Medical Martial God chapter 80

Chapter 80: Dispute!

Wang Tao didn’t pay attention what Yu Danian said and clenched his harshly. He stood in silence and deliberated inside his mind.

He didn’t expect the man Yu Danian wanted to beat would be Ye Xuan who had trashed him and handed him over to the police.

Because if it wasn’t for Lord Dragon using his connection to get him out, he would have stayed in prison for much longer than a few days.

He didn’t suffer much in the few days he spent in jail but he still was very resentful against Ye Xuan as he wouldn’t be in jail in the first place if it wasn’t for him.

He thought that Lord Dragon would have taken revenge for him but he got severely punished by Lord Dragon when got out of prison as he got notified that Ye Xuan invited to the headquarter as a guest. Thus he was demoted in the Crazy Dragon Gang.

The hatred Wang Tao held for Ye Xuan was enormous but it was also filled with unwillingness.

How did this brat obtain so much favor from Lord Dragon?

“Ye Xuan!”

Wang Tao resentfully spit out the two words as he clenched his fist.

“I didn’t think it was you, you came out from prison pretty fast.”

Ye Xuan frowned at the sight before continuing in a scornful voice, “For Lord Dragon’s face, I won’t make it difficult for you. Just take your men and scram.”

Wang Tao anger soared when he heard Ye Xuan. He didn’t think that Ye Xuan would be so arrogant.

“Shit, this brat is too arrogant! Brother Tao, can you endure that? I can’t endure that, make your move and kill him!”

Ye Danian added oil to the fire when he saw Ye Xuan arrogant attitude and the furious Wang Tao who fists started to crack.

“Ye Xuan, don’t bully people too much! Do you really think I don’t dare to touch you?”

Wang Tao furiously exclaimed.



Just as he said that, Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with displeasure as he kicked and sent him flying as blood flowed out of his mouth.

“Qingcheng, let us leave.”

Ye Xuan said with a smile as he didn’t even deign to look at Wang Tao.


Leng Qingcheng nodded in agreement and headed to leave with Ye Xuan.

“Fuck! Go die you punk!”

Wang Tao cursed as he felt absolutely furious after being sent flying by Ye Xuan in front of so many people. His hand held a knife as he stabbed it toward Ye Xuan’s waist from behind him.

It could be said he was extremely vicious.

He was planning to kill that little punk Ye Xuan.


The timid people were unable to watch Wang Tao about to plunge his knife in Ye Xuan’s lower back as they closed theirs eyes and screamed.

“Haha! You’re done punk!”

Yu Danian laughed happily and was thrilled at that action.



However, the next moment his laughter came to a screeching halt as when Wang Tao’s dagger was about to stab into Ye Xuan body, Ye Xuan did a beautiful kicked back reflexively on his chest.

Wang Tao was sent flying like a cannonball under the powerful force of the kick and collided against Yu Danian before the both of them fell to the ground.


Yu Danian also screamed in pain.

Since he was already injured, how would he able to endure Wang Tao’s weight?

“Fuck! What the fuck you guys are doing? Go kill him!”

Wang Tao roared out as he clutching his painful chest and slowly stood up while staring hatefully at Ye Xuan.

He once again held his dagger tightly and charged toward Ye Xuan in order to kill him.

The men he brought clenched harshly their teeth and exchanged glance before they also charged.

“Stop right here!”

A voice filled with rage and authority resounded when Wang Tao and his men attacked Ye Xuan while oozing killing intent.

It was Qing Yu who came out of the room after seeing that they weren’t coming back for too long.

“Go die for me! Ferocious Tiger Claw!”

However, Qing Yu’s order had no effect at all as Wang Tao was already consumed by rage. How could he stop?

He attacked Ye Xuan even more violently and quickly.

And it was the same for his men. They trusted Wang Tao and were his men after all.


Qing Yu got increasingly angry and tried to stop them but it was already too late.

“You were the ones looking for death, don’t blame me.”

Ye Xuan coldly said as impatience passed over his face.

He straightened his waist as his leg swung out like a roaring dragon.

Wind God Wrath!


Wang Tao and his men flew out like dead dogs as they puked out bloods midflight under the disbelieving and shocked gaze of the surrounding people.



Their bodies crashed unto the multiples table around them and the tables were crushed under momentum and weights as they lost all strength in their body due to the injury received from Ye Xuan’s Wind God Wrath.

 “Cough, Cough…”

They coughed heavily and tried to stand up again but coughed out blood immediately after they tried to move.

If they weren’t in Huaxia and that Ye Xuan didn’t want to kill them, they would have all died under the Wind God Wrath.

“This… this is too impressive!”

“Holy shit! Too cool! I’m about to fall in love with him!”

“Who said he ran away just now? I definitely need to scold him!”


“Real men are of course domineering!”

The surrounding people commented while some young girls were moved by how Ye Xuan easily took care of Wang Tao and his men.

After all, What Ye Xuan just did was like flashy and cool. Exactly like a movie protagonist.

“You… you fucking-… cough, cough…”

“Shut up!”

Wang Tao tried to curse at Ye Xuan as he stared resentfully at Ye Xuan but was stopped by Qing Yu.

“Second Boss, you are defending that fucking brat? You…”

Wang Tao couldn’t help but retort back as he didn’t expect Qing Yu to scold him.


However he got slapped viciously on the face before he could finish what he was about to say. The slap dumbfounded him as he froze.

“Second Boss, you’re hitting me because of that kid even if he is an outsider while I gave my everything to the Crazy Dragon Gang for years! You hit me for that guy?!”

Wang Tao said in disbelief as he stared blankly at Qing Yu while holding his stinging face.

“Just shut up!”

Qing Yu slapped him again after he spoke.

Yu Danian wanted to ask Qing Yu for help but this scene confused him greatly.

What the fuck is going on?

Yu Danian was completely dumbfounded.

Qing Yu stopped paying attention to Wang Tao after slapping him and quickly want to Ye Xuan before fist palm salute him and respectfully apologized, “Xuan Bro, I’m sorry. I didn’t think this brat would be so narrow minded and disobey our order, offending you again…”

The last time Ye Xuan trashed their whole Crazy Dragon Gang headquarter was because of this bastard Wang Tao and they got many injure men because of that.

He was specifically told to not mess with Ye Xuan after coming out of prison but he didn’t expect Wang Tao to not be able to hold onto his anger and offend Ye Xuan again!

This angered Qing Yu to no end as they worked hard to try to form a bit of friendship with Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan waved his hand and didn’t care about the matter anymore as he walked toward the exit with Leng Qingcheng.

“Ye Xuan, you fucking punk. I swear that as long I am alive, I will use any mean necessary to make you wish you were dead!”

Wang Tao used all his strength to shout as he felt pain all over his body.

“Just slowly wait for my revenge! HAHA!”

This guy was just crazy.

Ye Xuan’s footstep paused when he heard that.

“HAHA! Kill me if you have to guts! You fucking bitch!”

Wang Tao yelled again with a face showing madness.

“If you don’t kill me today, then…”

“Wang Tao, enough!”

Qing Yu’s face turned ugly at Wang Tao provocation and Ye Xuan stopping.

“Enough? Qing Yu, who do you think you are? I’m one the first members of the Crazy Dragon Gang! Don’t think you can order me around!”

“I’m telling you…”

Wang Tao angrily said as he disdainfully looked at Qing Yu.


But before he could finish, Qing Yu kicked at his chest with a powerful force behind the kick and sent flying with his ribs broken.

Ye Xuan didn’t bother with that matter and tried to leave with Leng Qingcheng again.

“From now on, Wang Tao will be expelled from the Crazy Dragon Gang and no long is a member of our gang!”

Qing Yu coldly declared as he stared at the weakening and resentful Wang Tao.

Then his gaze turned toward Yu Danian who was trying make himself small and stared at him with rage as if it wasn’t for this guy, none of this would have happened.

Then he ordered, “Men, take Yu Danian to the mountain and feed him to the dogs!”

“Ah! No please! Brother Yu, don’t treat me like that! I’m Ye Family’s Ye Wenfeng man!”

Yu Danian hurriedly said as he panicked.

“Ye Wenfeng’s man? So what? Take him away!”

Qing Yu indifferently declared.

“Haha! Since when a mere Second Boss of the Crazy Dragon Gang can ignore me like that?”

A disdainful voice and laughter resounded at this moment.

A handsome young man accompanied by an old man and a black-clothed masked woman slowly walked over. Ye Xuan stopped his track and narrowed his eyes at the sight.

The atmosphere at the place suddenly turned heavy.

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