I Know Everything chapter 9

Chapter 9: There are people queuing.

That night Chen Huan, who was sitting and watching TV in the small noodle shop, went back home under Shui Qianyu’s contemptuous gaze.

The business of the small noodle was still the same at the evening. A total of 12 people came to eat, which was like as usual.

At 9 o’clock, the shop was closed down and no change was seen.

Until the store was closed, the reserved seats at table two didn’t attract any attention and the customers didn’t even questioned it.

After all, there were many seats. One table could take four people and the remaining seven were more than enough.

But Chen Huan was still full of confidence.

Before he left, Chen Huan told Uncle Shui that he must prepare for tomorrow the ingredient and the broth for the plain noodle and that he must prepare enough for a hundred bowls.

If even ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ couldn’t arise the interest of those literate young people, then there must be something wrong with this world.

Now the sun continued to rise and the moon waited rotation. This meant that it was still normal.

The next morning while Chen Huan was still sleeping, Shui Qianyu came to pound at the door to wake him up.

“Ancestor, we are only… only 7 o’clock, what are you doing?” Chen Huan asked her while being half asleep as he rubbed his eyes.

“Hurry, hurry, something is wrong!” Shui Qianyu looked horrified as she pulled Chen Huan and ran.

Chen Huan got startled by her.

Was there an incident with Uncle Shui?

Thinking about this, he didn’t care what his attire was as he pulled Shui Qianyu and increased the pace.

They didn’t even run more than fifty meters before Chen Huan saw the long line at the entrance of the small noodle shop.

There were at least dozens of people with a glance.

“Wait a minute!”

Chen Huan stopped and pointed at the groups of humans, “Lil Sis Shui, you didn’t mean them, right?”

“Of course I was!” Shui Qianyu’s cute face was flushed and sweaty. “This only a part of it, turn around and there are at least ten more! Are these people crazy? My mom went out to buy groceries and was scared back!”


Chen Huan suddenly laughed, “Idiot, this brother Huan’s idea who’s working, okay? They are the embodiment of my intelligence!”

“Did they really come to eat noodle? Because of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’?” Shui Qianyu had thought of this but she never expected to be such an exaggerated situation.

This wasn’t a few people but twenty to thirty people!

It was only 7 o’clock now. Wouldn’t there be more than fifty people when the shop open at 8 o’clock!?

Wasn’t it a bit too exaggerated?

“No shit, did you think they were here to rob you?” Chen Huan said as he walked back.

“What are you doing? Shui Qianyu held him back.

“I’m going back to change my clothes and prepare to serve the guest.” Chen Huan proudly replied, “Hurry up and get uncle and aunty to prepare. I’m afraid with this many people a 100 bowls of Plain Noodles are not enough, we probably need a 100 more.”

“Oh, Okay.” Shui Qianyu agreed and pulled his sleeve again as she said with long drawing voice, “Come back quickly~~”


Chen Huan felt very excited as he ran back to his home in a flash and took a shower before he chose his coolest shirt, sweatpants and sneakers to wear. Then he went to the Shui Family through the back door.

Neither Shui Qingshan nor Xia He saw him while Shui Qianyu wore an apron while she was cleaning the leaves in the front yards.

“Chen Huan, Chen Huan~~” Shui Qianyu called him in an excited tone. “I asked them just now, they really are here to eat noodles! My parents have already prepared everything and we will soon open. Don’t let them wait for long!”

“Yes! We definitely won’t let those fat sheep go!” Chen Huan agreed with her.

Shui Qianyu grinned and beckoned, “Can you come over and help me clean the leaves?”

“At your service!”

The two were in a good mood and cleaned the leaves handily before walking into the front store.

Shui Qingshan was working hard as he fried to beef dumplings along with short pork ribs that Xia He liked to eat. They were all prepared for today uses.

“My goodness~~”

Xia He opened and closed the front door and was frightened by the sight.

“They are lined up in two rows! There at least fifty people!” Xia He looked at them and asked anxiously, “They asked us when we will open the shop, what should we do? What should we do?”

Aunty could also be stressed.

He had been in the shop for more than ten years and never saw her so panicking like that. He wasn’t used to it.

“Let them in then!” Chen Huan said.

“We can’t!” Shui Qingshan said as he was covered in sweat while frying, “I’m only done with the noodle broth and haven’t finished the ribs or beef dumpling… if they come, how will I have the time to finish the topping?”

Although the small noodle shop wasn’t doing well, the noodle was homemade and prepared during the weekend while the topping were the most troublesome to do as they needed to be prepared in advance.

They didn’t prepare much during the weekday as they didn’t expect so many people to come, thus Shui Qingshang had to prepare more right now.

“No need to be so annoying,” Chen Huan said with confidence. “Uncle Shui, most of them came to eat the plain noodles. You just need to prepare the ingredient for the plain noodle and wait for the orders.”

“Plain noodles?” Shui Qingshan was shocked, “They came from so far and wait for so long just to plain noodles? Are they crazy?”

He and Xia He didn’t read the Qianting Evening News. Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu didn’t tell them about it either. so the couple only knew that Chen Huan was doing some tricks at marketing and didn’t know the specifics.

However, Shui Qianyu chose to support Chen Huan at this moment, “Dad, mom, just listen to Chen Huan. These people aren’t our usual customers. The only reason they came was probably because of Chen Huan’s tricks.”

“Oh, Okay!”

Shui Qingshan was extremely fond of his daughter as his resistance melted and agreed without thinking.

“By the way, don’t take away the reserved seats plaque on table two. Don’t let the guest sit on the table,” Chen Huan continued.

“There are so many people and we leave a table empty?” Xia He didn’t understand.

“Mom, listen to him.” Shui Qianyu said.

Xia He hesitated but nodded and turned around to go help at the kitchen, “Then we’ll leave the serving to you!”


Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu replied unison.

“Lil Sis Shui, go open the door.” Chen Huan waved spirited manner. “Remember, we have only 7 tables and can only have 28 people at the same time!”

In the past, Shui Qianyu would butt head against Chen Huan.

But today’s battle left her at lost and she also started to admire Chen Huan a bit. Thus she didn’t talk back and obediently opened the shop.

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