I Know Everything chapter 10

Chapter 10: Internet famous place.

The people were actually lining up next to the door now and took their turn to take a picture of the small noodle shop curtain at the entrance.

They felt excited when they saw Shui Qianyu open the door.

“Little sister, is this open?”

“Can we go in?”

“Hey, husband, look, such a cute little girl… she, she wouldn’t be Shui Qianyu, right?”

“Hey, little sister, are you called Shui Qianyu?”

The queue was filled with youngster and they surrounded Shui Qianyu as their chattered like ducks.

Shui Qianyu forcible resisted the urge to shoot the ducks one by one and smiled, “Dear brothers and sisters, we can only accept 28 people at the same time, and please go in an orderly fashion! Please only enter after people come out and please don’t squeeze in. Then directly place your order to the waiter inside.”

She didn’t have the patience to answer the questions of these people. Otherwise would she be able to work if other people started asking?

But even if she didn’t answer, everybody could guess from her age that she was Shui Qianyu.

However, they didn’t think much about it either as a couple in the front stepped in.

The moment they entered into the shop, the men pleasantly exclaimed with surprise, “Wow, Xiao Qin, look! Table two is really reservation seats!”

He noticed that his girlfriend was distracted and gave her a strange look, “What’s wrong …”


He didn’t need the girl to answer as he saw what she was looking, Chen Huan.

Chen Huan was at 172cm was definitely not in the short side in Lin’An.

The fact was he was very handsome, the type of handsomeness that would put people’s mind in shambles.

The girl blanked as soon she saw him. The fact that she didn’t start to drool already showed her willpower!

Such a cute little brother!

She really wanted to hug him!

These two thought flowed wilder in the girl’s mind.

The men looked at her blank expression and looked again at Chen Huan before he couldn’t help but order with a loud voice, “Hey, waiter! We want two bowls of plain noodles!”

“Okay, please sit here!”

Chen Huan the attitude a waiter should have and smiled, which caused the girl’s eyes to shine again.

The next twenty groups of peoples who had girls had all acted in a similar fashion as her.

They all sneaked glance at busy Chen Huan before everyone went to take a picture of table two.

As for the noodle’s taste…

Very few people cared…

But the man who entered felt angry and complained to his girlfriend without concern, “Xiao Qian, this shop’s noodle is not good at all! I think this all a gimmick! It’s a trap!”

“Hey, can you speak more clearly? Who’s tricking you?” The girl facing him didn’t like what he said, “There’s the price list there and it’s said 5 yuan for 100g of plain noodle. It’s the market price, okay?”

“Right, and did Teacher Chu said his ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was real? It’s a literature work, if you want to take it so seriously, why don’t you go be a detective?”

A person nearby said and she was also a female.

“We came here to experience the feelings of the story and the affection that the boss’s family have! We are here to feel the good vibe!”

The girl seeing her boyfriend being scolded, quickly change the subject. “Don’t mind him, he has always been difficult…if you ask me, this was a good trip! Not only Shui Qianyu is so cute and sensible, there also that salivating little brother…. Wow, if I wasn’t single, I would want to take him home!”

“Right, right, right!” A girl from the next table heard them and joined the conversation, “Tsk, he looks so delicate, he must a high school student! I still have some moral bottom line, otherwise I would do him today!”

This female was about twenty three or four years old and looked like a fresh college graduate. She was very beautiful and wore beige professional attire. She gave of the feeling of a sly woman in an honest looks.

Miss is so awesome!

The group of girl heard her and couldn’t help but raise their thumbs up in their mind for her.

Unfortunately, the busy Chen Huan also heard it.

He glanced at the miss and blushed before walked away.

“Haha, he’s shy, so cute!” A woman in her thirties unabashedly said with a laugh.


If this young master was a few years older, I would learn from the god of war Zhao Yun and wipe you all out, do you believe it?

Chen Huan won the spiritual victory and protected his virtue. He would only keep his head straight and work hard instead going do X to those misses.

The small noodle shop’s noodle were really not very tasty and even plain noodles were undeniable the same.

But the people who came here to eat had waited for a long time and when it was time to eat, they mostly finished it.

The people in modern society had a very fast pace of life. They only came here to check out a famous place from the internet and didn’t pay much attention to their meal.

Therefore, most customers would take a photo of table two, take a selfie of them on table two, take a special photo of plain noodle in front of them and take a photo of them eating the plain noodles before finishing quickly the noodles and leaving.

The whole process wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes in average.

With that being the case and with Chen Huan working with the Shui family, the restaurant emptied at 9 o’clock after opening at 7:30 o’clock, which was half an hour earlier than usually.

But this idleness wasn’t the same as before.

Before long, one or two people would come and repeat the same process as the people who came earlier this morning.

Chen Huan noticed that most of them were young people in their twenties.

It should be like this now that he thought about it.

Only young people were impatient like that. They wanted to come at this famous place at the first opportunity before bragging to their friends or social Medias.

The problem was…

After these young people come once, they generally wouldn’t come back again.

The Qianting Evening News was only a provincial newspaper in the Zhejian province and its influence was only in the province or more exactly it was around Lin’An.

If this group of people got their fill, wouldn’t the small noodle shop start to cool down again?

“My good brother?”

“My good grandpa?”

“Hey, this is what you said.  Our business was so good today, we had served more than a hundred customers. It’s a happy day for the small noodle shop! My mission should be completed right? Shouldn’t we settle the bill?”

“Hey, do you think you can hide away just because you don’t talk? Where’s your basic etiquette? Where is the basic trust between friends?”

Just like previous time, not matter how much Chen Huan talked, ‘Nobody is better than me’ Lord System just ignored him and didn’t respond at all!

If it wasn’t for the last time being so realistic, Chen Huan would have thought he hallucinated or something, because there was no such garbage system like this one!

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