan’s frowned as his eyes glowed with a cold light.

Death God Satan was a core member of the Cyan Emperor Pagoda and one of twelve gods under the Cyan Emperor. He possessed enormous strength along with unpatrolled charisma and extraordinary status. He was also in charge of the Death God Shrine with a large number of dead servants working under him. They were really good at assassination and were bloodthirsty as well as brutal. They once slaughtered a big name family with only one of their members. He was a very difficult opponent.

“Why is he sending you?”

Ye Xuan asked him again.

“Lord Death God Satan gave us two tasks. One is to come assassinate you because we received a request to kill you. Two is asked us to investigate the secret that Leng Qingcheng is hiding!”

Nighthawk replied as his whole body trembled in fear.

“What secret?”

Ye Xuan asked in confusion.

“This… I also don’t know! Lord Death God Satan didn’t tell us!”

Nighthawk quickly replied and didn’t dare to hide anything.

Ye Xuan thought for a moment before asking, “How’s the Demon God Shrine in the Western Shura World?”

“The Demon God Shrine?”

Nighthawk showed great contempt when he heard Ye Xuan as he proudly declared, “The Demon King as long been taken down by the Cyan Emperor and the other three emperors! The powers and riches of the Demon God Shrine were divided and taken by the four emperors! The headquarter of the Demon God Shrine had been smashed into dust and only ruins remained. It is now a deserted place filled by the jungle and weeds!”

Sadness passed over Ye Xuan’s eyes when he heard that.

It was a place filled with happy and precious memories but now it was a ruin and jungle.

“What about his men and the generals under him?”

Ye Xuan asked again after bottling down the complicated thoughts in his mind.

“Who knows? People said that when the Demon King fell, they stood guard at the headquarter when the four emperor attacked but were defeated by them. Some are dead or wounded but there is no news of their whereabouts! But even if some of them are alive, they wouldn’t dare to show up due to the four emperors!”

Nighthawk face was filled with hatred as he happily said, “If you ask me, those guys under the Demon King deserve to die! Who told them to oppose our Cyan Emperor?”

“Brat, let me tell you, the Cyan Emperor Pagoda is very strong, it is not something a small fry like you can povoke. Even the Demon King was destroyed, you better know what’s good for you. If you let me go, maybe you…”

But just as Nighthawk was talking, the dagger suddenly slid his throat and interrupted him.

“You…you…you dare to kill me?”

A blood mark appeared on Nighthawk throat before the neck spray out a large amount of blood as he looked at Ye xuan in horror.


Then all strength left his body as he heavily plopped down to the ground and died.


Ye Xuan didn’t look at the corpse as he turned around and walked toward the foot of the mountain.

He had a general idea of what was happening in Western Shura World thanks to Nighthawk. Ye Xuan’s didn’t relax as his mood turned even more serious.

He thought that the four emperors would stop after killing him but they even took their army to destroy the Demon God Shrine he founded.

He didn’t expect those guys to defend the headquarter and died or injured doing so that nobody where they were anymore.

No wonder why their phones number didn’t work.

It turned out those guys in distress and suffering.

He wondered how many of his men even survived.

He reached a hand to his pocket subconsciously but didn’t find any cigarette.

Thus, he grabbed a nearby green foxtail  and looked up to the full moon in the night sky as munched the herb and let the bitter taste spread in his mouth before muttering, 

“I need to become stronger quickly! I can only return to the Western Shura World when I’m strong enough, and when I do, I must find my men and reunite use again!”

“Brothers, wait for me!”

Ye Xuan walked and disappeared into the night.

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