Medical Martial God chapter 84

Chapter 84: Battle in the Night.

The sniper Hank had long since left when Ye Xuan and Leng Qingcheng arrived at the building led lights.

How could he obediently stay in place and let the enemy approach as an expert sniper?

Although Ye Xuan didn’t find him here, he found the bullet shell he left behind.

“How the people from Cyan Emperor Pagoda came so fast?”

He eyes showed the seriousness of the situation as he stared at the unique mark on the bullet shell.

He didn’t expect the members of the Cyan Emperor Pagoda would move so quickly after he killed Nasak.

Ye Xuan guessed that the opponent wasn’t very strong from his previous shot and should be lower bronze grade from the Cyan Emperor Pagoda otherwise he would be already dead by now.

Of course, even then he shouldn’t be underestimated.

After all, it was really hard to get into the Cyan Emperor Pagoda as they needed to pass a rigorous test. Bronze members from the Pagoda were comparable to silver ranked assassins and were even a bit stronger. The standard for measuring their strength was different.

“What wrong?”

Leng Qingcheng asked when she saw the serious expression on Ye Xuan.

“Nothing, let’s go home.”

Ye Xuan shook his head and soon left with Leng Qingcheng.

It was 11pm when they returned to their villa but Su Xiaomeng wasn’t asleep yet as she was playing games on her tablet as usual.

“Hey, why did the two of you come back so late? Staying here alone it’s boring me to death!”

Su Xiaomeng complained as soon she saw them come back.

She stayed at home all day and was thoroughly bored.

“Alright, stop crying and complaining. How about I play some games with you?”

Ye Xuan proposed with a smile when he saw Su Xiaomeng teary face.

At 3am in the middle of the night, the sleeping Ye Xuan opened his eyes.

He yawned and stretched himself before clothing himself and left the villa with the Mercedes G10.

Half an hour later, Ye Xuan appeared in a cozy suite.

Sitting in front of him was a beautiful woman with a black lace nightdress.

She had a beautiful and delicate face with long and wavy hair. Her slender and perfect figure was wrapped by the nightdress and her neckline was so deep that it showed a snow white cleavage. The dress stopped above her thighs and exposed her long and smooth legs for him to see. The sight was very alluring and full of temptation.

This beauty was none other than the manager of the black market shop, Ye Qianwei.

Ye Qianwei couldn’t help but be nervous as she looked at Ye Xuan in front of her as her heartbeat sped up.

She didn’t know why Ye Xuan came to see her so late at night. Couldn’t they talk during the day?

Why did have to be at night?

She had been constantly told to meet all the demands of this man in front of her and that was why Ye Qianwei imagination ran a bit wild.

After all, she and Ye Xuan were alone in the room in the middle of the night.

She wouldn’t know what to do if Ye Xuan really wanted to do something to her.

“Mr. Ye, you came so late to find me, what can I do for you?”

Ye Qianwei asked with a sweet smile while pouring wine for Ye Xuan as put away her chaotic thoughts.

Ye Qianwei couldn’t help but picture Ye Xuan doing naughty things to her in bed when she asked the question.

Ye Xuan pick up the glass of wine and carefully tasted it while at the same time he stared appreciatively at Ye Qianwei’s slender legs and didn’t respond.

How he acted further convinced Ye Qianwei of her thoughts as her hand caressed her hair while a seductive appeared on her beautiful face.

“Mr. Ye, you can ask anything. I’m always alone at home and there’s nobody else here.”

She dropped hints to Ye Xuan in her sentence.

But Ye Xuan didn’t answer until he drank all the wine and slowly said, “Miss Ye, I’m sorry for disturbing you so late at night. This wine is quite good!”

“If Mr. Ye likes it, I’ll pour you another glass!”

Ye Qianwei hurriedly said.

But Ye Xuan shook his head gently and said, “I actually came here so late because I wanted to inquire the location of some people.”

Ye Qianwei was a bit dumbfounded by this and didn’t think that Ye Xuan would come for this reason at such a late hour. She already prepared her mind and body for this, and couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed by this.

“Mr. Ye, please ask!”

She quickly recovered her spirit and said.

“The Cyan Emperor Pagoda are here, you should know where they are, right?”

Ye Xuan asked as his eyes glowed for a moment.

Ye Qianwei stayed silent for a bit before nodding her head and said, “I don’t know why but there were three bronze ranked members of The Cyan Emperor Pagoda that came. The Sniper Hank, Jack the Ripper and Butcher Zack. They are at the Sea Cloud Villa outside the city.”

“Thank you! Also, help me finds the items written on this paper.”

Ye Xuan gave her a slip of paper after getting the answer he was looking for, and then he stood up before leaving.

“It is because am I not charming enough?”

Ye Qianwei said with a bitter smile after she looked Ye Xuan leave and at the paper before glance at her own body.

The Sea Cloud villa was located at the Sea Cloud hill outside of Xing Hai. It had been abandoned for a long time and few people came here anymore.

At this moment, there were three middle aged men sat in the living room chatting while eating barbecue.

The three middle aged man were the Sniper Hank, Jack the Ripper who had blond hair and wore a suite and Butcher Zack who was playing with a knife.

“Come on Hank, you’re too embarrassing. You can’t even take care of a trash that had been kicked out of his family.”

“He’s right. How about I go meet that brat? My butcher knife haven’t tasted blood for a few days.”

Jack the Ripper and Butcher Zack poked fun at Sniper Hank while eating their barbecue.

“Tsk, what do the two of you know? I was purposely trying to scare the brat. I would only need a single bullet if I wanted to kill him!”

Sniper Hank justified himself when the two of them were making fun of him.


Hank shushed the other when he seemed to had heard something and looked at the door.



The closed door suddenly burst open and set the dust everywhere.

A slender figure slowly emerged from the dust under their unsightly gaze.

“He is… the trash Ye Xuan?”

Shocked and disbelieving words came out of their mouths as they stared at Ye Xuan.

They didn’t expect one of their mission targets to come up to their door.

“You guys are really here.”

Ye Xuan calmly said as his mouth curved into a smirk.

“There’s a way to heaven for you but you don’t take it. There’s no door to hell and yet you barge in it.”

“Brat, I don’t know how you found this place but you got guts to come here alone!”

The three men all sneered when they heard Ye Xuan.


A terrifying power burst out from Ye Xuan feet as he charged toward the three men like an charging bull.

He arrived in front of them in just a moment and used the momentum to rotate and kick out with a powerful force with his right leg.

Wind God Wrath!



The three men were all simultaneously hit by Ye Xuan’s kick as a powerful force entered their body and sent them back.

-tap, tap, tap-

They all need a dozen of steps before they could stabilize their body. The arms that blocked the kick were completely numb as blood flowed down from the corner of their mouths.


Hank expression turned serious as his hand reached out to his waist to pull out his gun and was about to shoot at Ye Xuan but was shocked to find that Ye Xuan already disappeared from his line of sight.

He felt a deep sense of danger as he subconsciously raised his head upward.

Ye Xuan appeared again and fell toward him like an meteor.

Thousand Jun Drop!

Ye Xuan’s feet carried a thousand Jun and heavily dropped onto Hank’s shoulder before he could anything.


The sound of bones breaking resounded as Hank’s knees bent due to not being able to withstand the pressure and ended up kneeling of the ground.

Ye Xuan jumped off his shoulder and spun in midair before his right leg charged up with power again and kicked powerfully at Hank’s chin.

Wind God Wrath!



Hank’s sprayed out blood like a fountain as his body was sent flying like a kicked football and crashed into the wall.

“You… You…”

He pointed his finger at Ye Xuan and struggled to say anything.

But before he could say anything, his body trembled and fell.

Breath left his body as he died.

Everything happened in just a moment and when Zack and Jack regained their sense and shouted out in panic and fear but Hank had already been killed by Ye Xuan.


But no answer was heard.

He couldn’t be deader that he was.

The two stopped to pay attention to the dead Hank as their gaze turned toward Ye Xuan while oozing out killing intent as they furiously said,

“Brat, you’re dead!”

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