I Know Everything chapter 11

Chapter 11: Failure?

On the second day after the publication of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, the small noodle shop served 385 guests and set a record since their opening.

The three hundreds bowls of plain noodle were all sold clean and the kitchen couldn’t produce anymore as the hungry customers could only eat and finish the rest of the topping and the minced meat noodles.

The three members of the Shui family were so tired that they didn’t even want to talk anymore. Uncle Shui sweat so much today that he perfectly achieved the exercising he vowed to do.

Chen Huan mood was much better.

Although he didn’t get any answer from the system, he was optimistic that each day would be better than the last.

Even more youngster came to line up for the shop after two days word of mouth amongst their circles of friends.

The shop was filled with people from opening to closure. This bitch wouldn’t act like nothing happened right?

If it was the case then, he would just take it as a fart and no longer listen to it.

Putting those matter aside, Chen Huan still felt very proud about the fact he was able write a story that was able the small noodle shop flourish.

With this kind of excitement, Chen Huan went to the meant restaurant not far away and brought back some pork ears and beef along with a few bowl of porridge at the congee shop before setting them on a table.

It was already 8 o’clock in the evening.

The trio from the Shui family who tired themselves for more than twelve hours could barely open their eyes.

Shui Qingshan reluctantly sat at the table and could barely eat the porridge and the meat as he said, “I’ll go sleep after eating. We won’t open tomorrow! I’ve cooked all the noodles I had, right?”

“Right, right” Xia He was also very tired, “We must take a good rest tomorrow, otherwise we won’t be able to do it anymore.”

“Really?” Chen Huan panicked, “Uncle, Aunty, the business just begin to improve. How can you guys slack off? We should put up more effort and consolidate our gain!”

“But we won’t be able to do it we keep tiring ourselves like this!” Shui Qingshan said with a bitter smile, “Xiao Huan, just what did you do? How could it be so magical? I couldn’t believe how many supportive they were today. It was as if I was a chef from a three stars Michelin restaurant! So I sneakily tasted the dishes and it tasted fucking horrible!”

“Chen Huan wrote a story and wrote us all in it.” Shui Qingyu staggered to a side and pulled out a newspaper, “Look, this is the one, you can look at it later. All the customers that came today were because of this.”

“Really? How can a story be so strong?” Xia He took the newspaper, “Okay… ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’… No wonder they ordered the Plain Noodle! It’s seems to be real!”

She was very tired but she fought back her fatigue and read through the story.

Xia He cried as she looked at it. She used half a roll of paper to wipe her tears.

“Buhu… this is so sad!”

“I’m so touched~~”

“Really good! Really Good!”

Shui Qingshan was shocked at her heartfelt emotion.

He leaned in disbelief and carefully read it.

After a moment, Shui Qingshan raised his head and asked in disbelief, “Chen Huan, did you write this?”

“Of course.” Chen Huan answered smoothly while he sipped his porridge.

“But how could you write something that gave such a feeling? You must have went through a lot of things to do so!”

Shui Qingshan said.

“Just like when we write songs, we must have that emotion in us to be able to write good songs otherwise it’s just pointless moaning! This story is filled with sincerity and shows the sincerest form and the simplest form of friendship!”

Chen Huan was a bit surprised by his words as he said, “Yo, uncle, I didn’t know you were so cultured.”

Shui Qingshan said with a smile, “Aiyo, not really, you even wrote us family in this story. This is a glorious thing for us! Maybe a hundred year later, the people will keep reading this and remember my family of three!”

As soon he said that, he wife and daughter stared daggers at him as he went ahead of himself and declared the work immortal.

“I think we should stay closed tomorrow.” Shui Qianyu withdrawn her stare and supported Chen Huan.

“We don’t lack money but the small noodle shop has such a good business now, it also the fruit of our hard work! We should to continue to run our shop well. If we can’t do that, can we change and control our fate?”

“Daughter, just spare your old father.” Shui Qingshan smiled bitterly, “If I continued like this, I would tired myself so much that I will end up in a hospital after three or five days.”

“We can hire some aunties that have nothing to do to help us clean up and serve the customers.”

Chen Huan suggested.

“We can just serve plain noodles the next few days and uncle just had to take care of seasonings while aunty take care of collecting the money while Shui Qianyu and I would take care of the noodles.”

“We can hire people but can you two do it well?” Xia He asked as she was starting to be convinced.

Women, no matter how rich they were, they wouldn’t easily let go of an opportunity to make more money.

“We should at least do better than dad, right?” Shui Qianyu was in favor of this proposal.

Shui Qingshan’s old face blushed as he said, “Cough, cooking plain noodles is actually very simple. I’ll just let you two get some experience.”

“Okay, then it’s decided!” Xia He patted the table, “Quickly go rest, we have another battle tomorrow.”

As Chen Huan expected, the small shop business was very good for the next four days.

437 bowls, 420 bowls, 450 bowls and 470 bowls were the numbers of blows they served at the small noodle shop in those four days.

Everyone that came was very happy that they could come here take pictures successfully.

But ‘Nobody is better than me’ system still didn’t respond to Chen Huan.

Chen Huan wondered if everything he experienced was a dream that day. The business of the sixth day dropped like a landslide as they sold less than 300 bowls.

It wasn’t the end as the number dropped to 200 bowls at the seventh day.

There were only seven to eight people standing in the line at the morning. Then from noon to night, people would come in continue but there was no crowd anymore and some people would urge to come inside.

It seemed that because there were not many people standing line and the cheerful attitude decreased a lot.

What happened!

Could it be there was only this little potential in the mighty city of LA and province of Zhejiang?

They should at least persist for a month and let me finish the mission before dropping!

Were all those comment in there internet lies?

Didn’t my handsomeness come with attracting effect?”

A Bowl of Plain noodle that was known to have moved the world, was it only this much?! Hard on the outside but soft in the inside. (basically mean that it’s all bark and no bite)


Doesn’t mean I’m going to fail?

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