Medical Martial God chapter 85

Chapter 85: Sniping in the forest.

“Everybody who said this to me is dead.”

Ye Xuan casually replied with smirk as he ignored the ferocious stare from the two remaining men.


Ye Xuan moved once more after saying his piece.

He was like a cheetah running at his prey as he charged toward Jack the Ripper at an insane speed and blasted the wind in his wake.

Ye Xuan arrived in front of Jack in an instant as he swung harshly his right leg at him.

“Insignificant skills!”

Jack sneered as he crossed his hand to block Ye Xuan’s kick.


Ye Xuan’s kick was just about to land on Jack but he seemed to have felt something as his changed to trajectory of his leg and used his body’s axis, he spun away.

The bright cold light flashed in front of Jack just as Ye Xuan completed his maneuver and two sharp knives appeared in Jack’s hands.

His leg would definitely been injured by the knives if he didn’t retract his attack in time.


Jack looked solemn as his move was seen through but was about to launch his assault on Ye Xuan when Ye Xuan moved away and spun again as his elbow accurately hit with a powerful force under Jack’s arm.

-tap, tap, tap-

Jack’s was knocked back and took a dozen steps backward before he stopped. He felt extreme pain from his ribs as his face contorted in pain.

Ye Xuan was much stronger than he expected.

“Go die brat!”

A voice filled with killing was heard behind Ye Xuan as he tried to follow his attack on Jack. It was Zach who tried to sneak attack him from behind.

His butcher knife that could easily cut through bones was swung toward Ye Xuan’s back. If he was hit, Ye Xuan’s body would definitely be cut in half.


But Ye Xuan seemed to have eyes behind his head as he didn’t even look back and just spun sideways to dodge Zack’s slash.


Zack was taken aback by the miss and failed to react when Ye Xuan’s powerful fist smashed onto his face.

The powerful force of the punch distorted Zack’s face as he was sent flying and smashed into a pillar in the hall.

Zack was about to fight through the pain and try to launch another assault but Ye Xuan appeared beside him like a ghost and crashed into him with a powerful shoulder charge.


Massive amounts of blood and shattered teeth were sprayed out of Zack’s mouth.

Mount Tai Peak!

But Ye Xuan’s offensive didn’t end there as he kneed him in the stomach with a terrifying amount of energy behind it.


Butcher Zack bend over like a shrimp.


Ye Xuan then followed up with elbow drop on his back.


Zack slowly fell to the ground while clutching his throat. He was unable fight anymore.

“Die, punk!”

Jack yelled out coldly as he finally came on the offensive and support his ally as he flew in the air like a bat before swooping down and thrust his knives at Ye Xuan’s chest.

This was Jack the Ripper most prideful technique, Ripper Assassination!

One it hit the opponent, the knife will cut all the way down until the belly was cut wide open.


But Ye Xuan didn’t fear it at all as he took out his army knife and slashed horizontally.

A shocking scene to Jack happened the next moment.

Ye Xuan’s knife cut through easily his knives into two parts and slashed toward his way without stop under Jack horrified gaze.

Jack panicked as he didn’t have the time to dodge or block.

He could only watch as the army knife cut his knives into two halves and slash his face.


As Jack miserable and painful scream rang, a frightening wound appeared at the center of his nose as blood gushed out.

From a distance, it looked like his face had been cut open in half as his nasal bones was cut and could be seen along with the blood vessel. 


Jack the Ripper completely lost his ability to fight back after received such as blow from Ye Xuan as he covered his face with his hand and rolled on the ground while screaming in pain. He looked particularly miserable.

This guy could be considered as a cripple now.

“Tell me which son of a bitch under the Cyan Emperor sent you?”

Ye Xuan asked in a stern tone and stepped on Jack to stop him from trashing around.

“Haha, you want to get answer from me? In your dream! Haha!”

Jack laughed crazily after hearing Ye Xuan.

“You at least some backbones…”

Ye Xuan sneered as took out a bottle of corpse melting liquid and slowly opened the bottle cap.


He dropped a drop of the liquid on Jack’s hand.


Jack screamed in terror as smoke started to rise from his hand and his skin and bones started to slowly melt. The melting gradually spread from his hand to his the rest of his arm.

“Tell me who sent you here? It is the Cyan Emperor himself?”

Ye Xuan coldly looked at Jack and asked again.

“AH! My hand! My arm! Please, just kill me!”

But Jack was plunged in endless fear as he could only watch his arm slowly melt away and spreading toward his body.

If it kept going like this, his body would disappear little by little until nothing remained.

“Tell me and I will release you from the pain!”

Ye Xuan said.

“Ye Xuan, I… I won’t let you go even when I turn into a ghost!”

Jack gave Ye Xuan a spiteful look before swallowing the blade hidden in his mouth and killed himself to relieve his pain.

At the end, his body turned into white smoke due to the liquid and completely dissipated without leaving a single trace as if he was never there.


Zack gulped down in fear as he turned pale after witness that.

“Since he’s dead, it’s your turn to answer the question now.”

Ye Xuan said as he walked up to Zack.

Zack didn’t dare to hide anything after witnessing Jack’s horrible death as he said with a trembling voice, “Sir Ye, yes I will…”


But a gunshot rang out at this moment before Zack could say anything else.

A sniper bullet filled with murderous intent came from the dense forest outside of the villa and flew toward Ye Xuan without warning.


Ye Xuan didn’t hesitate to throw himself to the side and let the bullet pass by him.


Then immediately after the bullet hit Zack’s head with precision and exploded his head on the spot, ending his life under Ye Xuan’s angry gaze.

Ye Xuan’s face turned ugly as he realized that the shot was just a distraction and that the sniper real target was Zack.

The other side was able to predict Ye Xuan’s movement and able to fire this kind of shot that could threaten Ye Xuan and kill Zack with a single bullet. It proved the sniper skills.


Ye Xuan was about to make a move but saw a bright reflect at in the distance and rolled toward Hank’s without hesitation.


Another bullet came in and burst a hole in the villa.


Ye Xuan took this opportunity to get Hank’s sniper in hand as his aura changed abruptly and suddenly turned back before randomly pulled the trigger without aiming.


The bullet went straight to the dense forest.

Locating the position based on sound and shot blindly while under attack.

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