Medical Martial God chapter 82

Chapter 82: The miserable Ye Wenfeng.

“Raging Dragon Blast!”

Right after Master Dao heard Ye Xuan’s words, a terrifying energy was transmitted from Ye Xuan fist into his body like a roaring and furious dragon. His initial calm old face turned to horror.


The next moment, Master Dao’s body was like it was being hit by a running train as he flew away like a kicked football and sprayed out a huge amount of blood under Ye Wenfeng dumbfounded gaze.

-tep, tep, tep-

The powerful force created a gust the wind that swept the area as Master Dao was sent flying for quite a distance as continuously took multiples steps backward trying to stabilize his body until his back hit a wall.

-Drip, drip, drip-

A flow of blood dripped down from his arm.

Master Dao’s arm and clothes was torn by Ye Xuan’s terrifying energy and looked miserable as blood kept dripping from the injury.

The Raging Dragon Blast was creaty by the Demon King Ye Xuan when he was at his peak of power. The destructiveness of the skill was far above of the Wind God Wrath or Celestial Kick. He could barely execute the technique with his current strength and it consumed a lot of his stamina to do so.

“How is this possible?”

Ye Wenfeng muttered in disbelief as he was filled with shock as the sight of Master Dao getting blown away and his bloody arm.

Even the masked beauty at the side gave off a grave vibe.

The other people looked at each other and thought they were in a dream.

Because Master Dao wasn’t an ordinary person or a mere butler of the Ye Family. He was once a famous underground boss of Xing Hai and was at the same level as the Crazy Dragon Gang Lord Dragon. He became tired of killing and fights, thus left the underground world before he accepted to become the Ye Family butler.

Master Dao’s strength could be ranked in the top ten in the whole Ye Family.

Even the War Tiger Gang and Evil Wolf Gang’s leader would have to give him some face when seeing him. He was Ye Wenfeng trump card that he was so proud of.

But such a famous figure was blew away by one punch from Ye Xuan and was injured to this state. How could Ye Wenfeng not be shocked and astonished?

After all, he still saw Ye Xuan as a stray dog that had been expelled from his family.

“You trash have never practiced martial arts before but how did you become so strong?”

Master Dao asked in a somber tone as his eyes shone with unconcealed shock and seriousness after looking down at his injured arm.

He knew a lot about Ye Xuan. It could be said that he watched the guy grew up.

This guy spent his days idling by eating, drinking and playing around. He had never practiced any martial arts before and was also in a vegetative state for three years but now he had enough strength to match against him.

He had to spend decade practicing to have the strength he possessed now.

Leng Qingcheng was once again surprised by Ye Xuan’s strength as she knew that Master Dao wasn’t an ordinary person at all.

“Huh, this is considered strong? Sorry, I didn’t know. After all, I only practiced for a few days.”

Ye Xuan replied in an apologetic tone after seeing Master Dao shocked look.


His words nearly made Master Dao spray another mouthful of blood.

He got that strong from just practicing a few day, did he fucking think he was a god?

But this guy clearly never practiced martial arts before and only recently woke up from his coma.

Could it be that this guy inherited a master’s skills?

Or that thing had always been in his body?

Many thoughts flashed in Master Dao’s head at this moment.

“Old man, you made your move earlier, then it should be my turn now.”

Ye Xuan’s contemptuous voice traveled into his ears while he was distracted by his thoughts.


A gust of wind appeared and blew at Master Dao’s clothes and made him raise his head to only see Ye Xuan appearing in front of him with a cocked fist while bringing violent winds with him.

Master Dao was about to make a move but he saw Ye Xuan jumping into the air like a dragon taking fly.

Then his body started to spin like windmill in midair toward Master Dao and his right leg hacked down like an axe at Master Dao as he approached him.

Dragon Fury Axe-Kick!

Ye Xuan’s leg seemed to transform to a tomahawk with an angry dragon design with a frightening force behind the kick. The sight filled Master Dao’s eyes with fear.

He was struck by the reemergence of his sixth sense telling him he was in danger of death. It was a sensation he hadn’t felt for more than a decade.

He never would have thought that Ye Xuan would be able to perform such a terrifying attack.

This definitely went beyond his imagination.

“Is this that guy true strength?”

The masked beauty muttered out and subconsciously clenched her hand as her expression turned solemn.

Ye Xuan’s attack was something even she found hard to defend against.

“Hemlock Shield!”

Master Dao couldn’t dodge the incoming strike, thus he gritted his teeth and took a defensive posture.

His widened his leg by half a step and squatted before crossing his arms over his head as if it formed a iron wall.


A loud explosion sound resounded when Ye Xuan’s leg made contact with Master Dao’s crossed arms.


The terrifying power from Ye Xuan’s kick was like a flood that overwhelmed Master Dao as he puked more blood due to his body unable to handle the force and the ground beneath his feet cracking.

The ground couldn’t handle to pressure either and collapsed as Master Dao’s body began to sink into the ground under the fearful gaze of the surrounding people.

Half of his body sank into the ground at the end and only the top half of his chest was exposed like a wooden pole.

The power of Ye Xuan’s kick was just that terrifying.

“Cough, couch… You… you, how can you-… how can you be so strong?”

Master Dao asked in a horrified voice while trying to not to faint as he looked at unscathed Ye Xuan.

The power Ye Xuan showed went beyond his belief and the limits of his body.


He puked another mouthful of blood right after he spoke due to injured internal organs before he passed out.

“Master Dao! Master Dao!”

Ye Wenfeng yelled out in panic as his eyes widened at that.

But there was no response from Master Dao.


Ye Xuan was still as expressionless after taking care of Master Dao as if it was a trivial matter. He slowly walked toward Ye Wenfeng while spreading his heavy aura around.

“Ye Xuan, what are you trying to do?!”

Ye Wenfeng coldly asked as he tried to keep his calm at the approaching Ye Xuan.

“What do you think?”

Ye Xuan asked back.

“You want to touch me?”

Ye Wenfeng said angrily and clenched his fists.

“So what if I touch you?”

Ye Xuan then reached to grab his neck.


Just as Ye Xuan was about to grab his neck, a sword flashed and it was the masked beauty who blocked his attempt.

“You want to stop me?”

Ye Xuan asked as he stared coldly at the masked beauty that made him retract his hand with a sword slash.

The masked just looked at him without replying.

Ye Wenfeng breathed out a sigh of relief after being rescued. That woman finally made her move.

“You have three seconds to choose your path.”

Ye Xuan coldly said as a light surged from eyes.

A terrifying aura spread out from Ye Xuan without restriction and only the masked beauty could feel it, which filled her heart with fear and panic.

Because Ye Xuan in front of her wasn’t a human anymore but a demon stood above the heaven.

He was surrounded by bloods and lifeless bodies as his body oozed out bloodlust. Under his feet were countless experts and demons barring their fangs and claws at her, and were all ready rush out to tear her to pieces.

The masked beauty hadn’t even felt such a terrifying aura coming from her master. She was unable to muster any resistance against it.

-Drip, drip, drip-

Cold sweats dripped down from her forehead to her cheeks before falling to the ground.

“Ye Xuan, a trash like you want to touch me? Who the fuck you think you are? Miss Lin, please dispose of him!”

Ye Wenfeng angrily said and stared at Ye Xuan hatefully after seeing that the masked beauty wasn’t moving.

However, he was horrified to see that the masked beauty, who was stand in front of him, step aside respectfully and leaving him alone under Ye Xuan’s gaze.


Ye Wenfeng’s expression turned to disbelief and wanted to speak but Ye Xuan viciously slapped him on the face.


Blood sprayed out from his mouth as he fell on the ground.

“Ye Xuan… you fucking pu-…”

Ye Wenfeng’s face contorted in pain as he stared hatefully at Ye Xuan and wanted to curse him.


But he was interrupted as Ye Xuan stomped on his chest.

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