I Know Everything chapter 8

Chapter 8: Going to have a baby?

Back at home, Chen Huan was surprisingly relaxed.

He felt a bit nervous not long ago but he figured it out on his way back.

Shui Qingshan in fact asked him to go to his house to eat every day, which alleviated his burden quite a bit.

He would be able to save money as long he ate in the small noodle shop. The school tuition fee wasn’t expansive with the school uniform and etc. it would need about 5000 yuan a year and the rest such as water or electricity, it didn’t cost much money.

Like this, Chen Huan would be able to spent the remaining two years in high school smoothly and without problem by relying on his 20 000 yuan.

Chen Huan thought that in these two years no matter how mediocre he was, he would be able to resolve his college tuition and living expense by relying on other worlds’ works, right?

Moreover he still had the system’s help.

“Hey, my good bro, my great good bro?”

“Dear bro, can you hear me calling you?”

“Answer me, give me, your host, a way to make money, okay?”

“Don’t be stubborn. I may be bothering you but it’s not like you have anything to do right? Come on, just send me PUBG source code to my phone!”

“Good bro?”

Chen Huan swallowed his pride and sweet talking the system for a long time but this rotten system didn’t say a single word in the end. He didn’t know if it was dead or not.

This kid was really like that. He called it a great system when he wanted something from it but immediately downgraded it to rotten system when it didn’t respond.


Anyway, after ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ came out, the small noodle shop would definitely become hot. At that time, it could be say that Chen Huan repaid them for free loading and uncle and aunty should at least feel happy, right?

Besides, this broken system said it would give a mysterious gift after completing the mission.

Even if it didn’t have any bottom line, it should be impossible for him to receive a roll of paper, right?

If this ‘No one is better than me’ system was really this shameless and without conscience, then… then…

Chen Huan thought helplessly for a while but couldn’t find anything to threaten it with.

He shook his head and prayed that the good bro wouldn’t be too much before he emptied his thoughts and went to the dreamlands.

Chen Huan had a habit and could be said to be an advantage.

It was not matter how annoyed he was, it wouldn’t affect his ability to sleep.

With this strong point, he still had plenty of energy to do many thing even if he was stressed after coming into a strange worlds these last few days.

The next morning, Chen Huan arrived with a custom curtains at the small noodle shop and pinned it above the entrance of the shop.

Lil Sis Shui was sitting near the door as she watched him finish the work alone while sipping her box juice and didn’t help him at all.

“Chen Huan, you made it look like a Japanese noodle shop.” Shui Qianyu protested after seeing the end result.

“Nonsense, this was how our shop was in ancient times. It’s Japan who learned from us.” Chen Huan took a few steps back to admire his work, “Do you think I should add a flagpole? It would be more eye-catching!”

“I beg you, stop messing around!” Shui Qianyu said with scorn. “I’m telling you, this is just for a week. If it’s not good, you better restore it as it was!”

“Lil Sis Shui, don’t you have any confidence in me?”

Chen Huan felt thirsty after working and grabbed her juice from her hand before drinking from the same straw. 

“If my article doesn’t work, I’ll wash the dishes for a year!”

Shui Qianyu’s face turned a bit red after watching him drink from the box juice she drank at and felt shy and angry inside.

This stinky Chen Huan was more and more brazen. He was completely different from before.

While panicking, she forgot to keep mocking Chen Huan’s absurd fantasies.

‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ was well written. Even a middle school tyrant like Shui Qianyu could feel the struggles, friendliness, gentleness and truth from those simple words.

This kind story, she wouldn’t be able to write it nor anyone she knew.

Except for Chen Huan who was handsome but untalented, it was really unbelievable that he wrote it.

But even with a story like that, Shui Qianyu didn’t believe he would be able to make this subpar small noodle shop into a popular place.

If people were so easy to deceive, why would people pay so much for advertising and publicity? Why would those people hone their skills then?

“Oh, right, there’s also this.”

Chen Huan took out a piece of woods with ‘reservation seats’ written with black inks on it from his bag.

“Let’s put that on table two. The evening paper is published in the afternoon.”

Shui Qianyu haha ed a couple times, “You go tell my parents about this!”

“Classmate Lil Sis Shui!” (Classmate in chinese sounds like children shoes.)Chen Huan angrily said.

“Who I am working so hard for? Isn’t it for our family? For our future? And you still don’t work with me for such an important matter?”


A piece of ice cream fell in front of them.

A brat heard their conversation and ran away to the street as he yelled, “Mama! Mama! Oh my god! Brother Huan and Sister Shui are going to have a baby!”

Shui Qianyu: “…”

Chen Huan: “…”

This goddamn brat!

Half an hour later, the shocked Shui Qingshan and Xia He as well as a bunch of neighbors were able to figure out what was going on.

During that time, Chen Huan suffered a tragic treatment. He didn’t know how many times his feet had been stomped by Shui Qianyu.

He didn’t dare to complain as the misunderstand was because of what the ambiguous words he said.

“Look, this bunch of grannies and grandpas seems unsatisfied.” Chen Huan whispered to Shui Qianyu after seeing a group of people leave.

“I’m worried that this bunch of gossiper will make things up to tease us to no ends.”

“Ugh~~~ You still dares to talk?”

Shui Qianyu wanted to bite him.

“Okay, okay. Xian Huan didn’t do it on purpose. This was because the child didn’t have a sense of humor.” Shui Qingshan helped calm things down.

He also looked at the reservation wooden sign on table two and found it funny.

“Xiao Huan, what are you trying to do with this? I know the business of the shop isn’t good. I’m not worried about it, so why are you worried?”

“He said it would work, let him try it.” Shui Qianyu turned her head toward Chen Huan. “How much time do you think it would need to see the effect?”

“Up to a week!” Chen Huan gave out an answer on the safer side, “At that time, Uncle Shui, you should hire more people!”


Shui Qianyu patted the table and stood on the stool, “But if it doesn’t work, I’ll take all the dishes in the neighborhood and let you wash them!”

A killing intent spread out without concealment.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He smiled slightly as they looked at their confrontation.

It was really nice to have childhood friend.

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