Medical Martial God chapter 83

Chapter 83: Cyan Emperor Pagoda.


Ye Wenfeng’s shrill scream echoed in the restaurant and caused the people to shiver in fear.

 Especially Yu Danian and Wang Tao who were particularly arrogant after Ye Wenfeng’s arrival.

Their mouths were wide open as they stared dumbfounded at Ye Wenfeng being stomped by Ye Xuan. The shock they felt was beyond words.

After all, Ye Wenfeng wasn’t an ordinary person from the Ye Family. He was the big young master of the Ye Family and the heir of the Ye Group as well as one of the four great heroes of Xing Hai and whose status and influence were amongst the highest in the young generation.

But now he was being stomped by the Ye Family’s reject, Ye Xuan. It was something unbelievable and it subverted their belief and expectation.

To them, Ye Xuan should be the one that was being stepped on by Ye Wenfeng and beg for mercy.

“Lin Bingxue, what are you doing!? Hurry up and save me!”

Ye Wenfeng shouted angrily at the masked beauty standing beside him.

But Lin Bingxue only glared at him coldly for a moment before retracting her gaze.

She could feel clearly the huge gape in strength between her and Ye Xuan. Hence she didn’t dare to face the insanely strong Ye Xuan.

Moreover, this guy also lifted her veil…

As for Ye Wenfeng’s safety, it had nothing to do with her.

He wasn’t qualified to give her orders!

“No one can save you today!”

Ye Xuan ruthlessly declared and he slowly exerted strength on the foot.

“AH! Ye Xuan, you fucking trash! The whole Ye Family won’t let you off if you dare to touch me!”

Ye Wenfeng furious wailed and screamed as he felt the severe pain from his chest.

He didn’t expect that Ye Xuan would dare to do this to him.

“Ye Family? Sorry but I don’t give a shit about them! One day, they would all bow down to me!”

But he only got Ye Xuan’s indifferent response.


Ye Xuan suddenly stomped harder as the sound broken bones resounded.

Ye Wenfeng’s ribs had been broken by him.


Heart piercing screams continued to come out from Ye Wenfeng’s mouth as he kept rolling on the ground in pain.

“This is for provoking me time and time again. If there’s a next time, I won’t just break a few of your ribs.”

Ye Xuan warned him before he turned around to leave and ignored the rest of the people while leaving a shocked crowd behind.

Leng Qingcheng returned to her sense when she saw Ye Xuan leave and quickly followed after him while suppressing the shock she felt.

Everybody was deeply shocked as they watched Ye Xuan’s back, whenever they were Qing Yu, the masked beauty Liu Bingxue or other people.

Wang Tao and Yu Danian felt extreme fear and regret after seeing how Ye Wenfeng ended up.

This guy was a terrifying being who even dared to waste Ye Wenfeng.

If Yu Danian knew how strong and ferocious he was, why would he provoke him?

And how could Wang Tao act so retarded and become his sworn enemy if he knew?

Whoever had the biggest fist in this world, had the final say.

Both of them felt regretful and also knew that they undoubtedly missed a good opportunity to get along with Ye Xuan.

Moreover, Wang Tao even got himself kicked out of the Crazy Dragon Gang.

While Qing Yu was the biggest winner amongst them. He was gravely injured by Master Dao but he certainly received goodwill from Ye Xuan.

“What are you guys still? Quickly take them to the mountain and feed them to the dogs!”

Qing Yu ruthlessly ordered as he stared at Wang Tao and Yu Danian after he struggled to stand up from the ground.

His subordinate immediately dragged the both of them into a car after hearing his command.

Soon after, the car drove toward the barren mountain at the outskirt of the city.

The people dispersed after that but the news of Ye Xuan beating up Ye Wenfeng spread around all over Xing Hai.

One was a trash that got kicked out of the Ye Family.

One was a big shot young master that had been nurtured by the Ye Family.

The two collided but who would have thought that I would be the trash that ended up trampling on the big shot young master?

This was undoubtedly a shock to whoever hear the tale.

On the way back, Leng Qingcheng was sitting on the passenger side while stared at Ye Xuan who was driving casually. Her heart was unable to calm down whenever she thought of his domineering act earlier.

She really didn’t understand how Ye Xuan became so strong and mighty that even the Ye Family Butler Master Dao wasn’t his opponent and that even Ye Wenfeng was trampled underneath his foot. 

“Qingcheng, why do you keep staring at me? Have you never seen a man as handsome as me?”

Ye Xuan asked with a smile as he felt her gaze on him.

“I was thinking about how you completely changed when you woke up from your coma and you so changed so much that even Master Dao wasn’t your opponent! Ye Xuan, what are your secrets?”

Leng Qingcheng asked after some hesitation.

“What kind of secrets do you think I have? I told you that I received medical and martial inheritance while sleeping on the bed for three years. Why do you think I wake up so early every morning? Of course it’s to train! Otherwise how could I fight like that?”

Ye Xuan casually replied.

His answers stunned Leng Qingcheng a bit and made her speechless as she couldn’t find any words to refute that explanation.

Then she seemed to have realized something as she spoke up in a worried tone, “You fiercely taught a lesson to Ye Wenfeng and it felt good but you attracted the Ye Family’s anger now. You are alone and without backing. You can’t possibly fight or beat them by yourself.”

“It is just a mere Ye Family. They aren’t good enough to make me worry!”

Ye Xuan said in a dismissive tone.

His goals were to return to the Western Shura World and take back everything that belonged as well as reclaim the seat as one of the five emperors. He didn’t give a shit about a small family like the Ye Family.

He wouldn’t need to do anything if he was at his peak. Just one word was enough to eradicate them.

“Although the Ye Family can’t be compared to those big families in Jiang Nan or the capital, they are still one of the four major families in Xing Hai and have a deep foundation. They also have very competent assassins such as the Killing God Absolute Ten.  So you still have to be careful.”

Leng Qingcheng reminded him when she felt the contempt Ye Xuan had for the Ye family.

As she came in contact with Ye Xuan, she slowly became less hostile to him and considered him as a friend.

“Got it.”

Ye Xuan nodded his head and said nothing more.

What he was worried about wasn’t the Ye Family but the Cyan Emperor from the Western Shura World. After all, the hundred faces poisoner Nasak was sent by one of the Cyan Emperor’s men and it undoubtedly meant that Leng Qingcheng and him were watched by him.

The Cyan Emperor was one of the five emperors amongst the Three Sovereign and Five Emperor of the Western Shura World. He was extremely powerful and skilled with great influence and organization under him. He was an existence that was difficult to deal with even for Ye Xuan when he was at his peak.

It was extremely uncomfortable for him to think about that colossus.


Ye Xuan suddenly cursed out as he seemed to have felt something and immediately turned the wheel to change direction with his Mercedes G10.



Right after Ye Xuan made this move, a bullet cracked through the car window and pierced through it before passing near Ye Xuan’s face and hit the back seat.


The seat behind exploded at the sniper bullet’s power.

The thing that would have exploded wouldn’t be the backseat but Ye Xuan’s head if he hadn’t reacted fast enough.

“What’s going on!?”

Leng Qingcheng couldn’t help but ask in panic at the sudden explosion.

“We’re being targeted by an expert sniper. Look, he’s six hundred meters away at the big building in front of us.”

Ye Xuan calmly explained as he looked at the roof of the building ahead.

He would have been dead if he didn’t suddenly feel danger coming and steering the wheel to dodge the sniper’s ambush.

Leng Qingcheng also looked up at the roof of the building ahead but couldn’t find anything.

“Where? I don’t see anything up there.”

“He’s at the building’s led light. Sit tight, it’s coming again.”

Ye Xuan solemnly said as a dangerous light flicked in his eyes.


Then Ye Xuan floored the accelerator and changed gear as the car accelerated.


The bullet scrapped against the surface of the car.

“Dodging like this, can this guy see me?”

A man wearing black windbreaker with cyan lotus tattoo on his temple muttered as he lying on his stomach and aimed at Mercedes with his sniper scope as he watched the car dodge the bullets.

If Ye Xuan saw that lotus he would be able to recognize it because it represented a force that made the Western Shura World tremble in fear, the Cyan Emperor Pagoda.

The Cyan Emperor Pagoda was a powerful organization created by one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Western Shura World, the Cyan Emperor. It had countless experts in it and ruled over a piece of that world while being a existence that could make people tremble in fear.

Other members of the Cyan Emperor Pagoda arrived after the death of Nasak.

This expert sniper was a bronze member of the Cyan Emperor Pagoda, Sniper Hank.


Sniper Hank pulled the trigger again right after muttering.

The sniper bullet carried killing intent as he travelled toward Ye Xuan and went inside the Mercedes but it missed again.


Hank cursed out loud when he saw this before he got up and left with his sniper rifle.

As expert sniper, he knew that his chance to snipe at the target was completely gone tonight.

The target seemed to be much stronger than he anticipated.

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